Select a letter

Part three of quip, 19 letters

Maybe even less, 6 letters

Who'd'a thunk it!, 17 letters

___ shoe fits..., 5 letters

___ shoe..., 5 letters

For ___ the sun breed maggots in a dead dog...: Hamlet, 5 letters

Start of a quote by John Coltrane, 5 letters

*Start of one dissenting councilman's actual response to the vote mentioned above, 12 letters

Conditional construct in programming, 6 letters

Conditional kind of statement, 6 letters

Kind of computer programming statement: Hyph., 6 letters

Kind of logic, 6 letters

Kind of proposition, in logic, 6 letters

Kind of statement, 6 letters

Kind of statement in computer programming, 6 letters

Kind of statement, to a programmer, 6 letters

Like some conditional statements, 6 letters

Like some logical propositions, 6 letters

Logical proposition, 6 letters

Logical statement, 6 letters

Logician's statement, 6 letters

Proposition description, in logic, 6 letters

Sort of computing rule, 6 letters

Start of a quotation about baseball, 15 letters

Start of a Yogi Berra quip, 15 letters

Start of a riddle, 15 letters

Start of Evan Esar quote, 8 letters

Start of a quip, 11 letters

Beginning of a quote, 13 letters

Start of a quote, 13 letters

*It's true, like it or not, 13 letters

Beginning of quip, 13 letters

Phrase of personal applicability, 19 letters

Start of a quip by comedian David Cross, 15 letters

Advice to husbands, part 1, 13 letters

Part 5 of the observation, 14 letters

Start of a riddle, 20 letters

Quip, Part 4, 17 letters

Start of a riddle, 14 letters

Start of Will Rogers quote, 16 letters

___ Isn't Love (Finian's Rainbow tune), 6 letters

#6 Huey Lewis & the News hit of 1984, 10 letters

'... as -- say...', 4 letters

As ___ say, 4 letters

Start of an exaggeration, 13 letters

In the event it's for real..., 6 letters

Ancient note to an Egyptian principal (Part 1), 15 letters

Start of an observation by Darryl F. Zanuck, 10 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..