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Charge way too much, 5 letters

Chisel, 5 letters

Chisel mark, 5 letters

Chisel relative, 5 letters

Dig out, 5 letters

Extort as money, 5 letters

Extort from, 5 letters

Goove-making tool, 5 letters

Moe Howard poke, 5 letters

Overcharge, 5 letters

Overcharge excessively, 5 letters

Overcharge in a big way, 5 letters

Overcharge, big time, 5 letters

Scoop out, 5 letters

Soak, 5 letters

Swindle, 5 letters

Take advantage of, 5 letters

Woodworking tool, 5 letters

An impression in a surface (as made by a blow), 5 letters

And edge tool with a blade like a trough for cutting channels or grooves, 5 letters

Dug out, 6 letters

Fleeced, 6 letters

Greatly overcharged, 6 letters

Overcharged, 6 letters

Overcharged but good, 6 letters

Overcharged illegally, 6 letters

Scooped out, 6 letters

Used a chisel, 6 letters

Removed using a chisel, 9 letters

Removed with a chisel, 9 letters

Hole-measuring tool?, 10 letters

Blackmailer, 6 letters

Extortionist, 6 letters

Swindler, 6 letters

A person who swindles you by means of deception or fraud, 6 letters

They overcharge, 7 letters

Cheats, 6 letters

Makes groovy?, 6 letters

Overcharges, 6 letters

Rips off, 6 letters

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