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How the airplane-phobic may travel, 6 letters

44-year Senate veteran, 4 letters

90-year-old senator, 4 letters

Admiral who explored Antarctica, 4 letters

Antarctic explorer, 4 letters

Antarctic explorer Richard, 4 letters

Antarctica's Marie ___ Land (h), 4 letters

Aviator and arctic explorer, 4 letters

Charlie of country, 4 letters

Explorer who founded Little America, 4 letters

First to fly over the North Pole, 4 letters

Former Senate chief, 4 letters

Founder of Little America, 4 letters

Goodwin's predecessor in the U.S. Senate, 4 letters

Gram Parsons, for a time, 4 letters

Guitarist Charlie, 4 letters

Jazz guitarist Charlie, 4 letters

Jazzman Charlie, 4 letters

Late West Virginia senator Robert, 4 letters

Lindbergh rival, 4 letters

Little America founder, 4 letters

Longest-serving senator in U.S. history, 4 letters

Longtime West Virginia senator, 4 letters

Name associated with the South Pole, 4 letters

North Pole explorer, 4 letters

Noted Antarctic explorer, 4 letters

Noted polar explorer, 4 letters

Polar explorer, 4 letters

Polar explorer Admiral Richard, 4 letters

Polar explorer Richard, 4 letters

Polar-izing figure?, 4 letters

Pole star?, 4 letters

Renaissance composer William, 4 letters

Renowned Pole explorer, 4 letters

Renowned South Pole explorer, 4 letters

Senator from West Virginia, 4 letters

West Virginia senator, 4 letters

West Virginia's senior senator, 4 letters

Explorer and United States naval officer, 4 letters

Led expeditions to explore Antarctica (1888-1957), 4 letters

Richard Evelyn + Nicholas =, 8 letters

Polar explorer's witnesses, 9 letters

'Eight Miles High' group, with 'the', 5 letters

1960's folk rockers, with The, 5 letters

Eight Miles High folk rockers of the '60s, with the, 5 letters

Group whose name contains a deliberate misspelling inspired by the Beatles, whom they ardently admired, 5 letters

Mr. Tambourine Man band (with the), 5 letters

Mr. Tambourine Man group, with the, 5 letters

Mr. Tambourine Man singers, with The, 5 letters

Richard E. and Robert C., 5 letters

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame group, 5 letters

Roger McGuinn's group, with The, 5 letters

Turn! Turn! Turn! band, with the, 5 letters

Turn! Turn! Turn! group, with The, 5 letters

Virginia political family, 5 letters

West Virginia political family, 5 letters

Famed admiral's concurrence?, 8 letters

Turn! Turn! Turn! singers' religious music?, 10 letters

Cozy houses owned by a West Virginia senator?, 10 letters

Roger McGuinn and David Crosby's preference for down pillows?, 15 letters

Turn Turn Turn beats?, 12 letters

Observer of a West Virginia senator?, 11 letters

Senate groupie?, 11 letters

Observers of a W.Va. legislator?, 12 letters

Cow barn, 4 letters

Scottish cowhouse, 4 letters

Shelter for cows, 4 letters

Yorkshire cow shed, 4 letters

How Sir Edward the composer becomes Horatio the novelist, 15 letters

British cow barns, 5 letters

Cowsheds, 5 letters

Farm buildings, 5 letters

Shelters for Devons, 5 letters

Justly, 7 letters

In all fairness, 8 letters

1980s Chicago mayor, 5 letters

Actor Gabriel of Stigmata, 5 letters

Actor who wed Ellen Barkin, 5 letters

David of The Talking Heads, 5 letters

Defence of the Realm star Gabriel, 5 letters

Former Chicago mayor Jane, 5 letters

Gabriel of Miller's Crossing, 5 letters

Gabriel of the movies, 5 letters

Gabriel of The Usual Suspects, 5 letters

Kean's predecessor as governor of New Jersey, 5 letters

Mayor of Chicago, 1979-83, 5 letters

Musician-composer David, 5 letters

One of The Usual Suspects of film, 5 letters

Talking Head David, 5 letters

Talking Heads co-founder David, 5 letters

Edd of 77 Sunset Strip, 6 letters

Edd who played Kookie on TV, 6 letters

H.S.T.'s Secy. of State: 1945, 6 letters

It's off the highway, 6 letters

Less-traveled route, 6 letters

Path less traveled, 6 letters

Scenic route, 6 letters

Scenic route path, 6 letters

Secondary thoroughfare, 6 letters

Subsidiary route, 6 letters

Way in the boondocks, 6 letters

A side road little traveled (as in the countryside), 6 letters

Not thinking about highways?, 12 letters

Little-traveled paths, 7 letters

Narrow arteries, 7 letters

Routes less traveled, 7 letters

Some short cuts, 7 letters

British romantic poet, 5 letters

Childe Harold poet, 5 letters

Childe Harold's creator, 5 letters

Childe Harold's Pilgrimage author, 5 letters

Childe Harold's Pilgrimage poet, 5 letters

Creator of Don Juan, 5 letters

Don Juan poet, 5 letters

Don Juan satirist, 5 letters

Don Juan writer, 5 letters

English Romantic next to Reagan, 5 letters

For truth is always strange; stranger than fiction penner, 5 letters

Former Supreme Court justice White, 5 letters

Friend of Shelley, 5 letters

Golf great ___ Nelson, 5 letters

Golfer Nelson, 5 letters

Hours Of Idleness poet, 5 letters

Inspiration for Tchaikovsky's Manfred Symphony, 5 letters

Justice White, 5 letters

Keats contemporary, 5 letters

Leading Romantic poet, 5 letters

Lord of literature, 5 letters

Lord of poetry, 5 letters

Lord of verse, 5 letters

Lordly poet?, 5 letters

Originator of the phrase truth is stranger than fiction, 5 letters

Poet alongside Reagan, 5 letters

Poet mad, bad and dangerous to know, 5 letters

Poet who originated the phrase truth is stranger than fiction, 5 letters

Poet who swam the Hellespont, 5 letters

Poet who wrote She walks in beauty, like the night, 5 letters

Romantic poet, 5 letters

She Walks in Beauty poet, 5 letters

The Prisoner of Chillon poet, 5 letters

English romantic poet notorious for his rebellious and unconventional lifestyle (1788-1824), 5 letters

One of the two Roe v. Wade dissenters, 10 letters

Zimbabwe tennis star, 10 letters

Like Don Juan, 7 letters

Romantic and melancholy, 7 letters

Romantic and melancholy, in poetry, 7 letters

Certain English poetry scholar, 8 letters

'37 Masters Tournament winner, 11 letters

Golf Hall of Famer, 11 letters

Winner of the 1942 Masters, 11 letters

Justice White et al., 6 letters

Don Juan of fiction, 10 letters

Boring way to learn, 6 letters

From memory, 6 letters

How some learn, 6 letters

How times tables are learned, 6 letters

How times tables are typically learned, 6 letters

How times tables may be learned, 6 letters

Mechanical way to learn, 6 letters

Mechanically, 6 letters

Memorized, 6 letters

One way to learn, 6 letters

Through memorization, 6 letters

Without thinking, 6 letters

One way to file out of an auditorium, 5 letters

A long (usually sleeveless) tunic of chain mail formerly worn as defensive armor, 6 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..