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Extend (out), 3 letters

Extend beyond, 3 letters

Extend beyond (with out), 3 letters

Extend outward, 3 letters

Look more prominent than the rest, with out, 3 letters

Project, 3 letters

Project (out), 3 letters

Project, with out, 3 letters

Projection, 3 letters

Protrude, 3 letters

Protrude, as the chin, 3 letters

Protrude, with out, 3 letters

Protrusion, 3 letters

Protuberate, 3 letters

Shoot (out), 3 letters

Stick (out), 3 letters

Something that bulges out or is protuberant or projects from a form, 3 letters

The act of projecting out from something, 3 letters

Burlap base, 4 letters

Burlap element, 4 letters

Burlap fiber, 4 letters

Burlap ingredient, 4 letters

Burlap material, 4 letters

Coarse fiber, 4 letters

Cord, 4 letters

Cordage fiber, 4 letters

Cordage material, 4 letters

Gunny fiber, 4 letters

Gunnysack fiber, 4 letters

Invader of Britain, 4 letters

Kind of fiber, 4 letters

Rope fiber, 4 letters

Rope fiber or ancient German, 4 letters

Rope material, 4 letters

Rope-making fiber, 4 letters

Saxon contemporary, 4 letters

Twine makeup, 4 letters

A plant fiber used in making rope or sacks, 4 letters

A member of a Germanic people who conquered England and merged with the Angles and Saxons to become Anglo-Saxons, 4 letters

5th C. invaders of Britain, 5 letters

5th-c. invaders of England, 5 letters

Asian fiber plants, 5 letters

Burlap fibers, 5 letters

Isle of Wight settlers, 5 letters

Noted fifth-century invaders, 5 letters

Old Isle of Wight settlers, 5 letters

Rough fibers, 5 letters

WWI's largest naval battle, 7 letters

Fought between the British and German fleets off the NW coast of Denmark, 7 letters

Peninsula in northern Europe that forms the continental part of Denmark and a northern part of Germany, 7 letters

An indecisive naval battle in World War I (1916), 7 letters

Person from Kiel, 9 letters

Protrude, 6 letters

Beetles as a verb, 4 letters

Extends, 4 letters

Extends (out), 4 letters

Extrudes, 4 letters

Projects, 4 letters

Protrudes, 4 letters

Sticks (out), 4 letters

Sticks forward, 4 letters

Sticks out or protrudes, 4 letters

Extended (out), 6 letters

Poked (out), 6 letters

Projected, with out, 6 letters

Stuck (out), 6 letters

Stuck out like a sore thumb, 6 letters

Protruding, 7 letters

Sticking (out), 7 letters

The act of projecting out from something, 7 letters

Extend out or project in space, 7 letters

Architectural overhang, 5 letters

One of the major dialects of Old English, 6 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..