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Bantu tribe, 4 letters

If I don't write to empty my mind, I ___: Byron, 5 letters

Come unglued, 5 letters

Descend into dementia, 5 letters

Flip, 5 letters

Flip one's lid, 5 letters

Flip out, 5 letters

Lose control in a way, 5 letters

Lose it, 5 letters

Lose it and run amok, 5 letters

Lose one's marbles, 5 letters

Lose one's mind, 5 letters

Lose one's sanity: 2 wds., 5 letters

Lose your marbles, 5 letters

Snap, 5 letters

Turn psycho, 5 letters

Flip over, 8 letters

Beatnik's encouragement, 5 letters

Faster! Faster!, 7 letters

___ Pyle, of old TV, 5 letters

___ Pyle, U.S.M.C., 5 letters

___ Pyle: Nabors role, 5 letters

Surprise, surprise, surprise! character, 5 letters

A Pyle of fun, 5 letters

Aerial dogfight opponent, in slang, 5 letters

Character from Mayberry, 5 letters

Character in a 60's TV spinoff, 5 letters

Complaining, irksome patient, in medical slang, 5 letters

Enemy pilot in a dogfight, 5 letters

Fictional Pyle, 5 letters

First name among TV military men, 5 letters

First name in 1960's sitcoms, 5 letters

First name in Mayberry, 5 letters

Friend of Andy and Barney, 5 letters

Goober Pyle's cousin, 5 letters

Goober's TV cousin, 5 letters

Goofy Andy Griffith character Pyle, 5 letters

He made a pile for Nabors, 5 letters

Jim Nabors character, 5 letters

Jim Nabors role, 5 letters

Marine from Mayberry, 5 letters

Mayberry's Pyle, 5 letters

Pal of Andy and Barney, 5 letters

Private Pyle, 5 letters

Pvt. Pyle, 5 letters

Pyle, 5 letters

Pyle of Camp Henderson, 5 letters

Pyle of classic TV, 5 letters

Pyle of Mayberry, 5 letters

Pyle of sitcoms, 5 letters

Pyle on TV, 5 letters

Pyle played by Jim Nabors, 5 letters

Pyle played by Nabors, 5 letters

Pyle, of the marines, 5 letters

Quite a Pyle, 5 letters

Sitcom leatherneck, 5 letters

Stupid oaf, 5 letters

TV marine, 5 letters

TV marine Pyle, 5 letters

TV's Pyle, 5 letters

Mayberry resident, 9 letters

Show about a lowlife Marine?, 13 letters

Tediously stupid persons, in slang, 6 letters

Marine Pyle has bull's-eye on his back?, 13 letters

How We Operate band, 5 letters

The Addams Family name, 5 letters

The Addams Family patriarch, 5 letters

Addams Family head, 5 letters

Addams Family name, 5 letters

DiMaggio's first Yankee roommate, 5 letters

Father of Pugsley and Wednesday, 5 letters

Father of Wednesday and Pugsley, 5 letters

Fester's brother, 5 letters

Fester's brother, on the big screen, 5 letters

He married Morticia, 5 letters

Jazz bassist Eddie, 5 letters

Lefty in Cooperstown, 5 letters

Lefty in the Hall of Fame, 5 letters

Morticia Addams' mate, 5 letters

Morticia's hubby, 5 letters

Morticia's husband, 5 letters

Morticia's man, 5 letters

Morticia's morbid mate, 5 letters

Mr. Addams, 5 letters

Mr. Addams of The Addams Family, 5 letters

New York Rangers center Scott, 5 letters

Pugsley's papa, 5 letters

Wednesday's dad, 5 letters

Yankee great Lefty, 5 letters

LURCH, 11 letters

Disappear, 9 letters

Biblical city, 8 letters

Biblical sin city, 8 letters

Biblical symbol of wickedness, 8 letters

City destroyed by God, 8 letters

City in Genesis, 8 letters

City where people had sex with angels, and somehow that was bad, 8 letters

It was destroyed with Sodom, 8 letters

One of a notorious pair in Genesis, 8 letters

Sin city of Genesis, 8 letters

(Old Testament) an ancient city near the Dead Sea that (along with Sodom) was destroyed by God for the vice and depravity of its inhabitants, 8 letters

Longtime A.F. of L. president Samuel (7), 7 letters

Samuel who was the first president of the American Federation of Labor, 1886-94, 7 letters

United States labor leader (born in England) who was president of the American Federation of Labor from 1886 to 1924 (1850-1924), 7 letters

Ousted Polish leader, 7 letters

Industrial city of Belarus southeast of Minsk, 5 letters

(Old Testament) an ancient city near the Dead Sea that (along with Sodom) was destroyed by God for the vice and depravity of its inhabitants, 8 letters

Extinct elephants of Central and South America, 11 letters

Of the Miocene and Pleistocene, 11 letters

Elephants extinct since the Pleistocene, 15 letters

Type genus of the Gomphotheriidae, 13 letters

Genus of tropical herbs or subshrubs having flowers in close heads, 9 letters

Tropical America and Australia, 9 letters

Malaysian feather palm with base densely clothed with fibers, 6 letters

Yields a sweet sap used in wine and trunk pith yields sago, 6 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..