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(Puzzle by T. W. Schier) Dog's offer, 3 letters

Shake! offering, 3 letters

The Monkey's ___, 3 letters

1990 hard rock band from Lawrence, 3 letters

A dog extends it to shake, 3 letters

A dog might give it to you, 3 letters

A hand for Snoopy, 3 letters

A pad helps protect it, 3 letters

Andy, to Opie?, 3 letters

Angora appendage, 3 letters

Animal foot, 3 letters

Animal print maker, 3 letters

Animal's hand, 3 letters

Backwoods patriarch, 3 letters

Bear foot, 3 letters

Bear hand, 3 letters

Bear's dog, 3 letters

Ben, to Hoss, 3 letters

Big hand, 3 letters

Boxer's foot, 3 letters

Boxer's hand, 3 letters

Boxer's mitt, 3 letters

Canine foot, 3 letters

Cat foot, 3 letters

Cat's dog, 3 letters

Cat's-___, 3 letters

Claw holder, 3 letters

Claw site, 3 letters

Claw's spot, 3 letters

Claws locale, 3 letters

Clumsy hand, 3 letters

Cop a feel, 3 letters

Cub's foot, 3 letters

Dad, in the boondocks, 3 letters

Dad, in the boonies, 3 letters

Dad, to a hillbilly, 3 letters

Dad, to a yokel, 3 letters

Dixie dad, 3 letters

Dog owner's request, 3 letters

Dog's hand, 3 letters

Dog's dog, 3 letters

Dog's foot, 3 letters

Dogpatch dad, 3 letters

Feline foot, 3 letters

Ferret's foot, 3 letters

Fido's foot, 3 letters

Fido's offering, 3 letters

Foot in a pound, 3 letters

Foot in the forest, 3 letters

Foot with a claw, 3 letters

Foot with fur, 3 letters

Four-footed friend's foot, 3 letters

Fox foot, 3 letters

Fozzie's foot, 3 letters

Friendly dog's offering, 3 letters

Fur-covered foot, 3 letters

Furred foot, 3 letters

Get your hands on?, 3 letters

Grope, 3 letters

Hairy hand, 3 letters

Hand for Lassie, 3 letters

Hand for Snoopy?, 3 letters

Hand, informally, 3 letters

Hand, slangily, 3 letters

Handle awkwardly, 3 letters

Handle clumsily, 3 letters

Handle crudely, 3 letters

Handle roughly, 3 letters

Handle without care, 3 letters

Hillbilly relative, 3 letters

Hillbilly's dad, 3 letters

Hinterland parent, 3 letters

Hound dog?, 3 letters

Hound hand, 3 letters

Hyena's hand, 3 letters

It's found at the end of a dog leg, 3 letters

Its nails are surrounded by hair, 3 letters

Key part in The Lion and the Mouse, 3 letters

Kit mitt, 3 letters

Kitten mitten, 3 letters

Kitten's mitt, 3 letters

Klutz's hand?, 3 letters

Lab offering?, 3 letters

Lab or fox foot, 3 letters

Litter foot, 3 letters

Litter mover, 3 letters

Logo of the Clemson Tigers, 3 letters

Lucky rabbit's foot, e.g., 3 letters

Manhandle, 3 letters

Mauler, 3 letters

Maw's mate, 3 letters

Maw's partner, 3 letters

Mitt, 3 letters

Mutt mitt, 3 letters

Nail site, 3 letters

Oaf's hand?, 3 letters

Offer from Fido, 3 letters

Offer in response to Shake!, 3 letters

Oft-licked extremity, 3 letters

One leaving its mark, 3 letters

One of a cat's four, 3 letters

One of the hands in the command shake hands, 3 letters

Pet's hold-out, 3 letters

Place for a nail, 3 letters

Pound foot, 3 letters

Print leaver, 3 letters

Print maker, 3 letters

Print producer, 3 letters

Pup's offering, 3 letters

Puppy's foot, 3 letters

Puppy's hand, 3 letters

Pussy foot, 3 letters

Rabbit foot, 3 letters

Rabbit's foot, e.g., 3 letters

Request to Fido, 3 letters

Rex's offering, 3 letters

Siamese's swatter, 3 letters

Snoopy's foot, 3 letters

Snoopy's hand, 3 letters

Something to shake with, 3 letters

South or cat's ___, 3 letters

Spaniel's foot, 3 letters

Spitz's foot, 3 letters

Spoor maker, 3 letters

Spot shakes with it, 3 letters

Sticks parent, 3 letters

Terrier foot, 3 letters

Terrier tootsy, 3 letters

Terrier's tootsie, 3 letters

Thing with four digits, 3 letters

Thorn site, perhaps, 3 letters

Touch clumsily, 3 letters

Track maker, 3 letters

W.W. Jacobs short story The Monkey's ___, 3 letters

What a dog might shake with, 3 letters

What a dog uses to shake, 3 letters

What Rover gives, 3 letters

Where Androcles's lion had a thorn, 3 letters

Where Fido has a pad, 3 letters

Wolf foot, 3 letters

A clawed foot of an animal especially a quadruped, 3 letters

The (prehensile) extremity of the superior limb, 3 letters

Manhandle a fruit tree?, 10 letters

Attack playfully, 5 letters

Attack playfully, as a cat, 5 letters

Check out, as a cat, 5 letters

Check out, as a kitten would, 5 letters

Get curious about, kitten-style, 5 letters

Grab for clumsily, 5 letters

Grab for roughly, 5 letters

Grope, 5 letters

Handle clumsily, 5 letters

Handle roughly, 5 letters

Handle roughly: 2 wds., 5 letters

Investigate, kitten-style, 5 letters

Investigate, puppy-style, 5 letters

Lightly maul, 5 letters

Manhandle, 5 letters

Maul lightly, 5 letters

Play with feline style, 5 letters

Play with, as catnip, 5 letters

Play with, kitten-style, 5 letters

Play with, like a kitten, 5 letters

Play with, like a puppy, 5 letters

Poke, kitten-style, 5 letters

Touch, cat-style, 5 letters

Toy with, cat-style, 5 letters

Toy with, like a tabby, 5 letters

Toy with, to a tabby, 5 letters

Try to get one's mitts on, 5 letters

Knocked like Lassie, 5 letters

Knocked on the door, like Lassie, 5 letters

Caressed crudely, 5 letters

Dug, dog-style, 5 letters

Flailed at, 5 letters

Fondled rudely, 5 letters

Handled badly?, 5 letters

Handled clumsily, 5 letters

Handled indelicately, 5 letters

Handled roughly, 5 letters

Handled without care, 5 letters

Manhandled, 5 letters

Mauled, 5 letters

Showed impatience, as a horse, 5 letters

Touched clumsily, 5 letters

Touched crudely, 5 letters

Treated roughly, 5 letters

Wasn't gentle with, 5 letters

Wasn't gentle with, in a way, 5 letters

Examined, cat-style, 7 letters

Handled clumsily, 7 letters

Handled roughly, 7 letters

Played with, in a way, 7 letters

Probed, cat-style, 7 letters

Wasn't delicate with, 7 letters

Felines in a nature film?, 9 letters

Hardly handled with care (5)/Point pinpointer, in part, 13 letters

Animal that scrapes the ground, 5 letters

Caged tiger, perhaps, 5 letters

Cat, at times, 5 letters

Cat, often, 5 letters

Clumsy groper, 5 letters

Clumsy handler, 5 letters

Clumsy one, 5 letters

Dog or cat, at times, 5 letters

Feline, often, 5 letters

Grabby type, 5 letters

Ham-fisted one, 5 letters

Ham-handed one, 5 letters

Kitten, at times, 5 letters

Obnoxious date, 5 letters

Rough handler, 5 letters

A person who handles or caresses in a clumsy or over-familiar manner, 5 letters

Handling clumsily, 6 letters

Handling roughly, 6 letters

Reaching like a puppy, 6 letters

Bar locking a capstan in place, 4 letters

Bar that engages with a ratchet, 4 letters

Detent, 4 letters

Device for a ratchet wheel, 4 letters

Hinged tongue, 4 letters

Machine's direction control, 4 letters

Mechanical device, 4 letters

Pivoted bolt, 4 letters

Pivoting device, 4 letters

Ratchet, 4 letters

Ratchet bar, 4 letters

Ratchet catch, 4 letters

Ratchet engager, 4 letters

Ratchet wheel engager, 4 letters

Ratchet wheel part, 4 letters

Ratchet-wheel partner, 4 letters

Ratchet's partner, 4 letters

Safety catch, 4 letters

Something to sink one's teeth into, 4 letters

Wheel-ratchet engager, 4 letters

A hinged catch that fits into a notch of a ratchet to move a wheel forward or prevent it from moving backward, 4 letters

Cogwheel adjuncts, 5 letters

Ratchet attachments, 5 letters

Ratchet latches, 5 letters

Ratchet mates, 5 letters

Ratchet parts, 5 letters

Ratchet wheel catchers, 5 letters

Ratchet-wheel gizmos, 5 letters

Board man, 4 letters

Board member up for promotion?, 4 letters

Board member?, 4 letters

Board sacrifice, often, 4 letters

Castle protector, maybe, 4 letters

Cat's-paw, 4 letters

Certain board member, 4 letters

Chess soldier, 4 letters

Chess piece, 4 letters

Chess piece usually moved first, 4 letters

Chessboard cannon fodder, often, 4 letters

Director's opposite, 4 letters

Dupe, 4 letters

En passant capture, 4 letters

En passant victim, 4 letters

Expendable board member?, 4 letters

Expendable chess piece, 4 letters

Expendable one, 4 letters

Exploited one, 4 letters

Fischer man?, 4 letters

Frequent chess sacrifice, 4 letters

Front-rank piece, 4 letters

Future knight, maybe, 4 letters

Future queen, maybe, 4 letters

Future queen?, 4 letters

Game piece, 4 letters

Get fast cash for, 4 letters

Give as security, in a way, 4 letters

He stands before the queen?, 4 letters

Hock, 4 letters

Hostage, 4 letters

Impignorate, 4 letters

It can only go forward, 4 letters

It may be promoted, 4 letters

Kasparov's front man, 4 letters

Kind of shop, 4 letters

King protector, sometimes, 4 letters

King's frontman, 4 letters

King's soldier, 4 letters

King's soldier, maybe, 4 letters

Knight's neighbor, 4 letters

Knight's prey, perhaps, 4 letters

Leading man?, 4 letters

Least powerful member of the board?, 4 letters

Least valuable chess piece, 4 letters

Lowly chess piece, 4 letters

Man in the second rank, 4 letters

Man who can become a queen, 4 letters

Man who might become a queen, 4 letters

Man who would be queen?, 4 letters

Manipulated one, 4 letters

Manipulated person, 4 letters

Member of a black or white octet, 4 letters

Mere tool, 4 letters

Minor chess piece, 4 letters

One ahead of a bishop, 4 letters

One in line to be a queen?, 4 letters

One manipulated, 4 letters

One may be placed before a king, 4 letters

One may stand in front of a queen, 4 letters

One might be promoted, 4 letters

One moves before the king, 4 letters

One of 16 chess pieces, 4 letters

One of 16 in chess, 4 letters

One of a game's 16, 4 letters

One on the front line, 4 letters

One on the way to a promotion?, 4 letters

One standing ahead of a bishop, 4 letters

One standing in front of a king, 4 letters

One used, 4 letters

One with a round head, 4 letters

Patsy, 4 letters

Piece captured en passant, 4 letters

Piece in front of a king or queen, 4 letters

Pledge, 4 letters

Potential queen, 4 letters

Potential queen, in a game, 4 letters

Promotable piece, 4 letters

Puppet, 4 letters

Put in hock, 4 letters

Queen-to-be, maybe, 4 letters

Recipient of a promotion, 4 letters

Rook protector, 4 letters

Second-rank chess piece, 4 letters

Sell, at least for a while, 4 letters

Small chess piece, 4 letters

Small piece, 4 letters

Stooge, 4 letters

Target of promotion, 4 letters

The P in KNP, 4 letters

Tool, 4 letters

Unwitting accomplice, 4 letters

Unwitting participant, 4 letters

Unwitting tool, 4 letters

Used one, 4 letters

Weakest chess piece, 4 letters

A person used by another to gain an end, 4 letters

Borrowing and leaving an article as security for repayment of the loan, 4 letters

Can be promoted if it reaches the 8th rank, 4 letters

The least powerful chessman, 4 letters

An article deposited as security, 4 letters

Moves only forward and captures only to the side, 4 letters

Having collateral value, 8 letters

Act of hocking, 7 letters

Financier of last resort, 10 letters

He sells chess pieces?, 10 letters

Hockshop proprietor, 10 letters

Lender for a blender, 10 letters

Moonlighting chess player?, 10 letters

Occupation with an unsavory reputation, 10 letters

One making loans, 10 letters

Rod Steiger film with The, 10 letters

Seller of chess pieces?, 10 letters

Seller of small chess pieces?, 10 letters

A person who lends money at interest in exchange for personal property that is deposited as security, 10 letters

Cash source in tight situations, 11 letters

Ones with St. Nick's patronage, 11 letters

Sources of ready cash, 11 letters

Borrowed against, 6 letters

Completely destroyed, in gamer slang, 6 letters

Got cash for, in a way, 6 letters

Hocked, 6 letters

Impignorated, 6 letters

In hock, 6 letters

Left for cash, 6 letters

Left with a broker?, 6 letters

Pledged, 6 letters

Put in hock, 6 letters

Sold at half-price hopefully to be bought back at full price, 6 letters

'Dances With Wolves' tribe, 6 letters

Dances with Wolves enemy, 6 letters

Dances With Wolves foe, 6 letters

Caddoan Indian, 6 letters

Dweller along the Platte, 6 letters

Enemy of the Sioux, 6 letters

Foe of the Cheyenne, 6 letters

Foe of the Sioux, 6 letters

Indian in a tepee, 6 letters

Indian lender?, 6 letters

Indiana town where Parks and Recreation takes place, 6 letters

Member of an Oklahoma tribe, 6 letters

Native American of Platte River valley, 6 letters

Native Oklahoman, 6 letters

Nebraska Indian, 6 letters

Nebraska native, 6 letters

Oklahoma Indian, 6 letters

Oklahoma native, 6 letters

Oklahoma tribe, 6 letters

Plains Indian, 6 letters

Plains tribe, 6 letters

Plains tribesman, 6 letters

Platte River Indian, 6 letters

Platte River valley native, 6 letters

Setting for Parks and Recreation, 6 letters

Sioux enemy, 6 letters

Sioux foe, 6 letters

A member of the Pawnee nation formerly living in Nebraska and Kansas but now largely in Oklahoma, 6 letters

The Caddoan language spoken by the Pawnee people, 6 letters

Tribal dupe?, 10 letters


Caddoan tribe, 7 letters

Midwest Indians, 7 letters

Nebraska Indians, 7 letters

Nebraska natives, 7 letters

Onetime Sioux enemies, 7 letters

Plains tribe, 7 letters

Plains tribesmen, 7 letters

Platte River valley people, 7 letters

Hockshop patron, 6 letters

One with belongings in hock, 6 letters

Blue-eyed dog star?, 9 letters

Star of The Collar of Money?, 9 letters

Be greedy, in chess, 8 letters

Make an en passant move?, 10 letters

It will get you a ticket, 7 letters

Putting in hock, 7 letters

Trading for cash, 7 letters

Get rid of by deception, 7 letters

Shortest chessmen, 10 letters

Board members of a sort, 5 letters

Chess openers, 5 letters

Chess pieces, 5 letters

Chess player's octet, 5 letters

Chess row, 5 letters

Chessboard line, 5 letters

Chessboard pieces, 5 letters

Deposits as security for money, 5 letters

Dupes, 5 letters

Front line in a game, 5 letters

Future queens, maybe, 5 letters

Future queens, perhaps, 5 letters

Future queens?, 5 letters

Grandmaster's octet, 5 letters

Half a chess set, 5 letters

Half the chessmen, 5 letters

Hocks, 5 letters

Hocks part of a chess set (5), 5 letters

King protectors, 5 letters

King's soldiers, 5 letters

Knight protectors, 5 letters

Leaves in hock, 5 letters

Little men, 5 letters

Little men in the front row, 5 letters

Low-value chess pieces, 5 letters

Lowest value chess pieces, 5 letters

Lowly chess pieces, 5 letters

Lowly pieces, 5 letters

Members of a chess line, 5 letters

Men on the front line?, 5 letters

Minor chess men, 5 letters

Minor chesspieces, 5 letters

One row on a chessboard, 5 letters

Patsies, 5 letters

Powerless people, 5 letters

Puppets, 5 letters

Puts in hock, 5 letters

Sells back, 5 letters

Sixteen on a board, 5 letters

Some chessmen, 5 letters

They can be taken en passant, 5 letters

They may become queens, 5 letters

They're often sacrificed in gambits, 5 letters

Tools, 5 letters

Unwitting tools, 5 letters

Cash America establishment, 8 letters

Chess piece's move?, 8 letters

Hocking site, 8 letters

Jewelry exchange, for some, 8 letters

Loan service of a sort, 8 letters

Place for the unredeemed, 8 letters

Setting for a 1964 Rod Steiger classic, 8 letters

Where items are in hock, 8 letters

A shop where loans are made with personal property as security, 8 letters

Fence posts?, 9 letters

Loan arrangers, 9 letters

Loan sources, 9 letters

Loan sources, of a sort, 9 letters

Symbolized by three balls, 9 letters

Hock dock, 10 letters

Hock shop receipt, 10 letters

Sign of financial woe?, 10 letters

Black's first move (!), 11 letters

White's first move (?), 12 letters

White's second move (??), 11 letters

Appalachian fruit, 6 letters

Indigenous American fruit, 6 letters

Papaya, 6 letters

Papaya tree, 6 letters

Shrub with a tasty fruit, 6 letters

Tree with purple flowers, 6 letters

Tree with purple flowers and large edible berries, 6 letters

Tropical fruit, 6 letters

Related to custard apples, 6 letters

Fruit with yellow flesh, 6 letters

Small tree native to the eastern United States having oblong leaves and fleshy fruit, 6 letters

Tropical American shrub or small tree having huge deeply palmately cleft leaves and large oblong yellow fruit, 6 letters

Sweet little Mary's location, in a children's song, 11 letters

Sweet little Mary's location, in a kids' song, 11 letters

One who hocks a tropical fruit?, 12 letters

1978 Linda Ronstadt song for tree fanciers?, 15 letters

Some fruit still lifes?, 12 letters

Contents of some patches, 7 letters

Fruits in patches?, 7 letters

Melonlike tropical fruits (Var.), 7 letters

Small trees, 7 letters

Blue's Clues clue, 8 letters

Canine caper clue?, 8 letters

Some tracks, 9 letters

Manhandle Nixon?, 10 letters

Animal feet, 4 letters

Bear feet, 4 letters

Bear hands, 4 letters

Body parts with claws, 4 letters

Boxer's feel, 4 letters

Bunny's feet, 4 letters

Burmese extremities, 4 letters

Canine quartet, 4 letters

Cat feet, 4 letters

Cat's dogs, 4 letters

Cat's catchers, 4 letters

Cat's four, 4 letters

Cats' dogs, 4 letters

Clawed feet, 4 letters

Clumsy hands, 4 letters

Cubs' mitts?, 4 letters

Dog's dogs, 4 letters

Dogs have four, 4 letters

Dogs on dogs, 4 letters

Dogs' dogs, 4 letters

Elvis Costello Pads, ___ and Claws, 4 letters

Feet in a pound, 4 letters

Feet with fur, 4 letters

Feline feet, 4 letters

Feline foursome, 4 letters

Feline quartet, 4 letters

Ferret's feet, 4 letters

Fido's feet, 4 letters

Fox feet, 4 letters

Furry feet, 4 letters

Galoot's hands, 4 letters

Grasping organs, 4 letters

Handles clumsily, 4 letters

Handles crudely, 4 letters

Handles roughly, 4 letters

Hands on a Little Monster, 4 letters

Huge hands, 4 letters

Isn't gentle with, 4 letters

Kit's mitts, 4 letters

Kitten's mitts, 4 letters

Lion's feet, 4 letters

Lion's hands, 4 letters

Manhandles, 4 letters

Mauls, 4 letters

Mitts, 4 letters

Mitts on mutts, 4 letters

Padded things, 4 letters

Places for retractable claws, 4 letters

Poodle's feet, 4 letters

Printmakers?, 4 letters

Puppy dogs?, 4 letters

Puppy feet, 4 letters

Rabbit's feet, 4 letters

Rover's hands, 4 letters

Rover's feet, 4 letters

Shar-Pei shakers, 4 letters

Siamese feet, 4 letters

Simba's feet, 4 letters

Some are south, 4 letters

Source of some prints, 4 letters

Swap back?, 4 letters

Swap reversal?, 4 letters

Tabby's tootsies, 4 letters

Term often used for linemen's hands, 4 letters

They have soles, 4 letters

They leave prints, 4 letters

They make tracks, 4 letters

Tiger's feet, 4 letters

Unwelcome hands, 4 letters

Uses a heavy hand, 4 letters

Yeller's feet, 4 letters

Clumsily tries to grab, 6 letters

Handles badly?, 6 letters

Handles clumsily, 6 letters

Handles roughly, 6 letters

Holds in a bumbling way, 6 letters

Isn't delicate with, 6 letters

Plays with something, as a kitten might, 6 letters

City near Providence, R.I., 9 letters

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