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8th c. Chinese poet, 4 letters

Alternative to dieting, briefly, 4 letters

Alternative to dieting, informally, 4 letters

Ancient Chinese poet, 4 letters

Certain cosmetic surgery, for short, 4 letters

Certain elective surgery, for short, 4 letters

Certain surgery, for short, 4 letters

Chinese poet, 4 letters

Chinese poet of the eighth century, 4 letters

Contemporary of Tu Fu, 4 letters

Cosmetic surgery, briefly, 4 letters

Cosmetic surgery, for short, 4 letters

Dieter's alternative, 4 letters

Eighth-cent. Chinese poet, 4 letters

Eighth-century Chinese poet, 4 letters

Fat head?, 4 letters

Fat job?, 4 letters

Fat removal, briefly, 4 letters

Fat removal, for short, 4 letters

Fat-fighting procedure, briefly, 4 letters

Fat-reducing procedure, briefly, 4 letters

Fat-removal procedure, for short, 4 letters

Fat-removal surgery, for short, 4 letters

Great Chinese poet, 4 letters

Great eighth-century Chinese poet, 4 letters

Introduction to suction, 4 letters

It may precede a tummy tuck, 4 letters

Losing strategy, for short, 4 letters

MD's fat-reducing procedure, 4 letters

Middle management?, 4 letters

Plastic surgeon's job, for short, 4 letters

Plastic surgeon's offering, for short, 4 letters

Poet of the T'ang dynasty, 4 letters

Prefix for suction, 4 letters

Prefix with suction, 4 letters

Procedure done with a tummy tuck, 4 letters

Procedure that sucks, 4 letters

Quick weight loss method, for short, 4 letters

Quick weight loss option, informally, 4 letters

Slimming choice, briefly, 4 letters

Slimming option, briefly, 4 letters

Slimming option, for short, 4 letters

Slimming procedure, briefly, 4 letters

Slimming surgery, 4 letters

Slimming surgery, informally, 4 letters

Slimming surgery, slangily, 4 letters

Sort of suction, 4 letters

Suction introduction, 4 letters

Suction opening, 4 letters

Suction prefix, 4 letters

Suction start, 4 letters

Surgery that sucks, briefly, 4 letters

T'ang Dynasty bard, 4 letters

T'ang Dynasty poet, 4 letters

Type of suction?, 4 letters

Way to slim down, for short, 4 letters

Weight loss shortcut, for short, 4 letters

Weight-loss op, 4 letters

Wine-loving Chinese poet, 4 letters

Be insolent, 6 letters

Sass from a preacher?, 10 letters

Fatlike, 6 letters

Oil dip is like fat, 6 letters

Resembling fat, 6 letters

Any oily organic compound insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents, 6 letters

Essential structural component of living cells (along with proteins and carbohydrates), 6 letters

Blistex, for example, is fired up about principal spokespeople (3,8), 11 letters

Fatty tumor, 6 letters

A tumor consisting of fatty tissue, 6 letters

Procedures involving suction, familiarly, 5 letters

Tummy jobs, 5 letters

Alternative to dieting, 11 letters

Low-fat recipe?, 11 letters

Possible remedy for 17A, 9D and 32D, 11 letters

Take-out for the corpulent?, 11 letters

Curl around the edge of the hole without going in, in golf, 6 letters

Putter's near-miss, 6 letters

Roll across the edge of the hole, in golf, 6 letters

Hereditary disease (autosomal recessive) consisting of an error is mucopolysaccharide metabolism, 20 letters

Characterized by severe abnormalities in development of skeletal cartilage and bone and mental retardation, 20 letters

Presence of excess lipids in the blood, 11 letters

Presence of excess lipids in the blood, 10 letters

Pathology in which fat accumulates in lipomas in the body, 11 letters

The principal means for transporting lipids in the blood, 11 letters

A conjugated protein having a lipid component, 11 letters

Sarcoma of fat cells, 11 letters

A genus of Psocidae, 10 letters

Moles, 10 letters

Hedgehogs, 10 letters

True shrews, 10 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..