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Quip: Part 1, 15 letters

The Beach Boys' ___ Around, 4 letters

African plant, 4 letters

Corn lily, 4 letters

Cornflower, 4 letters

Cousin of the iris, 4 letters

Ornamental plant, 4 letters

Plant of the iris family, 4 letters

Plant with sword-shaped leaves, 4 letters

Showy flower of the iris family, 4 letters

South Africa iris cousin, 4 letters

South African flower, 4 letters

South African iris, 4 letters

A monocotyledonous genus of the family Iridaceae, 4 letters

African plants, 5 letters

One side of the Civil War, 4 letters

Trent Reznor, when in Rome?, 11 letters

King pinned to a fiery wheel, 5 letters

Tartarus captive, in myth, 5 letters

Wheel-bound king in Hades, 5 letters

Zeus bound him to an eternally revolving wheel, 5 letters

Cat's allotment, 7 letters

Can it!, 5 letters

Cancel, in pig Latin, 5 letters

Cut that out!, 5 letters

Don't do that!, 5 letters

Forget it!, 5 letters

Negatory!, 5 letters

No go, 5 letters

No siree!, 5 letters

No way!, 5 letters

No, in slang, 5 letters

Nope!, 5 letters

Over my dead body!, 5 letters

Stop that!, 5 letters

Uh-uh!, 5 letters

Common Pig Latin word, 5 letters

Common word from Pig Latin, 5 letters

Informal warning, 5 letters

Pig Latin Don't do that!, 5 letters

Pig Latin 101 word, 5 letters

Pig Latin denial, 5 letters

Pig Latin negative, 5 letters

Pig Latin refusal, 5 letters

Pig Latin turndown, 5 letters

Reject, slangily, 5 letters

Restraining order, 5 letters

Slangy denial, 5 letters

Slangy dissent, pig Latin style, 5 letters

Slangy negative, 5 letters

Slangy no, 5 letters

Slangy refusal, 5 letters

Slangy rejection, 5 letters

Slangy turndown, 5 letters

Ceases, informally, 6 letters

White House address on Pennsylvania Avenue (4); Raise, as children (4); Illuminated, as old street lamps (6); Transfer from one garden to another (7), 21 letters

Volcano southeast of Mexico City, 11 letters

Birthday-related hit song by the Crests, 1958 (4), 4 letters

Bitterns, 10 letters

Type genus of the family Ixodidae, 6 letters

Ticks having a hard shield on the back and mouth parts that project from the head, 6 letters

Hard ticks, 8 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..