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Backwoods hypothetical, 3 letters

Dogpatch conditional, 3 letters

Provided, to Li'l Abner, 3 letters

Providing, so to speak, 3 letters

Quaint contraction, 3 letters

Supposing that, in Dogpatch, 3 letters

Supposing, in Dogpatch, 3 letters

When there's no other option, 11 letters

In case it's called for, 8 letters

Just in case, 8 letters

Should events call for it, 8 letters

Should it come to that, 8 letters

Should the occasion arise, 8 letters

Should the situation call for it, 8 letters

In the event of an emergency, 8 letters

Enclave ceded to Morocco, 4 letters

Ex-Spanish province, now part of Morocco, 4 letters

Former African province of Spain, 4 letters

Former Spanish enclave in Morocco, 4 letters

Former Spanish overseas province, 4 letters

Former Spanish part of Africa, 4 letters

Former Spanish possession on the Atlantic coast of southwest Morocco, 4 letters

Former Spanish territory in Morocco, 4 letters

Former Spanish toehold in Africa, 4 letters

Moroccan coastal area, 4 letters

Moroccan district, 4 letters

Moroccan enclave, 4 letters

Moroccan port, 4 letters

Moroccan region, 4 letters

Moroccan town, 4 letters

Once-Spanish part of Morocco, 4 letters

Part of Morocco, 4 letters

Region of S. Morocco, 4 letters

Section of Morocco, 4 letters

Sidi ___ (Moroccan seaport), 4 letters

Sidi ___, Morocco, 4 letters

Spanish part of Morocco, once, 4 letters

Spanish territory ceded to Morocco, 4 letters

___ One Will Listen: Kelly Clarkson song, 4 letters

Dance as ___ one is watching, 4 letters

Kelly Clarkson's ___ One Will Listen, 4 letters

Start of a rhyme, 13 letters

Start of a quote by Rep. Mo Udall, 1990, regarding the Presidency, 11 letters

___ now, then when?, 5 letters

___ now, when?, 5 letters

___ Now, When?: Levi, 5 letters

Barring that..., 5 letters

Otherwise..., 5 letters

Tomorrow, ___ sooner, 5 letters

Alternatively, 5 letters

Backup plan lead-in, 5 letters

Bob Dylan song ___ for You, 5 letters

Bob Dylan's ___ for You, 5 letters

Conditional phrase, 5 letters

Contingency phrase, 5 letters

Dylan song, ___ for You, 5 letters

Elsewise, 5 letters

Immediately -- sooner, 5 letters

In case it happens differently, 5 letters

Lead-in to plan B, 5 letters

Most, -- all, 5 letters

On the other hand, 5 letters

Words before an alternative, 5 letters

Start of a quip, 11 letters

Start of a cookware musing, 15 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..