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Pai ___ (Chinese gambling game), 3 letters

Pai ___ (gambling game), 3 letters

Pai ___ poker (casino game), 3 letters

English daisy, 5 letters

Hall of Fame sportscaster Curt, 5 letters

Legendary sportscaster Curt, 5 letters

Proceed dandily, 6 letters

A Champion, 5 letters

Champion of dance, 5 letters

Champion of the dance world, 5 letters

Champion of the stage, 5 letters

Champion of the theater, 5 letters

Choreographer Champion, 5 letters

Dance Champion, 5 letters

One of the Champions, 5 letters

Welsh peninsula, 5 letters

Choreographer who never loses?, 13 letters

___ young man (Greeley's advice), 6 letters

1940 Marx Brothers movie, 6 letters

Advice for a young man, 6 letters

Advice from Greeley, 6 letters

Advice from Horace Greeley, 6 letters

Advice heeded by a pioneer, 6 letters

Advice of 1851, 6 letters

Band with the 1990 hit King of Wishful Thinking, or a Pet Shop Boys tune, 6 letters

Direction for a young man, 6 letters

Direction from Horace Greeley, 6 letters

Film in which the Marx Brothers join the gold rush, 6 letters

Follow the sun, 6 letters

Greeley exhortation, 6 letters

Greeley's advcie, 6 letters

Noted 19th-century advice, 6 letters

Obey Greeley, 6 letters

Part of Greeley's advice, 6 letters

Pet Shop Boys remake of a Village People song, 6 letters

Village People single covered by the Pet Shop Boys in 1993, 6 letters

19th century advice, 14 letters

Advice from Horace Greeley, 14 letters

Advice popularized by Greeley, 14 letters

Horace Greeley's directive, 14 letters

Oppose this liquor ban, dude!, 13 letters

Best way to deal with life's frustrations, to a badminton coach?, 17 letters

Be affected by electrical attraction?, 15 letters

Take out all the stops, 8 letters

Do (something) tHOroughly, 10 letters

Do thoroughly, 10 letters

Spare nothing, 10 letters

Miss the mark, 6 letters

Play in many theaters, 6 letters

Be out of control, 6 letters

Let loose, 6 letters

Lose all control, 6 letters

Lose it, 6 letters

Act haphazardly, 10 letters

Eliminate lines of communication?, 10 letters

Accompany, 6 letters

Chaperon, 6 letters

Date, 6 letters

Date steadily, 6 letters

Keep doing what you're doing, 8 letters

Deprive oneself, 9 letters

Not have something needed, 9 letters

*Stand to reason, 15 letters

Be self-evident, 15 letters

Accompaniments, 7 letters

Float down an Arctic river?, 13 letters

One way to stay afloat in the Antarctic?, 13 letters

Travel like a penguin?, 13 letters

*Do what others prefer, 13 letters

*Take a path of least resistance, 13 letters

Be agreeable, 13 letters

Conform, in a way, 13 letters

Do what everyone else does, 13 letters

Take it as it comes, 13 letters

Take the path of least resistance, 13 letters

Oddsmakers' advice on Red Riding Hood's chances?, 13 letters

Option while waiting for Mr. Right?, 13 letters

Run around howling?, 13 letters

Support Casanova?, 13 letters

What Red Riding Hood wisely didn't do?, 13 letters

1999 Richard Attenborough film starring Pierce Brosnan, 4 letters

A train may follow it, 4 letters

Academic's robe, 4 letters

Academician's garment, 4 letters

Ball attire, 4 letters

Ball girl's wear, 4 letters

Ball sight, 4 letters

Bridal attire, 4 letters

Bride's attire, 4 letters

Bride's concern, 4 letters

Bride's dress, 4 letters

Bride's pride, 4 letters

Bride's wear, 4 letters

Bridezilla's obsession, 4 letters

Cap's companion, 4 letters

Cap's partner, 4 letters

Ceremonial garb, 4 letters

Ceremonial wear, 4 letters

Clinic attire, 4 letters

Commencement outfit, 4 letters

Debutante's attire, 4 letters

Dress for a ball, 4 letters

Evening dress, 4 letters

Formal dress, 4 letters

Formal dress or hospital smock, 4 letters

Formal frock, 4 letters

Formal wear, 4 letters

Geneva or evening, 4 letters

Grad's garb, 4 letters

Grad's outfit, 4 letters

Graduate garb, 4 letters

Graduate's garment, 4 letters

Graduating senior's purchase, 4 letters

Graduation costume, 4 letters

Graduation Day rental, 4 letters

Graduation sight, 4 letters

Graduation wear, 4 letters

Hospital wear, 4 letters

Impressive dress, 4 letters

It follows evening or ball, 4 letters

It follows evening or night, 4 letters

It might be strapless, 4 letters

It's often seen under a cap, 4 letters

Ladies' formal wear, 4 letters

Miss America Pageant wear, 4 letters

Miss Universe pageant attire, 4 letters

Opening outfit, 4 letters

Order for Oscar night, 4 letters

Oscar night attire, 4 letters

Oscar night rental, 4 letters

Oscar night wear, 4 letters

Pageant attire, 4 letters

Paris creation, 4 letters

Patient's garb, 4 letters

Patient's wear, 4 letters

Prom attire, 4 letters

Prom dress, 4 letters

Prom wear, 4 letters

Red-carpet raiment, 4 letters

Red-carpet wear, 4 letters

Subject of interest in the question Who are you wearing?, 4 letters

Surgeon's cover-up, 4 letters

Surgeon's wear, 4 letters

Surgeon's work attire, 4 letters

Surgeon's work clothes, 4 letters

Thing purchased before having a ball, 4 letters

Wear it with a cap, 4 letters

Wedding dress, e.g., 4 letters

Wedding wear, 4 letters

Word with evening or night, 4 letters

Outerwear consisting of a long flowing garment used for official or ceremonial occasions, 4 letters

Long, usually formal, woman's dress, 4 letters

Protective garment worn by surgeons during operations, 4 letters

Appropriately dressed for the ball, 6 letters

Dressed for a ball, 6 letters

Dressed for a ball, maybe, 6 letters

Dressed for graduation, 6 letters

Dressed for the ball, 6 letters

Dressed like a surgeon or a graduate, 6 letters

Clothing the bride, 7 letters

Academic robes, 5 letters

Ball attire, 5 letters

Ball dresses, 5 letters

Beauty pageant garb, 5 letters

Campus costumes, 5 letters

Debutantes' wear, 5 letters

Doc's outfits, 5 letters

Emeriti's garb, 5 letters

Fancy dresses, 5 letters

Garb for grads, 5 letters

Graduates' garb, 5 letters

Graduates' wear, 5 letters

Graduation attire, 5 letters

Graduation outfits, 5 letters

Graduation-day garb, 5 letters

Habits of a sort, 5 letters

Pageant duds, 5 letters

Prom apparel, 5 letters

Prom dresses, 5 letters

Prom needs, 5 letters

Prom sights, 5 letters

Prom wear, 5 letters

Soiree wear, 5 letters

Some formal wear, 5 letters

They flow in the evenings?, 5 letters

Wedding dresses, 5 letters

Wedding outfits, 5 letters

More of the quip, 15 letters

Backfire, 7 letters

Err, 7 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..