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Breakfast beverage, 5 letters

Breakfast drink, 5 letters

Breakfast order, 5 letters

Breakfast serving, 5 letters

Brunch beverage, 5 letters

Clout, slangily, 5 letters

Diner drink, 5 letters

Electrical power, 5 letters

Electricity, 5 letters

Electricity, in slang, 5 letters

Electricity, slangily, 5 letters

Electricity, so to speak, 5 letters

Energy, so to speak, 5 letters

Fruit fluid, 5 letters

Fruit quaff, 5 letters

Influence, 5 letters

Influence, slangily, 5 letters

Invigorate, with up, 5 letters

Lemon extract, 5 letters

Liquid part, 5 letters

Moo ___ (milk), 5 letters

Morning beverage, 5 letters

Newton of Queen of Hearts, 5 letters

Oomph, 5 letters

Orange yield, 5 letters

Pizazz, 5 letters

Power, 5 letters

Power medium, 5 letters

Power, informally, 5 letters

Power, slangily, 5 letters

Press release?, 5 letters

Query, part 3, 5 letters

Result of squeezing, maybe, 5 letters

Simpson's nickname, 5 letters

Snoop Dogg Gin and ___, 5 letters

The liquid part that can be extracted from fruits and vegetables, 5 letters

Any of several liquids of the body, 5 letters

Establishment that offers fruit cups?, 8 letters

Place to buy a smoothie, 8 letters

Trendy caf, 8 letters

Where to meet for a smoothie, 8 letters

Lush of a nobleman?, 10 letters

Singer Newton + First MoMA director, 9 letters

Lunch bag item, 8 letters

Part of a kid's lunch from home, 8 letters

Overpowered Minute Maid dispenser?, 11 letters

Beyond tipsy, 6 letters

Blotto, 6 letters

Increased the excitement level (with up), 6 letters

Made more exciting, with up, 6 letters

Pie-eyed, 6 letters

Started the day right?, 6 letters

Drunk section of operagoers?, 9 letters

Energized, 8 letters

Start of a breakfast order, 15 letters

Squeezing as a martial art?, 10 letters

Angel of the Morning singer, 11 letters

Queen of Hearts singer, 11 letters

Queen of Hearts vocalist, 1981, 11 letters

*Kitchen extraction gadget, 10 letters

Cheating athlete, probably, 6 letters

Health nut's appliance, 6 letters

Infomercial device, 6 letters

Kitchen appliance, 6 letters

Kitchen device, 6 letters

Kitchen squeezer, 6 letters

Like a daughter, 6 letters

Reaming appliance, 6 letters

Vegetarian's appliance, 6 letters

A person who drinks alcoholic beverages (especially to excess), 6 letters

Breakfast beverages, 6 letters

Breakfast offerings, 6 letters

Energizes, with up, 6 letters

Enlivens, with up, 6 letters

Kids may take them to school in boxes, 6 letters

Makes exciting, with up, 6 letters

Saliva, 6 letters

Some supermarket offerings, 6 letters

Supermarket fluids, 6 letters

Modifies for more speed, 17 letters

More scandalous, 7 letters

More succulent, 7 letters

Hardest to keep, as a secret, 8 letters

Like a melon, 5 letters

Like good gossip, 5 letters

Like good oranges, 5 letters

Like Page Six, 5 letters

Like ripe peaches, 5 letters

Like some gossip, 5 letters

Sensational, as gossip, 5 letters

Succulent, 5 letters

Titillating, 5 letters

Titillating tidbits, 11 letters

Noted performing arts school, 9 letters

Member of a French dozen, 4 letters

Part of an ete, 4 letters

A juicy appetizingness, 9 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..