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___ da jow (Chinese liniment), 3 letters

1969 Jerry Rubin book, 3 letters

Bit of code, 3 letters

Bit of Morse, 3 letters

Bit of Morse code, 3 letters

Click in telegraphy, 3 letters

Code character, 3 letters

Code click, 3 letters

Code sound, 3 letters

Code word, 3 letters

Dah's counterpart, 3 letters

Dah's counterpart in Morse code, 3 letters

Dah's go-with, 3 letters

Dah's Morse code counterpart, 3 letters

Dah's Morse partner, 3 letters

Dah's opposite, in Morse code, 3 letters

Dah's partner, 3 letters

E, as in Western Union, 3 letters

E, in Morse, 3 letters

E, in telegraphy, 3 letters

E, to a telegrapher, 3 letters

LEARNED MAN, 3 letters

Loaf on the job, 3 letters

Morse bit, 3 letters

Morse character, 3 letters

Morse click, 3 letters

Morse code click, 3 letters

Morse code dot, 3 letters

Morse Code E, 3 letters

Morse code sound, 3 letters

Morse code symbol, 3 letters

Morse code tap, 3 letters

Morse Code unit, 3 letters

Morse code word, 3 letters

Morse E, 3 letters

Morse minimum, 3 letters

Morse morsel, 3 letters

Morse quickie, 3 letters

Morse sound, 3 letters

Morse symbol, 3 letters

Morse tap, 3 letters

Morse word, 3 letters

Morse-code character, 3 letters

Morse-code syllable, 3 letters

On___ (gossip's morsel), 3 letters

On-___ (soup, 3 letters

One-quarter of an H, in Morse code, 3 letters

Part of a Morse code letter, 3 letters

Part of Morse s code, 3 letters

Quick click, 3 letters

Radio code sound, 3 letters

Short Morse code bit, 3 letters

Small bit of code, 3 letters

SOS beginning, 3 letters

SOS starter, 3 letters

Tapped-out character, 3 letters

Telegraph click, 3 letters

Telegraph signal, 3 letters

Telegraph sound, 3 letters

Telegraph tap, 3 letters

Telegrapher's e, 3 letters

Telegraphic E, 3 letters

That'll be quite enough!, 3 letters

The shorter of the two telegraphic signals used in Morse code, 3 letters

Vittorio Emanuele, re ___, 7 letters

Abandon, 5 letters

Channel alongside country road, 5 letters

Cut class, 5 letters

Deep-six, 5 letters

Drainage passage, 5 letters

Dump, 5 letters

End place for many a car accident, 5 letters

Ersatz toilet, 5 letters

Foxhole, basically, 5 letters

Get rid of, 5 letters

Get rid of, in slang, 5 letters

Hole in the ground, 5 letters

Irrigation channel, 5 letters

Jettison, 5 letters

Leave behind, informally, 5 letters

Leave in the lurch, 5 letters

Lose on purpose, 5 letters

Make an emergency landing, 5 letters

Moat, 5 letters

Play hooky, 5 letters

Quit flying, 5 letters

Skip class, 5 letters

Small waterway, 5 letters

Steeplechase obstacle, 5 letters

Throw out, 5 letters

Trench, 5 letters

Where a car may end up after an accident, 5 letters

You can dig it, 5 letters

Any small natural waterway, 5 letters

A long narrow excavation in the earth, 5 letters

Employee with a pick and shovel, 11 letters

Excavator of a sort, 11 letters

His work may take him underground, 11 letters

Laborer used for underground work?, 11 letters

Worker with pick and shovel, 11 letters

Deep-sixed, 7 letters

Dumped, 7 letters

Eighty-sixed, 7 letters

Got rid of, 7 letters

Excavating machine, 7 letters

Pick-and-shovel workers, 8 letters

Eighty-sixes, 7 letters

Gets rid of, 7 letters

Gives the slip to, 7 letters

Leaves behind, 7 letters

What Crystal Harris became famous for doing in 2011, and a hint to the theme, 11 letters

Problem when tunneling out of prison?, 15 letters

Dull as ___, 10 letters

What something may be as dull as, 10 letters

Morse code signs, 6 letters

Small amounts, 5 letters

Agitated state, 6 letters

Be indecisive, 6 letters

Confused state, 6 letters

Confusion, 6 letters

Excited state, 6 letters

Flustered excitement, 6 letters

Flustered state, 6 letters

For herd it means excitement, 6 letters

Hem and haw, 6 letters

In a ___ (flustered), 6 letters

Mental confusion, 6 letters

Shilly-shally, 6 letters

State, 6 letters

State of confusion, 6 letters

State of excitement, 6 letters

State of flustered excitement, 6 letters

Stew, 6 letters

Third e in excitement, 6 letters

Tizzy, 6 letters

Vacillate, 6 letters

An excited state of agitation, 6 letters

Acted nervously irresolute, 8 letters

Was indecisive, 8 letters

Flustered one, 8 letters

Slowpokes, 9 letters

Angry states for Bumstead's boss?, 7 letters

Blondie's boss-in-law J.C., 7 letters

Bumstead's boss, 7 letters

Bumstead's boss in 'Blondie', 7 letters

Dagwood Bumstead's boss, 7 letters

Flustered, 7 letters

Highly agitated, 7 letters

Nervous, 7 letters

Short, impassioned poem, 9 letters

A wildly enthusiastic speech or piece of writing, 9 letters

(ancient Greece) a passionate hymn (usually in honor of Dionysus), 9 letters

Bears Hall of Famer Mike, 5 letters

Bears legend Mike, 5 letters

Bears Super Bowl coach, 5 letters

Bill Swerski's Superfans idol, on SNL, 5 letters

Chicago Bears coach, 5 letters

Chicago Bears coaching legend Mike, 5 letters

Coach Mike of the Saints, 5 letters

Coaching Chicagoan, 5 letters

Ex-Bear Mike, 5 letters

Football broadcaster Mike, 5 letters

Football coach Mike, 5 letters

Former Bears coach, 5 letters

Former Bears coach Mike, 5 letters

Former Chicago Bears coach Mike, 5 letters

Former Chicago Bears player/coach, 5 letters

Former coach of Da Bears, 5 letters

Former coach of the Bears, 5 letters

Former NFL coach nicknamed Iron Mike, 5 letters

Hall-of-Fame coach Mike, 5 letters

He's coached Bears and Saints, 5 letters

Head Bear for 11 years, 5 letters

Iron Mike of football, 5 letters

Iron Mike of football coaching, 5 letters

Iron Mike of the NFL, 5 letters

N.F.L. Coach of the Year in 1985 and 1988, 5 letters

NFL coach Mike, 5 letters

NFL Rookie of the Year in '61, 5 letters

NFL's Iron Mike, 5 letters

Retired Chicago Bears coach called Iron Mike, 5 letters

Saints. coach Mike, 5 letters

Super Bowl winner as a player and coach, 5 letters

Super Bowl XX winning coach, 5 letters

The Bears' Iron Mike, 5 letters

The Fridge's coach in the Super Bowl, 5 letters

Tough-talking coach, 5 letters

Winning coach in Super Bowl XX, 5 letters

___ Boulevard (N train terminus), 7 letters

Queens neighborhood near La Guardia, 7 letters

'Hisses' is made up of 16, in a certain code, 4 letters

A Morse I consists of two, 4 letters

A Morse I requires two, 4 letters

Bits of code, 4 letters

Clicks in code, 4 letters

Code signals, 4 letters

Code sounds, 4 letters

Counterparts of dahs, 4 letters

Dah's counterparts, 4 letters

Dah's partners, 4 letters

Dahs' running mates, 4 letters

E's, I's and S's, in Morse code, 4 letters

Morse bits, 4 letters

Morse clicks, 4 letters

Morse code characters, 4 letters

Morse code clicks, 4 letters

Morse code for sissies, 4 letters

Morse code taps, 4 letters

Morse marks, 4 letters

Morse signals, 4 letters

Morse sounds, 4 letters

Morse symbols, 4 letters

Morse taps, 4 letters

Morse-code signals, 4 letters

Morse-code sounds, 4 letters

Most of an SOS, 4 letters

Parts of a certain code, 4 letters

Parts of the Morse code, 4 letters

Some Morse code characters, 4 letters

Some Morse code clicks, 4 letters

Some Morse taps, 4 letters

Some telegraphic signals, 4 letters

Taps for information flow, 4 letters

Telegraph clicks, 4 letters

Telegraph taps, 4 letters

Telegraphic sounds, 4 letters

More addled, 7 letters

More airheaded, 7 letters

More flighty, 7 letters

More vapid, 7 letters

Not so level-headed, 7 letters

Most clueless, 8 letters

Most flighty: Var., 8 letters

A little loopy, 5 letters

Addlebrained, 5 letters

Air-headed, 5 letters

Bubble-headed, 5 letters

Clueless, 5 letters

Easily addled, 5 letters

Easily confused, 5 letters

Eccentric to be kind, 5 letters

Empty-headed, 5 letters

Flaky, 5 letters

Flibbertigibbety, 5 letters

Flighty, in slang, 5 letters

Inanely silly, 5 letters

Lightheaded, 5 letters

Like a space cadet, 5 letters

Like an airhead, 5 letters

Like an eccentric uncle, 5 letters

Like one whose elevator doesn't go all the way to the top, 5 letters

Like Phoebe on Friends, 5 letters

Not at all analytical, 5 letters

Not very logical, 5 letters

Rattlebrained, 5 letters

Scatterbrained, 5 letters

Wacko, 5 letters

Copied, in a way, 5 letters

Airs, 7 letters

Catchy tunes, 7 letters

Cute songs, 7 letters

Playful tunes, 7 letters

Simple songs, 7 letters

Songs, 7 letters

Songs, of a sort, 7 letters

Things to hum, 7 letters

, in a list, 5 letters

'Agreed ', 5 letters

'Me too', 5 letters

'Same here!', 5 letters

Another of the same, 5 letters

Another of those, 5 letters

Catchword in Ghost, 5 letters

Copy, 5 letters

Dot it again, 5 letters

Dot's twin brother in Hi & Lois, 5 letters

Dot's twin in Hi and Lois, 5 letters

Duplicate, 5 letters

Hi & Lois child, 5 letters

I agree!, 5 letters

I feel the same way, 5 letters

I think so too!, 5 letters

I'll have the same, 5 letters

I'll second that, 5 letters

I'm right there with you, 5 letters

I'm with you, 5 letters

Idem, 5 letters

Kind of clone, 5 letters

Kind of machine, 5 letters

Likewise, 5 letters

Likewise, I'm sure!, 5 letters

Make it two, 5 letters

Make that two, 5 letters

Mark held it together somewhat (5), 5 letters

Mark of conformity?, 5 letters

Mark of repetition, 5 letters

More of the same, 5 letters

Morse code unit to repeat (5), 5 letters

My sentiments exactly, 5 letters

Old printing machine, 5 letters

Opinion sharer's remark, 5 letters

Photocopy precursor, 5 letters

Pre-Xerox copy, 5 letters

Put me down, too, 5 letters

Quotemark, in some contexts, 5 letters

Right on!, 5 letters

Rush Limbaugh fan's response, 5 letters

Same, 5 letters

Same again, 5 letters

Same for me, 5 letters

Same goes for me, 5 letters

Son in Hi & Lois, 5 letters

That goes for me too!, 5 letters

That's just how I feel!, 5 letters

That's my feeling too, 5 letters

That's what I think too, 5 letters

The same, 5 letters

What he said, 5 letters

Word of agreement, 5 letters

You can say that again, 5 letters

A mark used to indicate the word above it should be repeated, 5 letters

Copied, 7 letters

Copied, in a way, 7 letters

Made copies of, 7 letters

Made copies, old-style, 7 letters

Ran off, in a way, 7 letters

Repeated, 7 letters

Repeated the last statement, 7 letters

Repeated the words of, 7 letters

Said the same, 7 letters

Repeating, 8 letters

Repeating a statement, 8 letters

Repeating the words of, 8 letters

[See above], 9 letters

Shopping place for copycats?, 11 letters

Listmaker's shortcut, 10 letters

, 6 letters

Agrees with, 6 letters

Copies, 6 letters

Copies of old, 6 letters

Dupes, 6 letters

Duplicates, 6 letters

Duplication marks, 6 letters

Lazy list marks, 6 letters

Marks for lazy listers, 6 letters

Old copies, 6 letters

Old-fashioned paper copies, 6 letters

Photocopies, back in the day, 6 letters

Photocopy ancestors, 6 letters

Plays copycat, 6 letters

Repeat marks, 6 letters

Repetition signs, 6 letters

Same as above markings, 6 letters

Says I second that, 6 letters

Secretaries used to make them, 6 letters

Signs like , 6 letters

Signs of repetition, 6 letters

Time-saving marks, 6 letters

And Dorothy's little dog, too?, 9 letters

Three marks, 15 letters

Cheerful little earful, 5 letters

Jaunty tune, 5 letters

Jingle, 5 letters

Light air, 5 letters

Little jingle, 5 letters

Little song, 5 letters

Little tune, 5 letters

Mary Had a Little Lamb, e.g., 5 letters

Plain song, 5 letters

Second word of Jack and Diane, 5 letters

Short simple song, 5 letters

Simple little song, 5 letters

Simple number, 5 letters

Simple song, 5 letters

Simple tune, 5 letters

Song, 5 letters

Tune, 5 letters

A short simple song (or the words of a poem intended to be sung), 5 letters

Odds-and-ends carrier, 8 letters

Airhead, 4 letters

Airheaded sort, 4 letters

Boob, 4 letters

Brainless one, slangily, 4 letters

Featherbrain, 4 letters

Flake, 4 letters

Ninny, 4 letters

Nutty sort, 4 letters

Scatterbrain, 4 letters

Space cadet, 4 letters

Valley girl, 4 letters

Airheads, 6 letters

Bubbleheads, 6 letters

Phoebe of Friends, et al, 6 letters

Blonde's quality, in jokes, 9 letters

Bubble-headed, 5 letters

Dumb and flighty, 5 letters

Easily muddled, 5 letters

Like a birdbrain, 5 letters

On another planet, 5 letters

Rattlebrained, 5 letters

Scatterbrained, 5 letters

Evergreen tree of eastern Asia and Philippines having large leathery leaves and small green-white flowers in compact cymes, 4 letters

Bark formerly used medicinally, 4 letters

Submerged freshwater perennials, 9 letters

Make a fuss, 9 letters

Shake, as from cold or fear, 9 letters

Be agitated, 9 letters

Be undecided, 9 letters

Act nervously, 9 letters

The process of representing intermediate colors by patterns of tiny colored dots that simulate the desired color, 9 letters

Be uncertain, 9 letters

Eurasian perennial herb with white flowers that emit flammable vapor in hot weather, 7 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..