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Statement from an inept shutterbug?, 11 letters

Alphabet sequence, 3 letters

Alphabet trio, 3 letters

H followers, 3 letters

H-L connection, 3 letters

H-L connectors, 3 letters

H-L fillers, 3 letters

H-L links, 3 letters

Letters before L, 3 letters

Train before the L?, 3 letters

Alphabet section, 4 letters

Between H and M, 4 letters

H followers, 4 letters

H-M connection, 4 letters

H-M hookup, 4 letters

H-M links, 4 letters

Quartet that's post-hoc, but pre-med, 4 letters

Alphabetical run, 5 letters

Big Bird song title word, Pt. 3, 5 letters

New Testament book, 5 letters

New Testament epistle, for short, 5 letters

Dutch river, 6 letters

End of the quip, 15 letters

___ Can't Stop Loving You (Michael Jackson hit), 5 letters

___ flew in from Miami..., 5 letters

'___ don't get it!', 5 letters

The disposable razor said..., 21 letters

It could go either way, 15 letters

Middle of a strange philosophy, 15 letters

College e-mail #4: surprise!, 15 letters

Statement right after plastic surgery?, 15 letters

Start of a reformed debtor's quip, 15 letters

More of the verse, 18 letters

Start of a barber's remark, 11 letters

Quote (Part II), 10 letters

More of the quip, 13 letters

Part 2 of quip, 13 letters

Quote, part 3, 13 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..