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___ spout (house part), 4 letters

___trough (rain runoff site), 4 letters

___trough: gutter, 4 letters

A downspout may begin under one, 4 letters

A gutter is often under it, 4 letters

A hangover?, 4 letters

A house martin nests under it, 4 letters

All About --: tiler's flick?, 4 letters

Attic window view, 4 letters

Base for an icicle, perhaps, 4 letters

Builder's projected expense?, 4 letters

Building part, 4 letters

Certain sun shade, 4 letters

Chalet feature, 4 letters

Christmas light site, 4 letters

Christmas lights location, 4 letters

Drip site, 4 letters

Flat roof's lack, 4 letters

Gable extension, 4 letters

Gable part, 4 letters

Gable, underneath, 4 letters

Gutter holder, 4 letters

Gutter locale, 4 letters

Gutter location, 4 letters

Gutter neighbor, 4 letters

Gutter place, 4 letters

Gutter site, 4 letters

Gutter spot, 4 letters

Gutter support, 4 letters

Hanger around the house, 4 letters

Hanger-on?, 4 letters

Hanging from a home, 4 letters

Hangout for drips, 4 letters

Hangover at home?, 4 letters

Hangover of a sort, 4 letters

Hangover site?, 4 letters

Hangover?, 4 letters

High edge, 4 letters

High projection, 4 letters

Hive site, 4 letters

Holder of a runoff?, 4 letters

Holiday decoration site, 4 letters

Homeowner's hangover?, 4 letters

House finch nesting spot, 4 letters

House hangover, 4 letters

House overhang, 4 letters

House shader, 4 letters

Housetop projection, 4 letters

Ice dam site, 4 letters

Icicle hangout, 4 letters

Icicle holder, 4 letters

Icicle locale, 4 letters

Icicle location, 4 letters

Icicle place, 4 letters

Icicle setting, 4 letters

Icicle site, 4 letters

Icicle site, often, 4 letters

Icicle site, perhaps, 4 letters

Icicle spot, 4 letters

Icicle supporter, 4 letters

Icicle's anchor, 4 letters

Icicle's hangout^EAV, 4 letters

Igloo's lack, 4 letters

It hangs around the house, 4 letters

It hangs around the roof, 4 letters

It hangs from a home, 4 letters

It hangs out on the roof, 4 letters

It has a soffit, 4 letters

It may drip, 4 letters

It may hang around the house, 4 letters

It might have shingles, 4 letters

Jetting overhang, 4 letters

Leaf collection site, 4 letters

Leaf collector around a house, 4 letters

Leaf collector?, 4 letters

Leaf gatherer, 4 letters

Lower edge of a roof, 4 letters

Mansard edge, 4 letters

Mansard extension, 4 letters

Mansard feature, 4 letters

Mansard overhang, 4 letters

Mansard overhang, e.g., 4 letters

Mansard part, 4 letters

Martin's nesting area, 4 letters

Nest roof, perhaps, 4 letters

Nesting place, perhaps, 4 letters

Nesting site, 4 letters

Nesting spot, 4 letters

One hanging around the house, 4 letters

One that hangs out at home?, 4 letters

Outdoor holiday decoration site, 4 letters

Outdoor lights site, 4 letters

Overhang, 4 letters

Overhang of a sort, 4 letters

Overhanging edge of a roof, 4 letters

Overhanging part of a roof, 4 letters

Overhanging roof edge, 4 letters

Overhead projector?, 4 letters

Part of a mansard, 4 letters

Part of a roof, 4 letters

Part of a roof's border, 4 letters

Place for a gutter, 4 letters

Place for a wasp's nest, 4 letters

Place for an icicle, 4 letters

Place for Christmas lights, 4 letters

Place for hangers-on?, 4 letters

Place to hang Christmas lights, 4 letters

Place to put up Christmas lights, 4 letters

Place where icicles often hang, 4 letters

Place where leaves are collected, 4 letters

Possible roof repair site, 4 letters

Projecting edge, 4 letters

Projecting edge of a roof, 4 letters

Projecting shape, 4 letters

Projection, 4 letters

Rain collector, 4 letters

Rain gutter site, 4 letters

Rain-gutter neighbor, 4 letters

Rainwater diverter, 4 letters

Residential overhang, 4 letters

Roof border, 4 letters

Roof edge, 4 letters

Roof feature, 4 letters

Roof line, 4 letters

Roof overhang, 4 letters

Roof part, 4 letters

Roof projection, 4 letters

Roof repair site, 4 letters

Roof repair spot, 4 letters

Roof rim, 4 letters

Roof section, 4 letters

Roof segment, 4 letters

Roof trough, 4 letters

Roof's edge, often, 4 letters

Roof's underside, 4 letters

Roofer's concern, 4 letters

Roofer's hangover?, 4 letters

Roofer's repair site, 4 letters

Roofer's repair site, perhaps, 4 letters

Runoff site, 4 letters

Shade provider, 4 letters

Singular roof overhang, 4 letters

Site for a gargoyle, 4 letters

Site for Christmas lights, often, 4 letters

Soffit locale, 4 letters

Something a dome lacks, 4 letters

Spot for an icicle, 4 letters

Sun shade, 4 letters

This has a soffit, 4 letters

Toupee alternative, 4 letters

Trough locale, 4 letters

Trough site, 4 letters

Wall protector, 4 letters

Wasp nest site, often, 4 letters

Wasp's nest location, 4 letters

Wasp's nest location, perhaps, 4 letters

Wasp's nest location, sometimes, 4 letters

Wasp's nest setting, 4 letters

Wasp's nest site, 4 letters

Wasp's nest site, perhaps, 4 letters

Water drainer, 4 letters

What a downspout is connected to, 4 letters

Whence an icicle may hang, 4 letters

Whence icicles hang, 4 letters

Where a leaf may land, 4 letters

Where Adam finds his icicles?, 4 letters

Where Christmas lights may be hung, 4 letters

Where icicles may collect, 4 letters

Window protector, at times, 4 letters

You might find a nest in one, 4 letters

Having a hangover?, 5 letters

Having a roof overhang, 5 letters

Having an overhang, 5 letters

Having hangovers?, 5 letters

Having overhangs, 5 letters

Having overhangs, like a roof, 5 letters

Having projecting edges, 5 letters

Having roof extensions, 5 letters

Having roof overhangs, 5 letters

Like a chalet roof, 5 letters

Like bungalows, 5 letters

Like chalet roofs, 5 letters

Like chalets, 5 letters

Like Dutch Colonials, 5 letters

Like many a roof, 5 letters

Like many roofs, 5 letters

Like most houses, 5 letters

Like some mansards, 5 letters

Like some roofs, 5 letters

With overhangs, 5 letters

Listen secretly: Var., 8 letters

___ spout (water runoff site), 5 letters

... a sparrow in the ___: Yeats, 5 letters

A-frame feature, 5 letters

A-frame overhangs, 5 letters

Auburn hoop coliseum, 5 letters

Chalet details, 5 letters

Chalet features, 5 letters

Chalet overhangs, 5 letters

Chalets have wide ones, 5 letters

Chateau overhangs, 5 letters

Collection sites, of a sort, 5 letters

Common places for wasps' nests, 5 letters

Downspout site, 5 letters

Drip edge, 5 letters

Drop lead-in, 5 letters

Drop start?, 5 letters

Dropper preceder, 5 letters

Dropping spot?, 5 letters

Ends of the roof, 5 letters

Gutter locale, 5 letters

Gutter location, 5 letters

Gutter site, 5 letters

Gutter supporters, 5 letters

Gutters' spot, 5 letters

Hangover locales?, 5 letters

Hangovers?, 5 letters

House components, 5 letters

House elements, 5 letters

House features, 5 letters

House martins nest under them, 5 letters

House overhang, 5 letters

Housing projects?, 5 letters

Ice dams may form in them, 5 letters

Icicle bearers, 5 letters

Icicle holders, 5 letters

Icicle locale, often, 5 letters

Icicle locales, 5 letters

Icicle locations, 5 letters

Icicle paths?, 5 letters

Icicle sites, 5 letters

Icicle supports, 5 letters

Icicle-forming spot, 5 letters

Icicles may hang from them, 5 letters

Icicles spot, 5 letters

Icicles' starting points, 5 letters

Kin of the edges of ledges, 5 letters

Kind of dropper, 5 letters

Ladder work for a painter, 5 letters

Leaf collectors?, 5 letters

Leaf-collection sites?, 5 letters

Mansard borders, 5 letters

Mansard edges, 5 letters

Mansard extensions, 5 letters

Mansard parts, 5 letters

Nesting spots, 5 letters

One place to find icicles, 5 letters

One place to see gutters..., 5 letters

Overhang, 5 letters

Overhanging edges, 5 letters

Part of a roof., 5 letters

Part of the roof, 5 letters

Place for hornet nests, often, 5 letters

Place for icicles, 5 letters

Places for colored lights, 5 letters

Places for some nests, 5 letters

Popular nesting places, 5 letters

Projecting edges, 5 letters

Rain gutter adjoiners, 5 letters

Rain gutter locale, 5 letters

Rain gutters run under them, 5 letters

Ranch feature, 5 letters

Roof area, 5 letters

Roof border, 5 letters

Roof components, 5 letters

Roof edges, 5 letters

Roof feature, 5 letters

Roof overhang, 5 letters

Roof partS, 5 letters

Roof projections, 5 letters

Roof rims, 5 letters

Roof section, 5 letters

Roofer's concern, 5 letters

Roofer's work area, 5 letters

Runoff site, 5 letters

Shaded house parts, 5 letters

Sidewall protections, 5 letters

Sites for Christmas lights, 5 letters

Sites for some Christmas lights, 5 letters

Sites of some wasps' nests, 5 letters

Soffit covers, 5 letters

Some nest sites, 5 letters

Spots for house martin nests, 5 letters

Spots for icicles, 5 letters

Start to drop, 5 letters

They hang around the house, 5 letters

They have a roof above them, 5 letters

They're on the house, 5 letters

Wall protectors, 5 letters

Whence drips drop, 5 letters

Where gutters are, 5 letters

Where icicles form, 5 letters

Where to drop?, 5 letters

Where to find some drips, 5 letters

Where wind chimes are hung, 5 letters

Window shades of a sort, 5 letters

Winter icicles site, 5 letters

The overhang at the lower edge of a roof, 5 letters

Listen in, 6 letters

Act like an icicle?, 9 letters

Gather information secretly, 9 letters

Listen furtively, 9 letters

Listen in, 9 letters

Listen in (on), 9 letters

Rain on the roof?, 9 letters

Dribble from an icicle?, 12 letters

Wiretapper, e.g., 12 letters

A secret listener to private conversations, 12 letters

Is nosy, 10 letters

Listens secretly, 10 letters

Listens surreptitiously, 10 letters

Spies, say, 10 letters

A thatched roof?, 12 letters

What a beach bungalow might have?, 12 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..