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A Dallas inst., 3 буквы

A Dallas sch., 3 буквы

A.k.a. Mustangs, 3 буквы

Aaron Spelling alma mater, 3 буквы

Alma mater of Laura Bush (abbr.), 3 буквы

Alma mater of Laura Bush, briefly, 3 буквы

Big D campus, 3 буквы

Big D school, 3 буквы

Campus in Dallas, Tex., 3 буквы

Church-owned Dallas sch., 3 буквы

Church-owned Lone Star State inst., 3 буквы

Coll. in Dallas, 3 буквы

College where students take writing classes at Dallas Hall: abbr., 3 буквы

Conference USA member, 3 буквы

Cotton Bowl winner of 1983, 3 буквы

Dallas campus, 3 буквы

Dallas campus monogram, 3 буквы

Dallas campus, briefly, 3 буквы

Dallas Campus, for short, 3 буквы

Dallas campus: Abbr., 3 буквы

Dallas coll., 3 буквы

Dallas college, 3 буквы

Dallas college, briefly, 3 буквы

Dallas Hall's location, for short, 3 буквы

Dallas sch. founded in 1911, 3 буквы

Dallas sch., for short, 3 буквы

Dallas school (abbr.), 3 буквы

Dallas school letters, 3 буквы

Dallas school where Payne Stewart went, 3 буквы

Dallas school, briefly, 3 буквы

Dallas school, for short, 3 буквы

Dallas univ., 3 буквы

Dedman School of Law locale: Abbr., 3 буквы

Eric Dickerson's alma mater, for short, 3 буквы

Fort Worth sch., 3 буквы

Future George W. Bush Presidential Library site, 3 буквы

Future home of the George W. Bush Presidential Lib., 3 буквы

Future home of W's presidential library, 3 буквы

George W. Bush Presidential Library sch., 3 буквы

Heisman Trophy winner Doak Walker's sch., 3 буквы

Home of Dallas's Mustangs (abbr.), 3 буквы

Home of GWB's library, 3 буквы

Home of the Cox Sch. of Business, 3 буквы

Home of the George W. Bush Presidential Library, 3 буквы

Home of the Mustangs, 3 буквы

Home of the Mustangs (abbr.), 3 буквы

Home of the Mustangs for short, 3 буквы

Home of the Mustangs, initially, 3 буквы

Home of the NCAA's Mustangs, 3 буквы

Home to Dallas Hall, 3 буквы

Inst. at Dallas, 3 буквы

Jon Koncak's college, 3 буквы

Laura Bush's alma mater, 3 буквы

Laura Bush's alma mater, for short, 3 буквы

Laura Bush's alma mater: Abbr., 3 буквы

Laura Bush's sch., 3 буквы

Lone Star school, 3 буквы

Mrs. Bush went there, 3 буквы

Mustangs of coll. football, 3 буквы

Mustangs of the Southwest Conf., 3 буквы

Mustangs sch., 3 буквы

Mustangs' campus: abbr., 3 буквы

Mustangs' coll., 3 буквы

Mustangs' home, for short, 3 буквы

Mustangs' home: Abbr., 3 буквы

Mustangs' school, 3 буквы

NCAA Division I team, 3 буквы

Payne Stewart's alma mater, 3 буквы

Planned site of the Geo. W. Bush Presidential Library, 3 буквы

Rice rival: Abbr., 3 буквы

Rival of T.C.U., 3 буквы

Sch. in Big D, 3 буквы

Sch. in Dallas, Tex., 3 буквы

Sch. of Mustangs, 3 буквы

Sch. that plays in the Cotton Bowl, 3 буквы

Sch. that plays Texas A&M, 3 буквы

Sch. where Doak Walker won the Heisman Trophy, 3 буквы

Sch. whose colors are Harvard crimson and Yale blue, 3 буквы

School in Dallas (abbr.), 3 буквы

School in Dallas, TX, 3 буквы

School Laura Bush roots for in the NCAA, 3 буквы

School letters, 3 буквы

School of Mustangs, 3 буквы

School that plays Texas A & M, 3 буквы

Southwest Conf. member, 3 буквы

Southwest Conf. Team, 3 буквы

T.C.U. rival, 3 буквы

Tex. campus, 3 буквы

Tex. team in Conference USA, 3 буквы

Texas A & M rival, 3 буквы

Texas coll., 3 буквы

Texas coll. attended by Edie Brickell in the mid-'80s, 3 буквы

Texas coll. Edie Brickell attended, 3 буквы

Texas coll. where I did my freshman year, 1989-90, 3 буквы

Texas Mustangs, for short, 3 буквы

Texas sch., 3 буквы

Texas sch. near Dallas, 3 буквы

Texas univ., 3 буквы

The Mustangs, 3 буквы

The Mustangs of coll. football, 3 буквы

The Mustangs of Texas (Abbr.), 3 буквы

The Mustangs of the N.C.A.A., 3 буквы

The Mustangs of the NCAA's Conference USA, 3 буквы

The Mustangs of the WAC, 3 буквы

The Mustangs, for short, 3 буквы

The Mustangs: Abbr., 3 буквы

The Mustangs' sch., 3 буквы

Three-time Cotton Bowl champs: Abbr., 3 буквы

Three-time Cotton Bowl winners: Abbr., 3 буквы

TX institution, 3 буквы

Univ. in Dallas, 3 буквы

Univ. that's home to the Mustangs, 3 буквы

University in Texas, 3 буквы

UTEP grid foe, 3 буквы

WAC school, 3 буквы

Western Athletic Conf. powerhouse, 3 буквы

Western Athletic Conf. school, 3 буквы

Western Athletic Conf. team, 3 буквы

Where Eric Dickerson played college ball, 3 буквы

Where Mustangs run: abbr., 3 буквы

He founded his company on apple butter, 7 букв

Artist's goof, 6 букв

Avocado grove pot, 6 букв

Blur, 6 букв

Calligraphy accident, 6 букв

Dark mark, 6 букв

Dirt stain, 6 букв

Dirty mark, 6 букв

Dirty smear, 6 букв

Dirty streak, 6 букв

Eraser leaving, 6 букв

Eraser mark, 6 букв

Erasing evidence, 6 букв

Erasure remnant, 6 букв

Finger mark, 6 букв

Fingerprint, say, 6 букв

Fire in an orchard, 6 букв

Ink spot, 6 букв

Inky blur, 6 букв

Leaky-pen leaving, 6 букв

Makeup mishap, 6 букв

Mark from dirty fingers, 6 букв

Messy mark, 6 букв

Photo marrer, 6 букв

Polisher's target, 6 букв

Printing goof, 6 букв

Smear, 6 букв

Smear or blur, 6 букв

Smeary mark, 6 букв

Soil, 6 букв

Soot mark, 6 букв

Soot spot, 6 букв

Streak, 6 букв

Target for a gum eraser, 6 букв

A blemish made by dirt, 6 букв

A smoky fire to drive away insects, 6 букв

Blurred, 7 букв

Dirty, in a sense, 7 букв

Like dirty eyeglasses, 7 букв

Fruit-tree protector, 9 букв

Heated container that a citrus grower uses to reduce frost, 9 букв

Heated container used to keep frost off fruit trees, 9 букв

Blurry patches, 7 букв

Dark marks, 7 букв

Fingerprints, often, 7 букв

Printing problems, 7 букв

Smears, 7 букв

Marking with dirty streaks, 8 букв

Full of smears, 6 букв

Smeared, like paper with lots of erasure marks, 6 букв

Annoyingly self-confident, 4 буквы

Batting oneself on the pack, 4 буквы

Beyond self-confident, 4 буквы

Cocksure, 4 буквы

Cocky, 4 буквы

Complacent, 4 буквы

Conceited, 4 буквы

Confident of one's superiority, 4 буквы

Confident to an extreme, 4 буквы

Contentedly confident, 4 буквы

Contentedly confident and then some, 4 буквы

Far from self-effacing, 4 буквы

Feeling superior, 4 буквы

Filled with self-importance, 4 буквы

Full of oneself, 4 буквы

Highly self-satisfied, 4 буквы

Holier-than-thou, 4 буквы

Insufferably complacent, 4 буквы

Like a gloater, 4 буквы

Like a hotdog, 4 буквы

Like a hotdog after a dunk, 4 буквы

Like a stuffed shirt, 4 буквы

Like one with a shit-eating grin, 4 буквы

More than self-confident, 4 буквы

Offensively satisfied, 4 буквы

On an ego trip, 4 буквы

Overconfident, 4 буквы

Overconfident of one's ability, 4 буквы

Overly complacent, 4 буквы

Overly confident, 4 буквы

Overly self-assured, 4 буквы

Overproud, 4 буквы

Overweening, 4 буквы

Pleased with oneself, 4 буквы

Priggish, 4 буквы

Puffed up, 4 буквы

Quite pleased with oneself, 4 буквы

Riding for a fall, 4 буквы

Satisfied with oneself, 4 буквы

Self-absorbed, 4 буквы

Self-complacent, 4 буквы

Self-congratulatory, 4 буквы

Self-important, 4 буквы

Self-pleased, 4 буквы

Self-righteous, 4 буквы

Self-righteously complacent, 4 буквы

Self-satisfied, 4 буквы

Stuck-up, 4 буквы

Stuffy, 4 буквы

Too big for one's britches, say, 4 буквы

Too confident, 4 буквы

Too sure, 4 буквы

Too sure of oneself, 4 буквы

Very pleased with oneself, 4 буквы

More likely to smirk, 7 букв

Most conceited, 8 букв

Most self-satisfied, 8 букв

Bring in by mule?, 7 букв

Carry illicitly, 7 букв

Convey sneakily, 7 букв

Ignore local customs?, 7 букв

Run, 7 букв

Shirk duties?, 7 букв

Sneak across the border, 7 букв

Customs concern, 8 букв

Someone who imports or exports without paying duties, 8 букв

Mules, e.g., 9 букв

Imports illegally, 8 букв

Customs officer's concern, 9 букв

Secretly importing prohibited goods or goods on which duty is due, 9 букв

Import or export without paying customs duties, 9 букв

How villains often smile, 6 букв

In a complacent manner, 6 букв

In a self-satisfied way, 6 букв

With an air of self-satisfaction, 6 букв

With complacency, 6 букв

Complacency, 8 букв

Gloating, 8 букв

Great self-contentment, 8 букв

Overconfidence, 8 букв

An excessive feeling of self-satisfaction, 8 букв

Raymond whose proof is adapted here, 8 букв

Animated star of a 2011 summer blockbuster, 5 букв

Blue cartoon character, 5 букв

Blue cartoon creature, 5 букв

Blue cartoon critter, 5 букв

Blue character, 5 букв

Blue fellow, 5 букв

Blue pixie, 5 букв

Blue screen character, 5 букв

Blue toon, 5 букв

Blue toon character, 5 букв

Blue toon from Belgium, 5 букв

Blue-colored cartoon character, 5 букв

Cartoon dweller of a mushroom village, 5 букв

Cartoon figure from Belgium, 5 букв

Cuddly 80's toy, 5 букв

Elflike blue toon, 5 букв

Fictional blue humanoid, 5 букв

Foe of the evil Gargamel, in children's entertainment, 5 букв

Gargamel's quarry, 5 букв

Handy or Hefty, 5 букв

Handy, Hefty, or Harmony, 5 букв

Hefty, say, 5 букв

Kiddy TV character, 5 букв

Once-popular children's TV character, 5 букв

One who's always blue?, 5 букв

Papa or Brainy, 5 букв

Peyo creation, 5 букв

Saturday morning favorite in 80's TV, 5 букв

Toon of old, 5 букв

TV cartoon character, 5 букв

Cartoon character with feminine wiles, 9 букв

Toon in white high heels, 9 букв

Blue cartoon character (5); Hot ___ (drag racers) (7); Christmas ___ (the 25th) (3), 15 букв

Blue boys?, 6 букв

Blue man group?, 6 букв

Boys in blue?, 6 букв

Foes of Gargamel, 6 букв

Handy and others, 6 букв

Little blue guys, 6 букв

Little blue people, 6 букв

They're blue, 6 букв

Warm fuzzies of a sort, 6 букв

Blue man group's adjective?, 6 букв

Apply, as a pie to the face, 5 букв

Compress, 5 букв

Compress, as food, 5 букв

Compress, informally, 5 букв

Compress, slangily, 5 букв

Flatten, 5 букв

Flatten, informally, 5 букв

Flatten, slangily, 5 букв

Pack together, 5 букв

Press down on, informally, 5 букв

Push down, informally, 5 букв

Compressed, informally, 7 букв

Compresses, informally, 7 букв

Reduces to a pulp, 7 букв

Adult literature, 4 буквы

Adult reading material, 4 буквы

A lot of online content, 4 буквы

Adult material, 4 буквы

Adult material, to some, 4 буквы

Blue books, 4 буквы

Blue material, 4 буквы

Blue matter, 4 буквы

Blue prints?, 4 буквы

Blue stuff, 4 буквы

Books in brown paper, perhaps, 4 буквы

Brown wrapper stuff, 4 буквы

Brown-wrapped stuff, sometimes, 4 буквы

Carbon black, 4 буквы

Carbon black, e.g., 4 буквы

Censor's concern, 4 буквы

Censor's target, 4 буквы

Censors go after it, 4 буквы

Cereal-crop destroyer, 4 буквы

Cereal-grass disease, 4 буквы

Certain fungus, 4 буквы

Chimney accumulation, 4 буквы

Contents of some plain brown wrappers, 4 буквы

Corn disease, 4 буквы

Crop problem, 4 буквы

Dirt, 4 буквы

Dirty literature, 4 буквы

Dirty magazines and such, 4 буквы

Dirty mark, 4 буквы

Dirty reading, 4 буквы

Dirty stuff, 4 буквы

Erotica, less generously, 4 буквы

Explicit stuff, 4 буквы

Federal Communications Commission target, 4 буквы

Filth, 4 буквы

Filthy stuff, 4 буквы

Flue collection, 4 буквы

Flue find, 4 буквы

Flue residue, 4 буквы

Grain bane, 4 буквы

Grain blight, 4 буквы

Grain fungus, 4 буквы

Grass disease, 4 буквы

Great literature it's not, 4 буквы

Indecent literature, 4 буквы

Internet issue, 4 буквы

It may call for mouthwash, 4 буквы

It's not clean, 4 буквы

Larry Flynt's stock-in-trade, 4 буквы

Lewd material, 4 буквы

Madonna's book Sex, some said, 4 буквы

Maize blight, 4 буквы

Middle school contraband, 4 буквы

Moral crusader's target, 4 буквы

Moralist's target, 4 буквы

Most of the Internet, it seems, 4 буквы

NC-17 stuff, 4 буквы

Net Nanny no-no, 4 буквы

Net Nanny target, 4 буквы

No children's viewing, 4 буквы

Obscene material, 4 буквы

Obscene stuff, 4 буквы

Obscenity, 4 буквы

Offensive lines?, 4 буквы

Particle of soot, 4 буквы

Peep shows and the like, 4 буквы

Plant ailment, 4 буквы

Plant disease, 4 буквы

Plant fungus, 4 буквы

Plant pest, 4 буквы

Plant problem, 4 буквы

Porn, 4 буквы

Porn mags, e.g., 4 буквы

Porn, to porn haters, 4 буквы

Porn's cousin, 4 буквы

Pornographer's wares, 4 буквы

Pornographic material, 4 буквы

Pornographic stuff, 4 буквы

Pornography, 4 буквы

Raw material?, 4 буквы

Salacious material, 4 буквы

Salacious stuff, 4 буквы

Scuzz, 4 буквы

Skin flicks and such, 4 буквы

Soot or coal dust, 4 буквы

Soot or porn, 4 буквы

Soot particle, 4 буквы

Sooty matter, 4 буквы

Sooty stuff, 4 буквы

Stuff in blue books?, 4 буквы

Target of obscenity laws, 4 буквы

Tom Lehrer anti-censorship song, 4 буквы

Tom Lehrer song, 4 буквы

Tom Lehrer title, 4 буквы

V-chips block it, 4 буквы

Web filter target, 4 буквы

What a V-chip blocks, 4 буквы

What pornographers peddle, 4 буквы

whitehouse.com content, in the Clinton era, 4 буквы

X-rated literature, 4 буквы

X-rated reading, 4 буквы

X-rated stuff, 4 буквы

XXX-rated material, 4 буквы

Bud Fisher's dirty comic strip?, 11 букв

Soiled spot, 6 букв

Larry Flynt, to his detractors, 11 букв

1940's South African P.M., 5 букв

Boer leader, 5 букв

Boer War VIP, 5 букв

Early South African P.M. Jan, 5 букв

Early South African prime minister Jan, 5 букв

Famed Boer leader, 5 букв

Late South African PM, 5 букв

Notable South African, 5 букв

Onetime South African P.M. Jan, 5 букв

Plant afflictions, 5 букв

Plant ailments, 5 букв

Plant diseases, 5 букв

Plant fungi, 5 букв

Pretoria prime minister, twice, 5 букв

S. African statesman, 5 букв

Soot particles, 5 букв

South Afiica's prime minister, 1919-24 and 1939-48, 5 букв

South African leader, 5 букв

South African statesman, 5 букв

South African statesman Jan, 5 букв

Taints with soot, 5 букв

Two-time prime minister of the Union of South Africa, 5 букв

Two-time South African PM, 5 букв

Two-time South African prime minister, 5 букв

WW II South African prime minister, 5 букв

Software that blocks adult sites?, 9 букв

In an obscene way, 8 букв

Beyond off-color, 6 букв

Characterized by obscenity, 6 букв

Filthy, 6 букв

Grimy, 6 букв

Indecent, 6 букв

Lewd, 6 букв

Like blue pictures, 6 букв

Obscene, 6 букв

Really off-color, 6 букв

Somewhat obscene, 6 букв

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