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The Twins retired his number in 1975, 9 letters

Hall-of-famer's beverage plant?, 12 letters

Who ___ Cock Robin?: nursery rhyme, 6 letters

Bumped off, 6 letters

Didn't print, as a news story, 6 letters

Dispatched, 6 letters

Edited out, 6 letters

Got lots of laughs at the open mic, 6 letters

Passed, as time, 6 letters

Refused to print, as a news story, 6 letters

Slew, 6 letters

Voted down, 6 letters

Was very successful, as a comedian, 6 letters

Whiled away, as time, 6 letters

Wiped out, 6 letters

Quote, part 2, 13 letters

Final part of the quote, 16 letters

Like some characters on The Sopranos, 9 letters

City north of Austin, 7 letters

Titans LB Terry, 7 letters

___ whale, 6 letters

Assassin, 6 letters

Bear of a test, 6 letters

Difficult challenge, in slang, 6 letters

Jerry Lee Lewis's nickname with The, 6 letters

Murderer, 6 letters

Strikingly impressive, 6 letters

Very demanding, 6 letters

Word with giant or pain, 6 letters

Wrestling legend Kowalski, 6 letters

Someone who causes the death of a person or animal, 6 letters

The causal agent resulting in death, 6 letters

A difficulty that is hard to deal with, 6 letters

Predatory black-and-white toothed whale with large dorsal fin, 6 letters

Common in cold seas, 6 letters

Really good brew?, 9 letters

Program that tops the rest, 9 letters

Super-successful program, in high-tech slang, 9 letters

Lethal stingers, 9 letters

Mad cap?, 12 letters

*Aggressive African swarmer, 9 letters

SNL character John Belushi hated playing, 9 letters

Early Belushi SNL role, 9 letters

Member of a sting operation?, 9 letters

Today, it's ___ (a '74 film), 10 letters

Scary stingers, 10 letters

Tough spelling contests?, 10 letters

The best root veggie?, 10 letters

Carmen, to its fans?, 11 letters

Movie-monster decapods?, 11 letters

Hemingway's The ___, 7 letters

Stamp cancellations, 7 letters

Tough tests, 7 letters

Return of the ___ (1988), 14 letters

Attackers in a 1980 cult film, 14 letters

Seedy attackers in a 1978 spoof, 14 letters

Murderous cry?, 10 letters

Largest dolphin, 11 letters

Orca, 11 letters

SeaWorld attraction, 11 letters

Shamu, for one, 11 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..