Select a letter

Banner charge, 5 letters

Banner cost, perhaps, 5 letters

Campaign contribution?, 5 letters

Campaign cost, 5 letters

Charge based on line count, perhaps, 5 letters

Charge for a plug, 5 letters

Classified charge, 5 letters

Cost for airtime, 5 letters

Cost for classified info, 5 letters

Cost for pitchers, 5 letters

Cost of time or space, 5 letters

Cost to run a spot in a newspaper, 5 letters

Google revenue source, 5 letters

Magazine revenue item, 5 letters

Magazine revenue source, 5 letters

Newspaper revenue component, 5 letters

Newspaper space charge, 5 letters

Pitcher's price, 5 letters

Pitcher's stat, 5 letters

Spot's charge, 5 letters

Website's charge, 5 letters

Bulk of a TV network's income, 6 letters

Campaign contributions?, 6 letters

Charges for classified info, 6 letters

Charges for spots, 6 letters

Commercial charges, 6 letters

Mad Men revenue, 6 letters

Madison Ave. income, 6 letters

Payments to Madison Avenue firms, 6 letters

Pitching figures, 6 letters

Product-pitching charges, 6 letters

Product-pitching costs, 6 letters

Like some eye-pleasing websites, 6 letters

Commercial charges, 4 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..