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Arabic letter, 3 letters

Nepal native, 3 letters

Aram ___, 12 letters

Marry a zodiacal bull, composer style?, 12 letters

Soviet composer (born in Georgia) whose works are romantic and reflect his interest in folk music (1903-1978), 12 letters

Army uniform material, 5 letters

Army-uniform color, 5 letters

Base color?, 5 letters

Brown shade, 5 letters

Chinos shade, 5 letters

Color whose name comes from the Persian word for dust, 5 letters

Common color of cargo pants, 5 letters

Common military color, 5 letters

Denim alternative, 5 letters

Desert uniform color, 5 letters

Dull yellowish brown, 5 letters

Fighter's fabric, 5 letters

Gap color, 5 letters

Golfer's pants color, sometimes, 5 letters

Light olive brown, 5 letters

Light yellow-brown, 5 letters

Material for a military uniform, 5 letters

Material name derived from a Persian word for dust, 5 letters

Military hue, 5 letters

Military material, 5 letters

Military shade, 5 letters

Military uniform color, 5 letters

Military wear, 5 letters

Olive brown, 5 letters

Olive drab, 5 letters

Pants fabric, 5 letters

Pants material, 5 letters

Park ranger's uniform color, 5 letters

Shade of brown, 5 letters

Slacks shade, 5 letters

Soldier material?, 5 letters

Sounds like it might get you mobile a shade (5), 5 letters

Sturdy material, 5 letters

Sturdy twilled fabric, 5 letters

Tan, 5 letters

Trouser material, 5 letters

Type of casual pants, 5 letters

Uniform choice, 5 letters

Uniform cloth, 5 letters

Uniform color, 5 letters

Uniform coloring, 5 letters

Uniform fabric, 5 letters

Uniform hue, 5 letters

Uniform material, 5 letters

Uniform material, sometimes, 5 letters

Uniform shade, 5 letters

Yellowish brown, 5 letters

A sturdy twilled cloth of a yellowish brown color used especially for military uniforms, 5 letters

Safari-inspired weekend wear, 10 letters

Military wear, 10 letters

Part of many a uniform, 10 letters

Base wear?, 6 letters

Business casual choice, 6 letters

Casual dress, 6 letters

Casual slacks, 6 letters

GI's wear, 6 letters

Jeans alternatives, 6 letters

Military pants, 6 letters

Military uniform, 6 letters

Military wear, 6 letters

Soldier's clothes, 6 letters

Soldier's outfit, perhaps, 6 letters

Some Dockers wares, 6 letters

Some pants, 6 letters

Some slacks, 6 letters

Sort of pants, 6 letters

Tan slacks, 6 letters

Leader of a Muslim state, 6 letters

A successor of Muhammad, 6 letters

The civil and religious leader of a Muslim state, 6 letters

Sultry spring winds in Egypt, 9 letters

'Star Trek II: The Wrath of ___', 4 letters

'Star Trek II' villain, 4 letters

I Feel for You singer, 4 letters

Once You Get Started singer Chaka, 1975, 4 letters

Star Trek villain, 4 letters

Star Trek villain who gained power during the Eugenics Wars, 4 letters

Afghan title, 4 letters

Aga ___, 4 letters

Aga ___ III, 4 letters

Aly or Kubla, 4 letters

Ancient Tatar chief, 4 letters

Ancient Tatar ruler, 4 letters

Asian conqueror, 4 letters

Asian respectful title, 4 letters

Asian title of respect, 4 letters

Big name in ancient Mongolia, 4 letters

Big name in Mongolian history, 4 letters

Captain Kirk adversary, 4 letters

Caravan inn, 4 letters

Chaka from Rufus, 4 letters

Chaka once in Rufus, 4 letters

Chaka who did I Feel For You, 4 letters

Coleridge's 'Kubla ___', 4 letters

Computer button, 4 letters

Descendant of Genghis, 4 letters

Former president of Pakistan, 4 letters

Funky Chaka, 4 letters

Genghis ___, 4 letters

Genghis or Chaka, 4 letters

Genghis or Kubla, 4 letters

Genghis pro and ___, 4 letters

Genghis title, 4 letters

Genghis, for one, 4 letters

Hayworth's royal hubby, 4 letters

Iconic cry for Captain Kirk, 4 letters

Jupiter's wife is heard giving you a capital city, 4 letters

Khigh Dheigh TV series, 4 letters

Kipling's Shere ___, 4 letters

Kirk adversary, 4 letters

Kirk's foe in a Star Trek sequel, 4 letters

Kubla or Genghis, 4 letters

Kublai ___, 4 letters

Kublai, for one, 4 letters

Main Mongol, 4 letters

Marco Polo associate, 4 letters

Mongol biggie, 4 letters

Mongol chieftain, 4 letters

Mongol conqueror, 4 letters

Mongol Empire founder Genghis, 4 letters

Mongol Kublai, 4 letters

Mongol ruler, 4 letters

Mongol sovereign, 4 letters

Mongol title, 4 letters

Mongolian ruler, 4 letters

Mongolian word for ruler, 4 letters

Montalban's Star Trek role, 4 letters

Mowgli's nemesis, Shere ___, 4 letters

Old Asian ruler, 4 letters

Ricardo Montalban's Star Trek role, 4 letters

Singer Chaka, 4 letters

Soulful Chaka, 4 letters

Star Trek 2 antagonist, 4 letters

Tatar chief, 4 letters

Tatar leader, 4 letters

Tatar ruler, 4 letters

Title for Genghis, 4 letters

Top Tatar, 4 letters

Tribal chief, 4 letters

Turkish for ruler, 4 letters

Villain in Star Trek II, 4 letters

Villain in the 'Star Trek' episode 'Space Seed', 4 letters

Villain played by Ricardo Montalb, 4 letters

Villainous role for Montalb, 4 letters

Wrathful Star Trek villain, 4 letters

Wrathful foe of Captain Kirk, 4 letters

Wrathful Kirk foe, 4 letters

Wrathful one in a Star Trek sequel, 4 letters

Xanadu name, 4 letters

An inn in some Eastern countries with a large courtyard that provides accommodation for caravans, 4 letters

Mongol swindler?, 10 letters

Realm ruled by a Mongol, 7 letters

Mongol ruler's wisecracks?, 8 letters

Leader's unforeseen problem?, 11 letters

Asian titles, 5 letters

Genghis et al., 5 letters

Kublai and Genghis, 5 letters

Kublai, Genghis and Aly, 5 letters

Mongol muck-a-mucks, 5 letters

Mongol rulers, 5 letters

Old Tatar rulers, 5 letters

Old tribal chiefs, 5 letters

Tatar leaders, 5 letters

Tatar rulers, 5 letters

Top Tatars, 5 letters

Turkic tribal leaders, 5 letters

Travels for singer Chaka?, 9 letters

Ukraine's second-largest city, 7 letters

A city in northeastern Ukraine, 7 letters

Former capital of the Ukraine, 7 letters

*Final resting place for old autos?, 8 letters

Capital on the Nile, 8 letters

Garage in a mausoleum?, 8 letters

Sudan's capital, 8 letters

The capital of Sudan located at the confluence of the Blue Nile and White Nile, 8 letters

Sudanese junkyard?, 15 letters

Sudanese cable channel for kids?, 15 letters

Building material from Sudan?, 13 letters

Language spoken in Assam, India, 5 letters

Euphoric leaf, 4 letters

Head of Iran beginning 1997, 7 letters

Iranian president Mohammed ___, 7 letters

Epithet meaning tentmaker, 7 letters

Persian poet, 7 letters

Persian poet Omar ___, 7 letters

Poet Omar, 7 letters

Rubaiyat name, 7 letters

The Mongol people living the the central and eastern parts of Outer Mongolia, 6 letters

The language of the Khalkha people that is the official language of the Mongolian People's Republic, 6 letters

The Mongol people living the the central and eastern parts of Outer Mongolia, 7 letters

The language of the Khalkha people that is the official language of the Mongolian People's Republic, 7 letters

Botswanan statesman who was the first president of Botswana (1921-1980), 5 letters

A branch of the Tai languages, 6 letters

A member of the nomadic Ugrian people living in northwestern Siberia (east of the Ural mountains), 6 letters

A Ugric language (related to Hungarian) spoken by the Ostyak people, 6 letters

A city in northeastern Ukraine, 7 letters

Former capital of the Ukraine, 7 letters

African mahogany trees, 5 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..