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How one must win in Ping-Pong, 3 letters

10101100, e.g., 4 letters

8 bits, 4 letters

8 bits, commonly, 4 letters

A computer processes it, 4 letters

Binary group, 4 letters

Bunch of bits, 4 letters

Character in computerville, 4 letters

Computer capacity unit, 4 letters

Computer data amount, 4 letters

Computer data unit, 4 letters

Computer info quantity, 4 letters

Computer information unit, 4 letters

Computer magazine, 4 letters

Computer measure, 4 letters

Computer measurement, 4 letters

Computer memory measure, 4 letters

Computer memory unit, 4 letters

Computer mouthful?, 4 letters

Computer storage unit, 4 letters

Computer term, 4 letters

Computer unit, 4 letters

computer-storage measure, 4 letters

Computing unit, 4 letters

Cyberphile's nosh?, 4 letters

Data amount, 4 letters

Data measure, 4 letters

Data quantity, 4 letters

Data unit, 4 letters

Digital-info unit, 4 letters

Eight bits, 4 letters

Eight bits in a computer, 4 letters

Eight bits to computer folk, 4 letters

Eight bits unit, 4 letters

Eight bits, but not a dollar, 4 letters

Eight bits, computerwise, 4 letters

Eight bits, on a PC, 4 letters

Eight bits, typically, 4 letters

Eight-digit binary, 4 letters

Fraction of a meg, 4 letters

Gig component, 4 letters

Group of bits, 4 letters

Group of bits, in computer storage, 4 letters

Group of bits, in data storage, 4 letters

Hard-drive unit, 4 letters

High-tech memory measure, 4 letters

High-tech unit, 4 letters

Info amount, 4 letters

Info unit, 4 letters

Information storage unit, 4 letters

Information unit, 4 letters

It doesn't take long to process, 4 letters

It's composed of bits, 4 letters

It's made up of bits, 4 letters

It's made up of bits, but not pieces, 4 letters

It's part of a gig, 4 letters

Kilo- or mega- follower, 4 letters

Laptop unit, 4 letters

Mac morsel, 4 letters

Measurement of memory, 4 letters

Mega or giga attachment, 4 letters

Mega or giga ending, 4 letters

Mega or giga follower, 4 letters

Memory amount, 4 letters

Memory measure, 4 letters

Memory morsel, 4 letters

Memory unit, 4 letters

Napster file measurement, maybe, 4 letters

One of over a million in a meg, 4 letters

One-thousandth of a K, 4 letters

Part of a gig, 4 letters

PC info unit, 4 letters

PC World rival, 4 letters

Popular computer monthly, 4 letters

Processing unit, 4 letters

Sequence of bits, 4 letters

Several bits, 4 letters

Smidgen of memory, 4 letters

Space needed to store a character of text, 4 letters

Storage unit, 4 letters

Storage unit discovered in shrubby territory (4), 4 letters

Tech magazine, 4 letters

The B in KB and MB, 4 letters

Tiny memory amount, 4 letters

Tiny part of a computer's memory, 4 letters

Unit of computer memory, 4 letters

Unit of computer storage, 4 letters

Unit of data, 4 letters

Unit of eight computer bits, 4 letters

Unit of memory, 4 letters

Unit of RAM, 4 letters

Unit of storage, 4 letters

Word often prefixed with kilo-, 4 letters

A sequence of 8 bits (enough to represent one character of alphanumeric data) processed as a single unit of information, 4 letters

8-bit units, 5 letters

Bit groups, 5 letters

Bit octets, 5 letters

Bits of memory, 5 letters

Bunches of bits, 5 letters

Collections of bits, 5 letters

Computer capacity, 5 letters

Computer content, 5 letters

Computer lunches?, 5 letters

Computer memory units, 5 letters

Computer memory units of eight binary digits, 5 letters

Computer mouthfuls?, 5 letters

Computer quantities, 5 letters

Computer storage term, 5 letters

Computer storage units, 5 letters

Computer term, 5 letters

Computer units, 5 letters

Computer's character equivalents, 5 letters

Data amounts, 5 letters

Data storage units, 5 letters

Data units, 5 letters

Digital data, 5 letters

Disk units, 5 letters

Eight bits, 5 letters

Eight-bit groups, 5 letters

Gig components, 5 letters

Memories are made of these, 5 letters

Memory measures, 5 letters

Memory units, 5 letters

More than a few bits, 5 letters

Octets of bits, 5 letters

Program listing, 5 letters

RAM units, 5 letters

Storage units, 5 letters

The B in KB or MB, 5 letters

There are 1,048,576 in a meg, 5 letters

They can be broken into bits, 5 letters

They're committed to memory, 5 letters

They're part of a gig, 5 letters

Units in computing, 5 letters

Units of 0's and 1's, 5 letters

___ Time I Get to Phoenix, 5 letters

___ way (incidentally), 5 letters

___way..., 5 letters

Carmel-___-Sea, 5 letters

Where to place DRAMATI- (1914), 15 letters

According to Hoyle, 9 letters

According to regulations, 9 letters

Following all rules, 9 letters

How officials do things?, 9 letters

Not vary from proper procedure, 9 letters

End of quote, 15 letters

Incidentally, 7 letters

Incidentally, 8 letters

Incidentally (Var.), 8 letters

In large quantities, 10 letters

Way to buy flowers, 10 letters

Locale of this phrase, 9 letters

How kittens may be transported, 9 letters

According to Hoyle, 12 letters

According to standard procedure, 12 letters

Routinely, 12 letters

Gun maker's payment demand?, 10 letters

How some fast-food chicken is sold, 10 letters

Where Dire Straits twisted, 9 letters

How bologna is sold, 10 letters

Mystery Person once wrote a waltz in which the choice of measures played was determined..., 21 letters

Furthermore, 14 letters

Moreover, 14 letters

Onshore, 8 letters

Sandy place to live, in a song, 8 letters

Start of a quip, 9 letters

Song about searching for sweaters?, 21 letters

Start of a quote, 13 letters

Part one of a budgeting quip, 15 letters

Part one of today's quip, 15 letters

Where secretaries socialize?, 16 letters

Incidentally, 8 letters

Parenthetically, 8 letters

End of observation, 14 letters

End of the quip, 14 letters

As a career, 7 letters

How some hikers end up lost in the woods?, 15 letters

How aviophobes might travel, 7 letters

How some get things done, 15 letters

How to proceed?, 15 letters

One way to solve problems, 15 letters

Somehow, 15 letters

Whatever it takes, empirically, 15 letters

Bacon, Yam and Tomato sandwiches, colloquially, 4 letters

Fast way to count, 4 letters

How to enter the Ark, 4 letters

Alternately, 7 letters

In quick succession, 7 letters

How one has to win in ping-pong, 5 letters

How one must sometimes win, 5 letters

How one must win in volleyball, 5 letters

How animals entered Noah's Ark, 6 letters

Quick counting method, 6 letters

Quick way to count, 6 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..