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___-mat (dangerous cargo), 3 letters

___-mat (type of suit for some FEMA employees), 3 letters

Cantor of a synagogue, 5 letters

The official of a synagogue who conducts the liturgical part of the service and sings or chants the prayers intended to be performed as solos, 5 letters

Avalanche, to a mountaineer, 6 letters

Black ice, e.g., 6 letters

Black ice, for one, 6 letters

Danger, 6 letters

Golf course obstacle, 6 letters

Golf course obstacle, e.g., 6 letters

Golf obstacle, 6 letters

Golfer's concern, 6 letters

Imperilment, 6 letters

Jeopardy, 6 letters

Links challenge, 6 letters

Pebble Beach sand?, 6 letters

Peril, 6 letters

Pothole, for one, 6 letters

Risk, 6 letters

Sand or water, usually, to a golfer, 6 letters

Sand trap, e g, 6 letters

Sand trap, for one, 6 letters

Source of danger, 6 letters

Thin ice, e.g., 6 letters

Unavoidable danger, 6 letters

An unknown and unpredictable phenomenon that causes an event to result one way rather than another, 6 letters

An obstacle on a golf course, 6 letters

A source of danger, 6 letters

Make a fuel-ish estimate?, 10 letters

Dare to speak one's mind, 15 letters

Pipe up, 15 letters

Long shots from sand traps?, 12 letters

Gambling, 9 letters

Household coverage, 15 letters

Like a live wire?, 9 letters

Environmental concern, 14 letters

Bomb squad's compensation, say, 9 letters

Front money?, 9 letters

Incentive for dangerous work, 9 letters

Bunkers and streams, to golfers, 7 letters

Bunkers, sand traps, etc., 7 letters

Dangers, 7 letters

Duffers often hit into them, 7 letters

Golfers' obstacles, 7 letters

Obstacles on the course, 7 letters

Sand traps, 7 letters

Sand traps, in golf, 7 letters

Purple ___, 4 letters

Purple ___ (Hendrix classic), 4 letters

Purple ___ (Hendrix song), 4 letters

Purple ___ (Hendrix tune), 4 letters

Purple ___ (Hendrix), 4 letters

Purple ___ (Jimi Hendrix song), 4 letters

Purple ___ (rock classic), 4 letters

Purple ___ (song played at Woodstock), 4 letters

1967 Jimi Hendrix hit Purple ___, 4 letters

Atmospheric aggregation, 4 letters

Atmospheric blurring, 4 letters

Atmospheric condition, 4 letters

Atmospheric mist, 4 letters

Atmospheric obfuscation, 4 letters

Atmospheric phenomenon, 4 letters

Blur, 4 letters

Blurring phenomenon, 4 letters

Cause of low visibility, 4 letters

Cloudiness, 4 letters

Cloudy condition, 4 letters

Confused state, 4 letters

Confused state of mind, 4 letters

Confused thoughts, 4 letters

Confusing situation, 4 letters

Confusion, 4 letters

Cousin of mist, 4 letters

Demean, as pledges, 4 letters

Dolores ___ (Lolita), 4 letters

Dullness in a finish, 4 letters

Fine mist, 4 letters

Fog, 4 letters

Fog or smog, 4 letters

Fog relative, 4 letters

Give a paddling, maybe, 4 letters

Harass a pledge, 4 letters

Harass a prospective frat member, 4 letters

Harass freshmen, 4 letters

Harass the pledges, 4 letters

Harass, in a way, 4 letters

Hazard to navigation, 4 letters

He played Krelboyne in The Little Shop of Horrors (1960), 4 letters

Hendrix hit Purple ___, 4 letters

Hendrix' was Purple, 4 letters

Hendrix's Purple ___, 4 letters

Horizon hider, 4 letters

Humiliate, as freshmen, 4 letters

Initiate cruelly, 4 letters

Initiate without dignity, 4 letters

Initiate, in a way, 4 letters

Initiate, maybe, 4 letters

It follows Purple in a song title, 4 letters

It gives the air an opalescent appearance, 4 letters

It's on the meadow in Oklahoma!, 4 letters

Jimi Hendrix hit Purple ___, 4 letters

Jimi Hendrix's 'Purple ___', 4 letters

Lack of clarity, 4 letters

Light smog, 4 letters

Lolita's last name, 4 letters

Lolita's surname, 4 letters

Mental confusion, 4 letters

Mental fog, 4 letters

Mental vagueness, 4 letters

Miasma, 4 letters

Mist, 4 letters

Misty condition, 4 letters

Nabokov surname, 4 letters

Obscuring cloud, 4 letters

Obscurity, 4 letters

Ozone alert prompter, 4 letters

Paddle, perhaps, 4 letters

Part of a summer forecast, 4 letters

Part of many a summer forecast, 4 letters

Pea soup, 4 letters

Persecute pledges, 4 letters

Put through demeaning rituals, 4 letters

Put through hell week, 4 letters

Put through pledging torture, 4 letters

Run pledges through the gantlet, say, 4 letters

Sea mist, 4 letters

Shade of blue or gray, 4 letters

Sight blocker, 4 letters

Skyline obscurer, 4 letters

Skyline-blurring phenomenon, 4 letters

Smog consequence, 4 letters

Smog or fog, 4 letters

Smog sibling, 4 letters

Smog, e.g., 4 letters

Smoke-filled room phenomenon, 4 letters

Smoky mist, 4 letters

Smoky state, 4 letters

Soft-focus effect, 4 letters

Some confusion, 4 letters

State of confusion, 4 letters

State of mental confusion, 4 letters

Stoner's milieu, 4 letters

Summer forecast, maybe, 4 letters

Sun block, 4 letters

Sunset enhancer, 4 letters

Taunt, as fraternity pledges, 4 letters

Thin fog, 4 letters

Torment a pledge, 4 letters

Torture, as a pledge, 4 letters

Treat a pledge poorly, 4 letters

Vague state of mind, 4 letters

Vagueness, 4 letters

Visibility hamperer, 4 letters

Visibility hindrance, 4 letters

Visibility impairer, 4 letters

Visibility killer, 4 letters

Visibility obstacle, 4 letters

Visibility problem, 4 letters

Visibility reducer, 4 letters

Visibility-reducing moisture, 4 letters

Vision obscurer, 4 letters

Weather phenomenon, 4 letters

Word in a Hendrix song title, 4 letters

Atmospheric moisture or dust or smoke that causes reduced visibility, 4 letters

Confusion characterized by lack of clarity, 4 letters

Make the wiseass pledge look foolish?, 10 letters

Abused a pledge, 5 letters

Forced through a fraternity gauntlet, 5 letters

Forced to drink, perhaps, 5 letters

Forced to pay for admission?, 5 letters

Given a rough initiation, 5 letters

Harassed a freshman, 5 letters

Harassed the pledges, 5 letters

Harassed, as in a fraternity, 5 letters

Humiliated on campus, in a way, 5 letters

Initiated fraternity pledges, 5 letters

Initiated unpleasantly, 5 letters

Initiated, frat-style, 5 letters

Initiated, in a way, 5 letters

Made misty, 5 letters

Obscured, 5 letters

Oppressed, in a way, 5 letters

Pestered pledges, 5 letters

Put through pledging hell, 5 letters

Put through the mill, 5 letters

Terrorized pledges, in a way, 5 letters

'60s Shirley Booth role, 5 letters

'60s Shirley Booth sitcom, 5 letters

Bossy maid who went from comic strip to television screen, 5 letters

Brown eye color, 5 letters

Brownish, 5 letters

Brownish eye color, 5 letters

Brownish-green eye color, 5 letters

Cartoon maid, 5 letters

Clarkson's Behind These ___ Eyes, 5 letters

Color of some irises, 5 letters

Comics maid, 5 letters

Common eye color, 5 letters

Eye color, 5 letters

Eye hue, 5 letters

Eye shade, 5 letters

Filbert, 5 letters

Former Energy Secretary O'Leary, 5 letters

Funkadelic guitarist Eddie ___, 5 letters

Golden brown, 5 letters

Greenish-brown eye shade, 5 letters

Greenish-gray eye color, 5 letters

Greenish-grayish brown, 5 letters

Housekeeper of 60's TV, 5 letters

Kind of nut, 5 letters

Kind of nut or hen, 5 letters

Light brown, 5 letters

Light brown color, 5 letters

Light golden brown, 5 letters

Maid of Mr. B on '60s TV, 5 letters

Maid on the comics page, 5 letters

Maid-for-TV?, 5 letters

Noisette, 5 letters

Not brown or blue, perhaps, 5 letters

Nut, 5 letters

Nut color, 5 letters

Nut source, 5 letters

Nut tree, 5 letters

Old sitcom maid, 5 letters

Old TV series based on a cartoon, 5 letters

Relative of birch, 5 letters

Shirley Booth portrayal, 5 letters

Shirley Booth role, 5 letters

Shrub with edible nuts, 5 letters

Some kind of a nut, 5 letters

Ted Key's cartoon, 5 letters

Ted Key's comic strip, 5 letters

Ted Key's sassy maid, 5 letters

The Baxters' employee, in the comics, 5 letters

The Baxters' housekeeper, 5 letters

TV maid, 5 letters

Uncommon eye color, 5 letters

Witch ___, 5 letters

Yellowish brown, 5 letters

Australian tree grown especially for ornament and its fine-grained wood and bearing edible nuts, 5 letters

Any of several shrubs or small trees of the genus Corylus bearing edible nuts enclosed in a leafy husk, 5 letters

Cosmetics name, 11 letters

Contact lens color choice, 10 letters

Greenish-brown rocker?, 11 letters

Coffee flavoring, 8 letters

Filbert, 8 letters

Frangelico's flavor, 8 letters

Kind of coffee, 8 letters

Party-mix morsel, 8 letters

Popular coffee flavoring, 8 letters

Starbucks flavor, 8 letters

Vanilla alternative, 8 letters

Nut of any of several trees of the genus Corylus, 8 letters

Any of several shrubs or small trees of the genus Corylus bearing edible nuts enclosed in a leafy husk, 8 letters

Basil picks fruit while..., 9 letters

Filberts, 9 letters

Australian shrubs, 6 letters

Eye shades, 6 letters

Filbert trees, 6 letters

Filberts, 6 letters

Nut-bearing birches, 6 letters

Shrubs with edible nuts, 6 letters

Trees bearing filberts, 6 letters

Trees of the birch family, 6 letters

TV show about a brown Stetson?, 11 letters

Theatrical mist maker, 11 letters

Animal House figure, 5 letters

Beleaguering brother, 5 letters

Cruel frat brother, 5 letters

Frat member, maybe, 5 letters

Hell Night heavy, 5 letters

Humiliating frat brother, 5 letters

Participant in a banned college activity, 5 letters

Rodeo assistant, 5 letters

Stereotypical fraternity member, 5 letters

Certain paddle-wielders, 6 letters

Frat brothers, often, 6 letters

Fraternity men, stereotypically, 6 letters

Hell week bullies, 6 letters

Abuses, as a fraternity pledge, 5 letters

Bad air conditions, 5 letters

Confused states, 5 letters

Dusty mists, 5 letters

Fog relatives, 5 letters

Fogs, 5 letters

Fuzzy environments, 5 letters

Harasses, 5 letters

Harasses newbies, 5 letters

Harasses recruits, 5 letters

Harasses, as a fraternity pledge, 5 letters

Harasses, as a prospective frat member, 5 letters

Humiliates, as pledges, 5 letters

Initiates cruelly, 5 letters

Initiates improperly, 5 letters

Initiates roughly, 5 letters

Initiates, in a cruel way, 5 letters

Mists, 5 letters

Obscures, 5 letters

Obscuring atmospheres, 5 letters

Organizes a hell week, say, 5 letters

Paddles, maybe, 5 letters

Persecutes pledges, 5 letters

Rags an initiate, 5 letters

Shore weather phenomena, 5 letters

Skyline obscurers, 5 letters

Smoky Mountains features, 5 letters

Steamy-summer-day phenomena, 5 letters

Subjects to abusive tricks, 5 letters

Vague states of mind, 5 letters

Visibility hamperers, 5 letters

Visibility hindrances, 5 letters

Visibility obstacles, 5 letters

Visibility problems, 5 letters

Visibility reducers, 5 letters

Less clear, 6 letters

Less distinct, 6 letters

More foggy, 6 letters

More misty, 6 letters

More overcast, 6 letters

More unclear, 6 letters

More vague, 6 letters

Not as clear, 6 letters

Least clear, 7 letters

Least clear, as a memory, 7 letters

Least clear, as a sky, 7 letters

Least definite, 7 letters

Least distinct, 7 letters

Most foggy, 7 letters

How childhood events may be recalled, 6 letters

In an indistinct way, 6 letters

In an unclear way, 6 letters

Controversial initiation practice, 6 letters

Fraternity initiation, 6 letters

Illegal trials?, 6 letters

Pledge's problem, 6 letters

Risky campus activity, 6 letters

Actions banned on many campuses, 7 letters

'The Characters of Shakespeare's Plays' author, 1817, 7 letters

The Spirit of the Age essayist, 7 letters

English essayist-critic: 1778-1830, 7 letters

English essayist and literary critic (1778-1830), 7 letters

Dangerous cargo, 6 letters

Dangerous cargo, for short, 6 letters

Dangerous cargo, in modern lingo, 6 letters

Dangerous stuff, to the DOT, 6 letters

Ecological disaster team, 6 letters

Frightful freight, for short, 6 letters

Suit portmanteau, 6 letters

Trucking specialty, 6 letters

Type of suit for a chemical spill, 6 letters

An abbreviation for `hazardous material' used on warning signs, 6 letters

Cover-up at Three Mile Island?, 10 letters

It's worn for your protection, 10 letters

___ Shade of Winter, 4 letters

Reply ___, try again (Magic 8 Ball message), 4 letters

Those Lazy ___ Crazy Days of Summer, 4 letters

Cloudy, 4 letters

Dim, 4 letters

Foggy, 4 letters

Fuzzy, 4 letters

Hard to discern, 4 letters

Hard to make out, 4 letters

Hard to recall, 4 letters

Hard to recollect, 4 letters

Hard to remember, 4 letters

Having a bit of smog, 4 letters

In a fog, 4 letters

Indistinct, 4 letters

Lacking clarity, 4 letters

Lacking distinctness, 4 letters

Less than clear, 4 letters

Like a day in Houston, often, 4 letters

Like a smoke-filled room, 4 letters

Like a typical day in L.A., 4 letters

Like an unfocused image, 4 letters

Like many a southern California forecast, 4 letters

Like much coastal weather, 4 letters

Like some recollections, 4 letters

Nebulous, 4 letters

Not at all clear, 4 letters

Not clear, 4 letters

Not too clear, 4 letters

Not well-defined, 4 letters

Obscure, 4 letters

One of a weatherman's three H's, 4 letters

One of the three H's in a summer weather forecast, 4 letters

Overcast, 4 letters

Partially obscured, 4 letters

Simon & Garfunkel's A ___ Shade of Winter, 4 letters

Steven F. Udvar-___, for whom the new Smithsonian aviation museum will be named, 4 letters

Summer weather forecast, 4 letters

Tinted by beer goggles, say, 4 letters

Uncertain, 4 letters

Unclear, 4 letters

Vague, 4 letters

Vague, as a recollection, 4 letters

Weather forecast word, 4 letters

Part of a summer weather forecast, 15 letters

Weather forecast, 15 letters

Weather prediction in Aug., 15 letters

Result of setting off a smoke bomb in a library?, 10 letters

The Dukes of ___, 7 letters

TV county resided in by Luke and Bo Duke, 7 letters

Full of flash, 5 letters

Small genus of shrubs and subshrubs of western United States having flowers that change color as they mature, 8 letters

The state of being dangerous, 13 letters

Reddish-brown wood and lumber from heartwood of the sweet gum tree used to make furniture, 9 letters

Cloudiness resulting from haze or mist, 8 letters

Vagueness attributable to being not clearly defined, 8 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..