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-ites, 3 letters

Grey's Anatomy settings, briefly, 3 letters

Sure about that? sounds, 3 letters

Um cousins, 3 letters

24/7 care ctrs., 3 letters

49 and 76 ending, 3 letters

Accident-assessing areas, briefly, 3 letters

Acute treatment spots, 3 letters

Ambulance arrival sites, briefly, 3 letters

Ambulance destinations, briefly, 3 letters

Ambulance destinations, for short, 3 letters

Ambulance destinations: Abbr., 3 letters

Ambulance destinations: abbrev., 3 letters

Ambulance sites, briefly, 3 letters

Ambulance stops: abbr., 3 letters

Ambulances' destinations (abbr.), 3 letters

Audible pauses, 3 letters

Awkward conversation fillers, 3 letters

Beginnings of hedges?, 3 letters

Bitter vetch, 3 letters

Brief trauma sites, 3 letters

Busy hosp. areas, 3 letters

C.P.R. sites, 3 letters

Common suffixes., 3 letters

Comparative endings, 3 letters

Conversation fillers, 3 letters

Conversation pauses, 3 letters

Conversational hesitations, 3 letters

Conversational lulls, 3 letters

Cousins of ums, 3 letters

Crisis points?: Abbr., 3 letters

Critical hosp. areas, 3 letters

Critical-care ctrs., 3 letters

De facto primary care centers, often, in the U.S., 3 letters

Defib settings, 3 letters

Defib venues, 3 letters

Defibrillator locales: Abbr., 3 letters

Destinations for EMS ambulances, 3 letters

Destinations for EMTs, 3 letters

Drs.' workplaces, 3 letters

E.M.T. destinations, 3 letters

Elocution class no-nos, 3 letters

Elocutionary stumbles, 3 letters

EMTs go to these, 3 letters

EMTs head to them, 3 letters

Fence-sitter's sounds, 3 letters

Filler syllables, 3 letters

First responders' destinations, briefly, 3 letters

Forage plant, 3 letters

Grey's Anatomy settings, for short, 3 letters

Halting sounds, 3 letters

Hectic hosp. areas, 3 letters

Hectic hosp. sections, 3 letters

Hem and haw sounds, 3 letters

Hemming and hawing, 3 letters

Hemming sounds, 3 letters

Hems, 3 letters

Hems and haws, 3 letters

Hems' relatives, 3 letters

Hesitant sounds, 3 letters

Hesitant speaker's insertions, 3 letters

Hesitant syllables, 3 letters

Hesitater's syllables, 3 letters

Hesitation fillers, 3 letters

Hesitation sounds, 3 letters

Hesitation syllables, 3 letters

Hesitations, 3 letters

Hesitator's sounds, 3 letters

Hesitator's words, 3 letters

Hosp. area, 3 letters

Hosp. centers, 3 letters

Hosp. crisis center, 3 letters

Hosp. drama settings, 3 letters

Hosp. facilities, 3 letters

Hosp. features, 3 letters

Hosp. hot spots, 3 letters

Hosp. hubs, 3 letters

Hosp. locales, 3 letters

Hosp. locations, 3 letters

Hosp. parts, 3 letters

Hosp. parts... or what the answers to the six starred clues each have twice, 3 letters

Hosp. places, 3 letters

Hosp. receiving centers, 3 letters

Hosp. rooms, 3 letters

Hosp. sections, 3 letters

Hosp. sections that ambulances rush to, 3 letters

Hosp. sections where George Clooney might work, 3 letters

Hosp. sites, 3 letters

Hosp. sites for dire cases, 3 letters

Hosp. trauma areas, 3 letters

Hosp. trauma centers, 3 letters

Hosp. trauma units, 3 letters

Hosp. units, 3 letters

Hosp. zones, 3 letters

Hospital areas (Abbr.), 3 letters

Hospital areas, for short, 3 letters

Hospital crisis areas: Abbr., 3 letters

Hospital crisis ctrs., 3 letters

Hospital depts., 3 letters

Hospital rooms: Abbr., 3 letters

Hospital sections: abbr., 3 letters

Hospital trauma ctrs., 3 letters

Hospital units, 3 letters

Hospitals' treat now areas: Abbr., 3 letters

ICU referers, 3 letters

Inarticulate sounds, 3 letters

Indecisions, verbalized, 3 letters

Inspectors, 3 letters

Interjections, 3 letters

IV areas, 3 letters

IV sites, 3 letters

Kersenneh, 3 letters

Lecturer's lapses, 3 letters

Life-saving locales, for short, 3 letters

Lifesavers, maybe: Abbr., 3 letters

Lifesaving ctrs., 3 letters

Lifesaving workplaces, briefly, 3 letters

Locales for residents?: Abbr., 3 letters

Lousy but common substitutes for primary care docs, 3 letters

M.D.'s work in them, 3 letters

MD workplaces, 3 letters

MDs' milieus, 3 letters

Med. drama sets, 3 letters

Med. drama settings, 3 letters

Medevac destinations, 3 letters

Medevac destinations, briefly, 3 letters

Medical drama settings (abbr.), 3 letters

Medical drama settings, for short, 3 letters

Medics' destinations, for short, 3 letters

Misses the mark, 3 letters

Mumblings of uncertainty, 3 letters

Noun endings, 3 letters

Occupational suffixes, 3 letters

Often overcrowded hospital areas, for short, 3 letters

Often-frantic hosp. spots, 3 letters

Often-hectic hosp. areas, 3 letters

Operation locations, for short, 3 letters

Oral hesitations, 3 letters

Oral stumbles, 3 letters

Orator's stumbles, 3 letters

Organ repair sites, for short, 3 letters

Overcrowded areas in many Canadian hospitals (abbr.), 3 letters

Overcrowded U.S. hospital areas, 3 letters

Parts of trauma centers, briefly, 3 letters

Pause fillers, 3 letters

Pauses in speech, 3 letters

Places for EKGs, 3 letters

Places for EMTs and RNs, 3 letters

Places for RNs, 3 letters

Places to act quickly, for short, 3 letters

Places to find RNs, 3 letters

Places to hear cutting remarks, briefly?, 3 letters

Places to see M.D.'s in a hurry, 3 letters

Places to treat v-fib, 3 letters

Places with defibrillators, for short, 3 letters

Places with IVs, 3 letters

Places with lots of IVs, 3 letters

Podium pauses, 3 letters

Post-triage destinations, for short, 3 letters

Quick stumbles, 3 letters

R.N.'s stations, 3 letters

Relatives of ums, 3 letters

Residents practice in them (abbr.), 3 letters

RN's posts, 3 letters

San Francisco's 49___, 3 letters

Sets for med. dramas, 3 letters

Settings for med. dramas, 3 letters

Settings for some TV dramas, 3 letters

Settings for some TV dramas: Abbr., 3 letters

Signs of fluster, 3 letters

Signs of ineloquence, 3 letters

Sites of some arrests: Abbr., 3 letters

Sites of unplanned visits: Abbr., 3 letters

Some noun endings, 3 letters

Some speeding vehicles' destinations, briefly, 3 letters

Some stumbles, 3 letters

Some TNT airings, 3 letters

Some TV drama sets, 3 letters

Some TV drama settings, 3 letters

Some TV drama sites, for short, 3 letters

Some TV hospital sets, 3 letters

Sounds edited out of a taped broadcast, 3 letters

Sounds from a slow speaker, 3 letters

Sounds from the stumped, 3 letters

Sounds from the unsure, 3 letters

Sounds of ambivalence, 3 letters

Sounds of fluster, 3 letters

Sounds of hesitancy, 3 letters

Sounds of hesitation, 3 letters

Sounds of indecision, 3 letters

Sounds of stumbles, 3 letters

Sounds of uncertainty, 3 letters

Sounds omitted in transcription, 3 letters

Speaker's pauses, 3 letters

Speakers' hesitations, 3 letters

Speech bobbles, 3 letters

Speech fillers, 3 letters

Speech fumbles, 3 letters

Speech hesitations, 3 letters

Speech interruptions, 3 letters

Speech no-nos, 3 letters

Speech pauses, 3 letters

Speech stammers, 3 letters

Spoken placeholders, 3 letters

Spots for MDs, 3 letters

Spots for some Drs., 3 letters

Stalling sounds, 3 letters

Stalling-for-time sounds, 3 letters

Stalling-for-time syllables, 3 letters

Stammerer's syllables, 3 letters

Stammering sounds, 3 letters

Stammering syllables, 3 letters

Stammerings, 3 letters

Stretcher settings: Abbr., 3 letters

Stumblers' sounds, 3 letters

Stumbling points, 3 letters

Stumbling sounds, 3 letters

Stuttering syllables, 3 letters

Stuttering syllables from Noah Wyle?, 3 letters

Stutters, 3 letters

Syllables of hesitation, 3 letters

Syllables of uncertainty, 3 letters

Test administration locations: Abbr., 3 letters

They may come with ums, 3 letters

They may have special entrances in hosps., 3 letters

They may leave you in stitches: Abbr., 3 letters

They're near ORs, 3 letters

Thought-gatherer's sounds, 3 letters

Thoughtful sounds?, 3 letters

Trauma centers, briefly, 3 letters

Trauma centers, for short, 3 letters

Trauma centers: abbr., 3 letters

Trauma ctrs., 3 letters

Trauma sites, for short, 3 letters

Trauma treatment ctrs., 3 letters

Triage areas, briefly, 3 letters

Triage centers, briefly, 3 letters

Triage centers, for short, 3 letters

Triage ctrs., 3 letters

Triage locales: Abbr., 3 letters

Triage locations, for short, 3 letters

Triage locs., 3 letters

Triage sites, briefly, 3 letters

Triage sites, for short, 3 letters

TV drama milieux, 3 letters

TV drama settings, 3 letters

TV drama sites, 3 letters

TV drama sites, for short, 3 letters

Uh's cousins, 3 letters

Uhs' kin, 3 letters

Ums and ---, 3 letters

Uncertain sounds, 3 letters

Uncertain speakers' space fillers, 3 letters

Uncertain syllables, 3 letters

Uncertain utterances, 3 letters

Underconfident utterances, 3 letters

Unscripted utterances, 3 letters

Utterances from the uncertain, 3 letters

V-fib treatment sites, 3 letters

Verbal fill-ins, 3 letters

Verbal hesitations, 3 letters

Verbal stalls, 3 letters

Verbal stumbles, 3 letters

Verbal uncertainties, 3 letters

Vetch, 3 letters

Vile vetch, 3 letters

Vocal hesitations, 3 letters

Vocal pauses, 3 letters

Vocal stumbles, 3 letters

Vocalized pauses, 3 letters

Voiced pauses, 3 letters

What five puzzle answers are, initially, 3 letters

Where ambulance chasers end up?: Abbr., 3 letters

Where IVs hang, 3 letters

Where IVs may be administered, 3 letters

Where IVs might be hooked up, 3 letters

Where many medical dramas are set, 3 letters

Where MDs and RNs keep busy, 3 letters

Artificial, 6 letters

Being an inferior substitute, 6 letters

Bogus, 6 letters

Counterfeit, 6 letters

Fake, 6 letters

German sub?, 6 letters

Imitation, 6 letters

Like a fauxlex watch, 6 letters

Like a Rolek watch, 6 letters

Like chicory vis-, 6 letters

Like oleo vis-, 6 letters

Like Splenda vis-, 6 letters

Makeshift, 6 letters

Manufactured, 6 letters

Margarine is this, 6 letters

Margarine, vis-, 6 letters

Margarine, vis-a-vis butter, 6 letters

Mock, 6 letters

Not exactly authentic, 6 letters

Not genuine, and usually inferior to the original, 6 letters

Not natural, 6 letters

Not quite real, 6 letters

Not real, 6 letters

Not the real McCoy, 6 letters

Not the real thing, 6 letters

Phony, 6 letters

Phony tears confused chief of Zulus (6), 6 letters

Plastic, so to speak, 6 letters

Poor quality imitation, 6 letters

Pretended, 6 letters

Sham, 6 letters

Simulated, 6 letters

Substitute, 6 letters

Substitute badly rates 'Z' (6), 6 letters

Synthetic, 6 letters

Unreal, 6 letters

Substitutes, 8 letters

Plaid and spunk derive from it, 4 letters

Whiskey source, 4 letters

A Celtic language, 4 letters

A language of Scotland, 4 letters

Additional, 4 letters

An old tongue, 4 letters

Ancient Irish, 4 letters

Ancient Irish language, 4 letters

Ancient tongue, 4 letters

Angus' tongue, 4 letters

British Isles tongue, 4 letters

Caledonian tongue, 4 letters

Celt, 4 letters

Celtic dialect, 4 letters

Celtic tongue, 4 letters

Certain Celtic language, 4 letters

Certain Scots, 4 letters

Emerald Isle language, 4 letters

Enya sometimes sings in it, 4 letters

Erin's language, 4 letters

European language, 4 letters

European tongue, 4 letters

Gael, 4 letters

Gael talk, 4 letters

Gael's language, 4 letters

Gael's tongue, 4 letters

Goidelic branch, 4 letters

Goidelic language, 4 letters

Goidelic language of Scotland, 4 letters

Goidelic tongue, 4 letters

Hebrides dialect, 4 letters

Hebrides language, 4 letters

Hebrides tongue, 4 letters

Highland dialect, 4 letters

Highland Gaelic, 4 letters

Highland language, 4 letters

Highland tongue, 4 letters

Highlander, 4 letters

Highlander talk, 4 letters

Highlander's language, 4 letters

Highlander's tongue, 4 letters

Irish, 4 letters

Irish Gaelic, 4 letters

Irish language, 4 letters

Irish offshoot, 4 letters

Irish relative, 4 letters

Irish tongue, 4 letters

It may be heard in the Highlands, 4 letters

It means Irish in Irish, 4 letters

It's heard in the Highlands, 4 letters

It's spoken in Stornoway, 4 letters

Killarney tongue, 4 letters

Language from which clan comes, 4 letters

Language from which galore comes, 4 letters

Language from which hubbub comes, 4 letters

Language from which spunk is derived, 4 letters

Language from which whiskey comes, 4 letters

Language from which comes whiskey, 4 letters

Language heard on Cape Breton Island, 4 letters

Language of Celts, 4 letters

Language of Eire, 4 letters

Language of Ireland, 4 letters

Language of Scotland, 4 letters

Language of the British Isles, 4 letters

Language of the Gaels, 4 letters

Language related to Manx, 4 letters

Language spoken in Dingwall, 4 letters

Language spoken in Limerick, 4 letters

Language spoken in Stornoway, 4 letters

Language that gave us bard, 4 letters

Language that gave us clan, 4 letters

Language that gave us galore, 4 letters

Language that gave us hubbub, 4 letters

Language that gave us plaid, 4 letters

Language that gave us the word whisky, 4 letters

Language that gave us whiskey, 4 letters

Language that gives us whiskey, 4 letters

Language which gives us clan and bard, 4 letters

Limerick language, 4 letters

Manx language, 4 letters

Manx relative, 4 letters

Manx tongue, 4 letters

Nova Scotia language, 4 letters

Of the Gaels, 4 letters

Old Gaelic, 4 letters

Old Irish, 4 letters

Old language, 4 letters

Old Scottish or Irish tongue, 4 letters

Old tongue, 4 letters

Old World language, 4 letters

One of the Celtic languages, 4 letters

Padraig's tongue, 4 letters

Pertaining to the Celts, 4 letters

Relative of Manx, 4 letters

Rev or asp trailer, 4 letters

Robert the Bruce's tongue, 4 letters

Scot's language, 4 letters

Scot's tongue, 4 letters

Scotch Gaelic, 4 letters

Scots Gaelic, e.g., 4 letters

Scots-Gaelic, 4 letters

Scottish Gaelic, 4 letters

Scottish tongue, 4 letters

Skye talk, 4 letters

Skye writing, 4 letters

Source of the word galore, 4 letters

Stornoway tongue, 4 letters

Talk of the Gaelic, 4 letters

Tam wearer's tongue, 4 letters

The Irish language, 4 letters

Tongue for Brian Boru, 4 letters

Tongue in Tralee, 4 letters

Traditional language of the Irish, 4 letters

Tralee tongue, 4 letters

Any of several related languages of the Celts in Ireland and Scotland, 4 letters

NBC?, 9 letters

Bitter vetches, 5 letters

Gaelic dialects, 5 letters

Gaelics, 5 letters

Scottish and Irish tongues, 5 letters

Vodka-beer potable, 4 letters

'27-'30 car line made by Studebaker, 7 letters

'27-'30 Studebaker car line, 7 letters

Tobacco Road author Caldwell, 7 letters

Tobacco Road novelist ___ Caldwell, 7 letters

Tobacco Road writer Caldwell, 7 letters

1990s White House chief of staff Bowles, 7 letters

Author Caldwell, 7 letters

Creator of Jeeter and Ellie May, 7 letters

Former Brooklyn pitcher, 7 letters

Former Dodger pitching great Carl, 7 letters

Jeeter's creator, 7 letters

Novelist Caldwell, 7 letters

Writer Caldwell, 7 letters

Author, 1903-87, 15 letters

Writer Caldwell and trumpeter Hawkins, 8 letters

Sporting dog, 9 letters

... which ___ was irksome to me (Shakespeare), 4 letters

...which ___ was irksome to me: As You Like It, 4 letters

Step the meek fowls where ___ they ranged: Emerson, 4 letters

That ___ with music, and triumphant song: John Milton, 4 letters

The even mead, that ___ brought sweetly forth / The freckled cowslip: Henry V, 4 letters

The even mead, that ___ brought sweetly forth...: Henry V, 4 letters

Where ___ was thickest fight: Milton, 4 letters

While attachment, 4 letters

While beginning, 4 letters

While lead-in, 4 letters

While prefix, 4 letters

Aforetime, 4 letters

Archaic formerly, 4 letters

Archaic adverb, 4 letters

Archaic attachment to while, 4 letters

At a previous time, 4 letters

At an earlier time, earlier, 4 letters

At first, formerly, 4 letters

At first, in Frankfurt, 4 letters

At first, once, 4 letters

At one time, at one time, 4 letters

At one time, once, 4 letters

Attachment to while, 4 letters

Back then, back then, 4 letters

Before a while?, 4 letters

Before now, before now, 4 letters

Before now, in olden days, 4 letters

Before the present time, 4 letters

Before the present time, in the past, 4 letters

Before, before, 4 letters

Before, formerly, 4 letters

Before, once, 4 letters

Beginning for while, 4 letters

Early earlier, 4 letters

First in Frankfurt, 4 letters

Former, 4 letters

Former formerly, 4 letters

Former former?, 4 letters

Former, formerly, 4 letters

Former, once, 4 letters

Former: Arch., 4 letters

Formerly archaic?, 4 letters

Formerly, archaically, 4 letters

Formerly, in days of yore, 4 letters

Formerly, in former times, 4 letters

Formerly, in old usage, 4 letters

Formerly, in olden days, 4 letters

Formerly, long ago, 4 letters

Formerly, old-style, 4 letters

Formerly, once upon a time, 4 letters

Formerly, previously, 4 letters

In olde times, 4 letters

In the past, in the past, 4 letters

In the past, once, 4 letters

It came before while, once, 4 letters

It comes before while, 4 letters

It may come before a while, 4 letters

It might lead a while, 4 letters

It once meant once, 4 letters

It was once, once, 4 letters

Lead-in for while, 4 letters

Lead-in to while, 4 letters

Long ago, long ago, 4 letters

Long ago, poetically, 4 letters

Of times past, in times past, 4 letters

Old-school old, 4 letters

Old-style once, 4 letters

Old-time adverb, 4 letters

Once, 4 letters

Once before?, 4 letters

Once formerly, 4 letters

Once once, 4 letters

Once, a long time ago, 4 letters

Once, at one time, 4 letters

Once, but not nowadays, 4 letters

Once, in old times, 4 letters

Once, in the past, 4 letters

Once, long ago, 4 letters

Once, of old, 4 letters

Once, of yore, 4 letters

Once, old-style, 4 letters

Once, once upon a time, 4 letters

Once, once^ERS, 4 letters

Once, upon a time, 4 letters

One-time, 4 letters

One-time, once, 4 letters

Opening for while, 4 letters

Originally, once, 4 letters

Prefix for while, 4 letters

Prefix with while, 4 letters

Prerix for while, 4 letters

Previously archaic?, 4 letters

Previously, old-style, 4 letters

Previously, once, 4 letters

Prior, in the past, 4 letters

Quondam, 4 letters

Root that usually takes a while?, 4 letters

Start for 'while', 4 letters

Start with while, 4 letters

Starter on 'while', 4 letters

The time afore, 4 letters

While beginner, 4 letters

While leader?, 4 letters

While opener, 4 letters

While opening, 4 letters

While preceder, 4 letters

While starter, 4 letters

While's forerunner, 4 letters

Whilom, 4 letters

Word before while, 4 letters

Word with while, 4 letters

Angels All-Star Darin who's the only ballplayer to win Gold Gloves as an infielder and an outfielder, 6 letters

First, in Berlin, 5 letters

Bygone, 9 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..