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Exchange of smears, 5 letters

Exchange of TV smears, maybe, 5 letters

Expensive political campaign battle, 5 letters

Negative campaign feature, 5 letters

Hard drive infestation, 6 letters

Invasive computer programs, 6 letters

Invasive software, perhaps, 6 letters

Online pop-up source, 6 letters

Pop-up generators, 6 letters

Pop-up producer, 6 letters

Pop-up source, 6 letters

Pop-up-producing program, 6 letters

Producer of pop-ups, 6 letters

Program producing pop-ups, 6 letters

Program that generates online pop-ups, 6 letters

Program with popups, perhaps, 6 letters

Programming behind computer pop-ups, 6 letters

Relative of spam, 6 letters

Scourge of surfers, 6 letters

Mac-PC battles, e.g., 6 letters

Mad. Ave. trade publication, 6 letters

Madison Avenue magazine, 6 letters

Madison Avenue publication, 6 letters

Madison Avenue reading, 6 letters

Madison Avenue trade journal, 6 letters

Magazine for Madison Ave. types, 6 letters

Magazine for pitchers?, 6 letters

Magazine that highlights Clio winners, 6 letters

Marketing journal, 6 letters

Marketing pro's magazine, 6 letters

Professional product promotion publication, 6 letters

Publication featuring Accounts in Review, 6 letters

Reading matter along Madison Avenue, 6 letters

Trade journal that focuses on marketing, 6 letters

Lady pitcher, 7 letters

Madison Avenue worker, 7 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..