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Official cover-up, 5 letters

Keyboard sequence, 5 letters

___ keyboard, 6 letters

Big name in keyboards, 6 letters

Dvorak alternative, 6 letters

Keyboard sequence?, 6 letters

Keyboard type, 6 letters

Keyboard type allegedly designed to slow you down, 6 letters

Kind of keyboard, 6 letters

Like many keyboards, 6 letters

Like most keyboards, 6 letters

Like traditional keyboards, 6 letters

Pertaining to the standard keyboard layout, 6 letters

Popular keyboard, 6 letters

Standard keyboard, 6 letters

Standard keyboard type, 6 letters

Standard typing setup, 14 letters

Most typewriters have them, 15 letters

Places to find the letters circled in the grid, 15 letters

Royal features, 15 letters

They're standard for PCs, 15 letters

Start of a letter arrangement, 10 letters

Starting lineup?, 10 letters

Top line, 10 letters

Big telecom company, 5 letters

Denver-based telecommunications company, 5 letters

Rocky Mountain telecom, 5 letters

Telecom giant headquartered in Denver, 5 letters

Big name in cell phone service, 13 letters

Doomed Netflix offshoot on CNET's 20 Worst-Named Tech Products, 8 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..