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Almighty, in Asti, 3 letters

Band with the 1990 album Lock Up the Wolves, 3 letters

Divine one, to da Vinci, 3 letters

Divine one, to Dante, 3 letters

Former Black Sabbath member Ronnie James, 3 letters

Genovese god, 3 letters

Gino's god, 3 letters

Giorgio's god, 3 letters

Giovanni s god, 3 letters

Giuseppe's God, 3 letters

God in Rome, 3 letters

God to Giovanni, 3 letters

God, in Bari, 3 letters

God, in Genoa, 3 letters

God, in Gorgonzola, 3 letters

God, in Gorizia, 3 letters

God, in Italy, 3 letters

God, in Milano, 3 letters

God, in the Vatican, 3 letters

God, to a doge, 3 letters

God, to da Vinci, 3 letters

God, to Galileo, 3 letters

God, to Giorgio, 3 letters

God, to Giuseppe, 3 letters

God, to Guglielmo, 3 letters

God, to Guido, 3 letters

God, to Verdi, 3 letters

Heavy metal singer Ronnie James ___, 3 letters

History of Rome author Cassius, 3 letters

Holy Diver rocker Ronnie James who guest-starred on South Park, 3 letters

Holy Diver rocker who guest-starred on South Park, 3 letters

Italian god, 3 letters

Legendary metal singer Ronnie James, 3 letters

Lock Up the Wolves metal band, 3 letters

Metal rocker Ronnie James, 3 letters

Metal singer Ronnie James ___, 3 letters

O ___ Mio: Annette Funicello hit, 3 letters

Object of worship in the Basilica di San Pietro, 3 letters

Pace, pace, mio___, Verdi aria, 3 letters

Per la grazia di ___ (by the grace of God), 3 letters

Rock vocalist Ronnie James ___, 3 letters

Rocker Ronnie James, 3 letters

Roman god, 3 letters

Roman historian ___ Cassius, 3 letters

Roman History author Cassius, 3 letters

Ronnie James of mid-period Black Sabbath, 3 letters

Ronnie James who passed away in May 2010, 3 letters

The Divine, to da Vinci, 3 letters

The Divine, to Dante, 3 letters

Ugly metal songwriter Ronnie James, 3 letters

Bishop over a district, 8 letters

Bishop, often, 8 letters

Ecclesiastical, in a way, 8 letters

Of a bishop's jurisdiction, 8 letters

Related to a Catholic bishop's purview, 8 letters

A bishop having jurisdiction over a diocese, 8 letters

Area under a bishop's jurisdiction, 7 letters

Bishop's bailiwick, 7 letters

Bishop's district, 7 letters

Bishop's domain, 7 letters

Bishop's jurisdiction, 7 letters

Bishop's locale, 7 letters

Bishop's purview, 7 letters

Bishop's realm, 7 letters

Bishopric, 7 letters

Church district, 7 letters

Ecclesiastical jurisdiction, 7 letters

See, 7 letters

The territorial jurisdiction of a bishop, 7 letters

Bishoprics, 8 letters

Bishops' concerns, 8 letters

Bishops' realms, 8 letters

Bar on an alarm clock, 5 letters

Calculator component, 5 letters

Calculator element, 5 letters

Calculator part, 5 letters

Cell-phone part, 5 letters

Cellphone component, 5 letters

Computer part, 5 letters

Crystal set part, 5 letters

Current path, 5 letters

Device also called a rectifier, 5 letters

Device to restrict current, 5 letters

Device with two active terminals, 5 letters

Digital clock's light emitter, 5 letters

Electrical rectifier, 5 letters

Electron tube, 5 letters

Electron tube type, 5 letters

Electron tube with two elements, 5 letters

Electronic component, 5 letters

Electronic component often made of silicon, 5 letters

Electronic device, 5 letters

Electronic gate, 5 letters

Electronics tube, 5 letters

Fleming valve, 5 letters

Flow restricting device, 5 letters

It converts AC to DC, 5 letters

It has two terminals, 5 letters

It may emit light, 5 letters

L.E.D. part, 5 letters

Laser pointer part, 5 letters

LED component, 5 letters

Light bar in digital clocks, 5 letters

Light emitter, 5 letters

Light-emitting ___, 5 letters

Light-emitting electronic device, 5 letters

One-way electrical device in alternator, 5 letters

Part of L.E.D., 5 letters

Radio part, 5 letters

Rectifier, 5 letters

Rectifier of alternate current, 5 letters

Semiconductor, 5 letters

Semiconductor device, 5 letters

Semiconductor with two terminals, 5 letters

Semiconductor, e.g., 5 letters

Semiconductor, perhaps, 5 letters

Terminal point, 5 letters

The D in LED, 5 letters

Tube invented in 1904, 5 letters

Tube that may be light-emitting, 5 letters

Tube type, 5 letters

Two-element electron tube, 5 letters

Two-element semiconductor, 5 letters

Two-element tube, 5 letters

Two-terminal device, 5 letters

Two-terminal semiconductor, 5 letters

Type of semiconductor, 5 letters

Unidirectional conductor, 5 letters

Vacuum tube, 5 letters

Vacuum tube type, 5 letters

A thermionic tube having two electrodes, 5 letters

Used as a rectifier, 5 letters

A semiconductor that consists of a p-n junction, 5 letters

Calculator components, 6 letters

Calculator parts, 6 letters

Circuit components, 6 letters

Circuit-board items, 6 letters

Current conduits, 6 letters

Current controllers, 6 letters

Digital watch components, 6 letters

Electron tubes, 6 letters

Light emitters, 6 letters

Light emitters, maybe, 6 letters

Logic-gate components, 6 letters

Old radio tubes, 6 letters

Receiver components, 6 letters

Rectifiers, 6 letters

Semiconductors, 6 letters

Some are light-emitting, 6 letters

Some compact light sources, 6 letters

Some electron tubes, 6 letters

Some electronic parts, 6 letters

Some rectifiers, 6 letters

Some semiconductors, 6 letters

4th century B.C. Greek Cynic, 8 letters

Early Greek Cynic, 8 letters

Greek philosopher, 8 letters

He carried a lamp looking for an honest man, 8 letters

Noted seeker with a lamp, 8 letters

Seeker of an honest man, 8 letters

Greek Cynic philosopher who rejected social conventions (circa 400-325 BC), 8 letters

___ Islands, in the Bering Strait, 7 letters

Little ___, island in the Bering Strait, 7 letters

Trojan War hero, 8 letters

___ & The Belmonts, 4 letters

___ and the Belmonts, 4 letters

'Little Diane' singer, 4 letters

'My Heart Will Go On' singer, 4 letters

'My Heart Will Go On' singer Celine, 4 letters

'Runaround Sue' singer, 4 letters

1960's singer with the Del Satins, 4 letters

1961 singer of The Wanderer, 4 letters

1962 hit singer of The Wanderer, 4 letters

1996 Grammy winner Celine, 4 letters

A New Day Has Come singer Celine, 4 letters

A Teenager in Love singer, 4 letters

Abraham, Martin and John singer, 4 letters

Because You Loved Me singer, 4 letters

Belmonts frontman, 4 letters

Belmonts leader, 4 letters

Belmonts' lead singer, 4 letters

Canadian singer, 4 letters

Canadian singer Celine, 4 letters

Canadian singing superstar, 4 letters

Celine ___, celebrity in past Chrysler ads, 4 letters

Celine of pop, 4 letters

Celine of song, 4 letters

Celine on CDs, 4 letters

Cowboys. Sanders, 4 letters

DiMucci that goes by first name only, 4 letters

Doo-wopper w/The Belmonts, 4 letters

Drip Drop singer, 4 letters

Falling Into You artist, 4 letters

French-Canadian singer, 4 letters

Grammy winner Celine, 4 letters

Grammy winner for My Heart Will Go On, 4 letters

He fronted the Belmonts, 4 letters

He sang with the Belmonts, 4 letters

I Drove All Night singer, 4 letters

If You Asked Me To singer, 4 letters

It's All Coming Back To Me Now singer Celine, 4 letters

Last name among divas, 4 letters

Lead of the Belmonts, 4 letters

Lead singer for the Belmonts, 4 letters

Let's Talk About Love singer, 4 letters

Little Diane singer, 1962, 4 letters

Lovers Who Wander singer, 4 letters

Michel in goal, 4 letters

One-named singer in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, 4 letters

Pop diva Celine, 4 letters

Pop singer Celine, 4 letters

Pop star Celine, 4 letters

Pop's Celine, 4 letters

Quebec's singing pride, 4 letters

Quebecois diva, 4 letters

Quebecoise chanteuse Celine, 4 letters

Ruby Baby singer, 1963, 4 letters

Ruler of ancient Syracuse, 4 letters

Runaround Sue guy, 4 letters

Runaround Sue singer, 1961, 4 letters

Singer C, 4 letters

Singer Celine, 4 letters

Singer impersonated on Saturday Night Live by Ana Gasteyer, 4 letters

Singer of the 1962 hit The Wanderer, 4 letters

Singer of The Wanderer, 4 letters

Singer who got the Legion of Honor in 2008, 4 letters

Singer who has recently undergone pregnancy operations, 4 letters

Singer who redefined double standards by recording both Runaround Sue and The Wanderer in 1961, 4 letters

Singer with the Belmonts, 4 letters

Songster Celine, 4 letters

Songstress Celine, 4 letters

That's the Way It Is singer, 4 letters

The Belmonts' front man, 4 letters

The Belmonts' frontman, in 1950s music, 4 letters

The Power of Love singer Celine, 4 letters

The Wanderer singer, 4 letters

The Wanderer singer, 1961, 4 letters

These Are Special Times singer, 4 letters

These Are the Special Times singer, 4 letters

Titanic song singer, 4 letters

Titanic soundtrack singer, 4 letters

Titanic soundtrack vocalist, 4 letters

Titanic theme singer, 4 letters

Vocalist Celine, 4 letters

Where or When soloist, 1959-'60, 4 letters

Winter's Tale lord, 4 letters

Full name of the 1960s artist who sang Runaround Sue and The Wanderer, 11 letters

A moon of Saturn, 5 letters

Aphrodite's mother, 5 letters

Certain moon of Saturn, 5 letters

Consort of Zeus, 5 letters

Grandmother of Aeneas, 5 letters

Moon of Saturn, 5 letters

Moon of Saturn named for a Titan, 5 letters

Mother of Aphrodite, 5 letters

Niobe's mother, 5 letters

One of the Titans, 5 letters

Satellite of Saturn, 5 letters

Saturn satellite, 5 letters

Saturn's fourth-largest moon, 5 letters

Saturnian satellite, 5 letters

1930's quintuplet, 6 letters

1930s quints' name, 6 letters

1934 quint, 6 letters

1979 self-titled pop album, 6 letters

1980 Art Ross Trophy winner, 6 letters

Annette, C, 6 letters

Burt wrote I Say a Little Prayer for her, 6 letters

Canadian quints' surname, 6 letters

Canadian surname in the news in '34, 6 letters

Family name of famous quintuplets, 6 letters

Family of Canadian quintuplets, 6 letters

Family Secrets: The ___ Quintuplets' Autobiography (Jean-Yves Soucy bio), 6 letters

Famous quintuplet name, 6 letters

Hockey Hall-of-Famer Marcel, 6 letters

I Know singer Farris, 6 letters

I Say a Little Prayer singer Warwick, 6 letters

Last name of famed quintuplets, 6 letters

Name of the first surviving quintuplets, 6 letters

One of five born May 28, 1934, 6 letters

Quint name, 6 letters

Quintuplets' surname, 6 letters

Singer Warwick, 6 letters

Soul singer Warwick, 6 letters

Walk On By singer Warwick, 6 letters

Warbler Warwick, 6 letters

Warbling Warwick, 6 letters

Warwick who sang Walk On By, 6 letters

We Were Five name, 6 letters

Five people born May 28, 1934, 17 letters

Famous family, 7 letters

The April Fools singer, 1969, 13 letters

Walk On By singer Marie ___, 13 letters

Whitney Houston's cousin, 13 letters

Celine and others, 5 letters

Celine's family, 5 letters

Singer Celine and namesakes, 5 letters

Greek god of wine, 7 letters

Orgiastic festivals of ancient Greece, 8 letters

An orgiastic festival in ancient Greece in honor of Dionysus (= Bacchus), 8 letters

Ariadne's mate, 8 letters

Bacchus's Greek counterpart, 8 letters

Greek god of drama, for whom a major ancient Athenian theater was named, 8 letters

Greek god of wine and fertility, 8 letters

The Greek name of Bacchus, 8 letters

(Greek mythology) god of wine and fertility and drama, 8 letters

7-foot Dallas Mavericks center DeSagana ___, 4 letters

World music figure Vieux ___, 4 letters

Ancient astronomy device, 7 letters

Eyeglass prescription measurement, 7 letters

Optometrist's unit, 7 letters

Unit of optical power of a lens, 7 letters

Unit of refractive power of a lens, 7 letters

Of a lens measurement, 8 letters

___ Homme (perfume brand), 4 letters

'50s St. Laurent boss, 4 letters

'New Look' couturier, 4 letters

'New Look' creator, 4 letters

'New Look' creator of the 1940s, 4 letters

'New Look' designer, 4 letters

20th-century Christian, 4 letters

A Christian, 4 letters

A Christian name?, 4 letters

A-line creator, 4 letters

A-line designer, 4 letters

A-line dress introducer, 4 letters

A-line pioneer Christian, 4 letters

Big name in A-lines, 4 letters

Big name in couture, 4 letters

Big name in fashion, 4 letters

Big name in haute couture, 4 letters

Big name in perfumes, 4 letters

Chanel contemporary, 4 letters

Christian ___, 4 letters

Christian ___: The Man Who Made the World Look New (book about a fashion designer), 4 letters

Christian born in France, 4 letters

Christian creation, 4 letters

Christian designer?, 4 letters

Christian from France, 4 letters

Christian in couture, 4 letters

Christian in fashion, 4 letters

Christian in France, 4 letters

Christian in the fashion industry, 4 letters

Christian of cloth fame, 4 letters

Christian of fame, 4 letters

Christian of note, 4 letters

Christian of the cloth?, 4 letters

Christian on the runway, 4 letters

Christian once lionized by stylists, 4 letters

Christian surname?, 4 letters

Christian who created the New Look, 4 letters

Christian who originated the A-line, 4 letters

Christian with a fashion sense, 4 letters

Christian with many robes?, 4 letters

Christian, fashion designer, 4 letters

Christian, of fashion, 4 letters

Classic dress, 4 letters

Classic Paris couture house, 4 letters

Contemporary Christian, 4 letters

Couturier Christian, 4 letters

Couturier label, perhaps, 4 letters

Creative Christian, 4 letters

Designer born in Normandy, 4 letters

Designer Christian, 4 letters

Designer from Normandy, 4 letters

Designer label, 4 letters

Designer name, 4 letters

Designer of the New Look, 4 letters

Designing Christian, 4 letters

Early Saint-Laurent employer, 4 letters

Eminent French designer, 4 letters

Famous Christian, 4 letters

Famous designer, 4 letters

Fashion designer, 4 letters

Fashion designer Christian, 4 letters

Fashion fabricator, 4 letters

Fashion giant, 4 letters

Fashion house that released the perfume J'adore, 4 letters

Fashion icon, 4 letters

Fashion leader, 4 letters

Fashion legend, 4 letters

Fashion legend Christian, 4 letters

Fashion luminary, 4 letters

Fashion name, 4 letters

Fashion notable, 4 letters

Fashion surname, 4 letters

Fashion VIP, 4 letters

Fashion-conscious Christian, 4 letters

Fashion-house founder, 4 letters

Fashion's Christian, 4 letters

Fashionable Christian, 4 letters

Fashionable dress, 4 letters

Fashionable Frenchman, 4 letters

Fashionable name, 4 letters

French Christian, 4 letters

French couture company, 4 letters

French couturier, 4 letters

French designer, 4 letters

French designer Christian ___, 4 letters

French fashion designer, 4 letters

French fashion figure, 4 letters

French fashion icon, 4 letters

French fashion name, 4 letters

Haute couture giant, 4 letters

He gave us the sack in the early '50s, 4 letters

He introduced the sack, 4 letters

House of ___, 4 letters

House of fashion, 4 letters

House of haute couture, 4 letters

Introducer of 1947's New Look, 4 letters

Introducer of fashion's H-line, 4 letters

Invented the New Look, 4 letters

J'adore perfumer, 4 letters

Last name in fashion, 4 letters

Late fashion designer, 4 letters

Maker of the fragrance Poison, 4 letters

Maker of the perfume Midnight Poison, 4 letters

Man of fashion, 4 letters

Memorable couturier, 4 letters

Midnight Poison maker, 4 letters

Miss ___: perfume brand, 4 letters

Name at makeup counters, 4 letters

Name in fashion, 4 letters

Name in fashion boutiques, 4 letters

Name in haute couture, 4 letters

Name on some labels, 4 letters

Name that's quite fashionable, 4 letters

New Look designer Christian, 4 letters

New Look designer of 1947, 4 letters

New Look fashion designer, 4 letters

New Look name, 4 letters

New Look pioneer, 4 letters

Notable name in French fashion, 4 letters

Noted Christian, 4 letters

Open ___ (fashionable trade policy), 4 letters

Openly gay Christian, 4 letters

Paris fashion name, 4 letters

Parisian house of design, 4 letters

Poison and Pure Poison creator, 4 letters

Prada competitor, 4 letters

Pricey gown, 4 letters

Promoter of the New Look, 4 letters

Rodeo Drive boutique, 4 letters

Rodeo Drive retailer, 4 letters

Sack dress creator, 4 letters

Sack dress designer, 4 letters

Sack Look designer, 4 letters

Sack Look designer Christian, 4 letters

Scents name, 4 letters

Style name, 4 letters

Stylish Christian, 4 letters

Stylish gown, 4 letters

Voguish Christian, 4 letters

3-D display, 7 letters

3-D exhibit, 7 letters

3-D miniature scene, 7 letters

3-D scene, 7 letters

Battle recreation, perhaps, 7 letters

Class project in a box, 7 letters

Elementary school shoebox project, 7 letters

Grade school project, 7 letters

Grade school shoebox project, 7 letters

Grade schooler's project, 7 letters

Historical display, 7 letters

Historical miniature, 7 letters

Historical museum display, 7 letters

Kid's art project, 7 letters

Many a museum dinosaur display, 7 letters

Many a museum display, 7 letters

Miniature box?, 7 letters

Miniature display, 7 letters

Miniature re-creation, 7 letters

Miniaturist's scene, 7 letters

Museum display, 7 letters

Museum exhibit, 7 letters

Museum scenic display, 7 letters

Natural history museum display, 7 letters

Scene at a natural history museum, 7 letters

School fair display, 7 letters

Science fair exhibit, 7 letters

Student's shoebox scene, 7 letters

Three- dimensional display, 7 letters

Three-dimensional man-made scene, 7 letters

Three-dimensional scene, 7 letters

A picture (or series of pictures) representing a continuous scene, 7 letters

One who handles a scene with poise?, 15 letters

3-D representations, 8 letters

Grade-school projects, 8 letters

Historical miniatures, 8 letters

Mini-scenes in a shoebox, e.g., 8 letters

Museum animal displays, 8 letters

Museum displays, 8 letters

Museum offerings, 8 letters

Museum scenes, 8 letters

Scenes at the Museum of Natural History, 8 letters

Scenes with 3-D figures, 8 letters

Scenic museum displays, 8 letters

Scenic representations, 8 letters

Science museum exhibits, 8 letters

Three-dimensional displays, 8 letters

Fashionable automaton?, 9 letters

Crystalline igneous rock, 7 letters

Igneous rock, 7 letters

Igneous rock composed of feldspar and hornblende, 7 letters

A granular crystalline intrusive rock, 7 letters

Designer's one of a kind, 12 letters

A line and sack dress, 5 letters

Christian apparel?, 5 letters

Christian fashions?, 5 letters

Christian outfits?, 5 letters

Christian's dresses?, 5 letters

Christian's frocks, 5 letters

Classy dress selections, 5 letters

Dresses by designer Christian, 5 letters

Dresses designed by a Christian?, 5 letters

Expensive dresses, 5 letters

Fashionable frocks, 5 letters

Fashionable gowns, 5 letters

Haute couture wear, 5 letters

Midnight Poison and Fahrenheit 32, 5 letters

New Look creations, 5 letters

New Look dresses, 5 letters

Pricey dresses, 5 letters

Pricey gowns, 5 letters

Some are seen on the red carpet, 5 letters

Some classic fashions, 5 letters

Some designer dresses, 5 letters

Some dresses, 5 letters

Some expensive dresses, 5 letters

Some fashion wear, 5 letters

Some gowns, 5 letters

Some Oscar-night gowns, 5 letters

Some Parisian robes, 5 letters

Some red-carpet creations, 5 letters

Stylish suits, 5 letters

'Vaya con ___', 4 letters

Almighty, in Acapulco, 4 letters

Andalusia Almighty, 4 letters

Creator, in Caracas, 4 letters

De Soto's deity, 4 letters

Deity in Madrid, 4 letters

Gilberto's god, 4 letters

God in Granada, 4 letters

God in Guatemala, 4 letters

God in Toledo, 4 letters

God of Spain, 4 letters

God, in Guadalajara, 4 letters

God, to Gaudi, 4 letters

God, to Marquez, 4 letters

God: Sp., 4 letters

Maria s God, 4 letters

Paul/Ford hit Vaya Con ___, 4 letters

Spanish Almighty, 4 letters

Spanish for 'God', 4 letters

Spanish god, 4 letters

The Almighty, in Acapulco, 4 letters

Vaya Con ___ (1953 song), 4 letters

Vaya con ___ (Go with God), 4 letters

Vaya con ___, 1953 hit, 4 letters

Gemini, 8 letters

Egg-shaped, 5 letters

Solvent used in varnishes, 7 letters

Carbon ___, 7 letters

Carbon ___ (greenhouse gas), 7 letters

Carbon ___, engine-exhaust component, 7 letters

Carbon attachment, 7 letters

Compound like silica, 7 letters

Dry ice, e.g., 7 letters

Sulfur ___ (pungent gas), 7 letters

An oxide containing two atoms of oxygen in the molecule, 7 letters

Molecules with two oxygen atoms, 8 letters

Quartz and zirconia, e.g., 8 letters

Agent Orange ingredient, 6 letters

Dangerous compound in Agent Orange, 6 letters

Toxic compound, 6 letters

Toxic compound found in cigarette smoke, 6 letters

Toxic compound in Agent Orange, 6 letters

Any of several toxic or carcinogenic hydrocarbons that occur as impurities in herbicides, 6 letters

Type genus of the Diodontidae, 6 letters

Spiny puffers, 11 letters

Any of a class of alcohols having 2 hydroxyl groups in each molecule, 4 letters

Albatrosses, 11 letters

A genus of the family Droseraceae, 7 letters

Tyrant of Syracuse who fought the Carthaginians (430-367 BC), 9 letters

Handsome palmlike cycads with robust crowns of leaves and rugged trunks, 5 letters

Any cycad of the genus Dioon, 5 letters

Greek mathematician who was the first to try to develop an algebraic notation (3rd century), 10 letters

Yams, 9 letters

Yams, 13 letters

A genus of trees or shrubs that have beautiful and valuable wood, 9 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..