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___ Buddhism, 3 letters

___ garden, 3 letters

___ master, 3 letters

___ Master (NBA coach Phil Jackson's nickname), 3 letters

___ state, 3 letters

___ state (blissful self-awareness), 3 letters

___ state (pleasant place to be), 3 letters

___ and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, 3 letters

___ Master (nickname for Phil Jackson), 3 letters

'___ in the Art of Archery' (1953 book), 3 letters

Everything ___, I don't think so Bush, 3 letters

Moment of ___ (The Daily Show feature), 3 letters

Path of enlightenment discipline, 3 letters

Your Moment of ___ (The Daily Show feature), 3 letters

A way to enlightenment, 3 letters

Asian discipline, 3 letters

Asian school of thought, 3 letters

Bodhidharma's movement, 3 letters

Bodhidharma's philosophy, 3 letters

Branch of Buddhism, 3 letters

Buddhism branch, 3 letters

Buddhism doctrine, 3 letters

Buddhism faction, 3 letters

Buddhism school, 3 letters

Buddhism sect, 3 letters

Buddhism type, 3 letters

Buddhist discipline, 3 letters

Buddhist meditation, 3 letters

Buddhist school with retreats, 3 letters

Buddhist sect at heart of citizenship (3), 3 letters

Buddhist state, 3 letters

Buddhist way, 3 letters

Bush: Everything ___, 3 letters

Calm, so to speak, 3 letters

Calmness, in slang, 3 letters

Certain Buddhist teachings, 3 letters

Chinese discipline, 3 letters

Contemplative practice, 3 letters

Deep, 3 letters

Deeply paradoxical, 3 letters

Discipline of some monks, 3 letters

Discipline symbolized by a painted circle, 3 letters

Discipline that uses koans, 3 letters

Eastern discipline, 3 letters

Eastern sect, 3 letters

Eastern state?, 3 letters

Easygoing, in slang, 3 letters

Enlightenment movement, 3 letters

Enlightenment-seeking sect, 3 letters

First word in the title of a Robert M. Pirsig book, 3 letters

Form of Buddhism, 3 letters

Form of shiatsu, 3 letters

Insight by meditation, 3 letters

Introspective sect, 3 letters

It examines koans, 3 letters

It focuses on paradoxes, 3 letters

It involves studying paradoxes, 3 letters

Japanese school of meditation, 3 letters

Japanese sect of Buddhism, 3 letters

Jon Stewart's moment of ___, 3 letters

Kind of Buddhism, 3 letters

Kind of master, 3 letters

Kind of riddle, 3 letters

Kind of state, 3 letters

Kind of state in the East, 3 letters

Koan poser's sect, 3 letters

Koan teaching, 3 letters

Koan-posing sect, 3 letters

Lama's enlightenment, 3 letters

Last word said on The Daily Show, often, 3 letters

Like some gardens, 3 letters

Like some rock gardens, 3 letters

Literally, meditation, 3 letters

Mahayana branch, 3 letters

Mahayana Buddhism, 3 letters

Mahayana Buddhism sect, 3 letters

Mahayana movement, 3 letters

Master's discipline, 3 letters

Master's discipline, perhaps, 3 letters

Means of enlightenment, 3 letters

Means to self-awareness, 3 letters

Meditating school, 3 letters

Meditation discipline, 3 letters

Meditation method, 3 letters

Meditation subject, 3 letters

Meditation system, 3 letters

Meditative faith, 3 letters

Meditative movement, 3 letters

Meditative practice, 3 letters

Meditative religion, 3 letters

Meditative school of Buddhism, 3 letters

Meditative sect, 3 letters

Meditative thought, 3 letters

Meditative worship, 3 letters

Meditator's school, 3 letters

Method of meditation, 3 letters

Movement called Ch'an in Chinese, 3 letters

Movement in which mondos are asked, 3 letters

Movement traced to an ancient flower sermon, 3 letters

Movement whose members seek satori, 3 letters

Movement with mondos, 3 letters

One with the universe, so to speak, 3 letters

Oriental cult, 3 letters

Path of enlightenment, 3 letters

Philosophy Robert Pirsig matched up with motorcycles, 3 letters

Popular kind of Buddhism, 3 letters

Pursuit of satori, 3 letters

Religion derived from the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, 3 letters

Religion featured in Kerouac's books, 3 letters

Religion touted in Kerouac novels, 3 letters

Religious doctrine, 3 letters

Rinzai school's teachings, 3 letters

Road to enlightenment, 3 letters

Road to enlightenment, for some, 3 letters

Robert Pirsig title word, 3 letters

Robert Pirsig's ___ and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, 3 letters

Robert Plant: Now and ___, 3 letters

Roshi's movement, 3 letters

Satori-seeking sect, 3 letters

School of Buddhism, 3 letters

School of experiential wisdom, 3 letters

School of meditation, 3 letters

Self-contemplative doctrine, 3 letters

Self-enlightenment, 3 letters

Self-realization sect, 3 letters

Some masters' mastery, 3 letters

Some meditation, 3 letters

Source of enlightenment, 3 letters

Spiritual path, 3 letters

Start of a Robert Pirsig title, 3 letters

State to be in, 3 letters

Subject of the Flower Sermon, 3 letters

The Daily Show's 'moment of ___', 3 letters

Totally chill about everything, 3 letters

Type of Buddhism, 3 letters

Type of garden with rocks, 3 letters

Unstructured Buddhism, 3 letters

Vietnamese viewpoint, frequently, 3 letters

Way to enlightenment, 3 letters

Wonderful state, 3 letters

Word with garden or state, 3 letters

School of Mahayana Buddhism asserting that enlightenment can come through meditation and intuition rather than faith, 3 letters

China and Japan, 3 letters

Doctrine that enlightenment can be attained through direct intuitive insight, 3 letters

Seraglio, 6 letters

Woman's part of the house, in some countries, 6 letters

Highly influential 1984 album by H, 9 letters

Biblical lawyer, 5 letters

Religious discipline for seekers of enlightenment, 11 letters

___ and the Art of ___ Maintenance: Var., 6 letters

___ Avesta: sacred writings, 4 letters

Avesta translation, 4 letters

Zoroastrian sacred writings, 4 letters

Zoroastrian scriptures, 4 letters

An ancient Iranian language, 4 letters

The Prisoner of ___, 5 letters

The Prisoner of ___ ('37 film), 5 letters

The Prisoner of ___ (Anthony Hope novel), 5 letters

The Prisoner of ___ (Fairbanks flick), 5 letters

The Prisoner of ___: 1937 Fairbanks film, 5 letters

Anthony Hope title locale, 5 letters

Anthony Hope's The Prisoner of ___, 5 letters

Best-known town in Ruritania, 5 letters

Black Michael's castle, in book and film, 5 letters

Fictional castle, 5 letters

Fictional castle of captivity, 5 letters

Fictional prisoner's locale, 5 letters

Fictional prisoner's location, 5 letters

Locale in an Anthony Hope title, 5 letters

Movie prisoner's place, 5 letters

Prisoner's place, 5 letters

Site of Rudolf V's imprisonment, 5 letters

Title castle town of book and film, 5 letters

Title locale in a 1937 Ronald Colman film, 5 letters

Where Rudolf of Ruritania was imprisoned, 5 letters

Zoroastrian scriptures, 10 letters

Buddhist meditation rooms, 6 letters

Meditation rooms in Eastern monasteries, 6 letters

___ cards (ESP testers), 5 letters

ESP test-cards eponym, 5 letters

Tools for ESP researchers (whose symbols are found at the ends of the answers to the five asterisked clues), 10 letters

Displaying total calmness?, 8 letters

Calming pastime with a rake, 9 letters

Where gravel may represent water, 9 letters

Early American publisher Peter, 6 letters

Early press freedom figure, 6 letters

Acme, 6 letters

Apex, 6 letters

Babbitt's home town, 6 letters

Climax, 6 letters

Company that made the first practical TV remote control, 6 letters

Company with a lightning bolt logo, 6 letters

Crown, 6 letters

Crowning point, 6 letters

Culminating point, 6 letters

Heyday, 6 letters

High noon e.g., 6 letters

High point, 6 letters

Highest point, 6 letters

Loanword that means 'overhead path' in Arabic, 6 letters

Magnavox rival, 6 letters

Nadir's counterpart, 6 letters

Nadir's opposite, 6 letters

Peak, 6 letters

Pinnacle, 6 letters

Summit, 6 letters

Top, 6 letters

TV with the first wireless remote, 6 letters

The point above the observer that is directly opposite the nadir on the imaginary sphere against which celestial bodies appear to be projected, 6 letters

Company that introduced the remote control, 17 letters

Climbers' goals, 7 letters

High points, 7 letters

Maxima, 7 letters

Pinnacles, 7 letters

Summits, 7 letters

Tops, 7 letters

Asian spiritual guide, 9 letters

Revered Buddhist, 9 letters

Q: See title A: Two--one to change it and one not to change it, 10 letters

Roshis, 10 letters

-- of Elea, 4 letters

Achilles and the Tortoise paradox writer, 4 letters

5th-century Greek philosopher, 4 letters

Ancient Greek philosopher, 4 letters

Ancient paradox poser, 4 letters

Arrow paradox philosopher, 4 letters

Associate of Parmenides, 4 letters

Early dialectician, 4 letters

Eastern Roman emperor, 4 letters

First Stoic, 4 letters

Founder of Stoicism, 4 letters

Founder of the Stoic school of philosophy, 4 letters

Founder of the Stoics, 4 letters

Great Stoic, 4 letters

Greek famous for paradoxes, 4 letters

Greek founder of the Stoic school, 4 letters

Greek known for paradoxes, 4 letters

Greek philosopher, 4 letters

Greek philosopher known for a paradox, 4 letters

Greek philosopher known for paradoxes, 4 letters

Greek philosopher of paradox fame, 4 letters

Greek philosopher who founded Stoicism, 4 letters

Greek who posed paradoxes, 4 letters

He and his followers met at the Porch, 4 letters

He claimed motion was illusionary, 4 letters

He minded the stoa, 4 letters

Noted stoic philosopher, 4 letters

Original Stoic, 4 letters

Paradox lover of Greece, 4 letters

Paradox lover of old, 4 letters

Paradoxical fellow, 4 letters

Paradoxical figure?, 4 letters

Paradoxical Greek, 4 letters

Paradoxical one, 4 letters

Paradoxical philosopher, 4 letters

Philosopher famed for paradoxes, 4 letters

Philosopher for whom a paradox is named, 4 letters

Philosopher known as the Stoic, 4 letters

Philosopher known for his paradoxes, 4 letters

Philosopher of Elea, 4 letters

Stoic from Citium, 4 letters

Stoic from Elea, 4 letters

Stoic of note, 4 letters

Stoic old Greek, 4 letters

Stoic philosopher, 4 letters

Stoic philosopher of Citium, 4 letters

Stoic philosophy founder, 4 letters

Stoic school founder, 4 letters

Stoic school philosopher, 4 letters

Stoicism founder, 4 letters

The original Stoic, 4 letters

Ancient Greek philosopher who found the Stoic school (circa 335-263 BC), 4 letters

Ancient Greek philosopher who formulated paradoxes that defended the belief that motion and change are illusory (circa 495-430 BC), 4 letters

Queen of Palmyra: 267, 7 letters

Philosopher's wickedness?, 8 letters

Fifth-century B.C. philosopher, 10 letters

Philosopher of paradoxes, 10 letters

Fear of an ancient Greek philosopher?, 10 letters

___ paradox, 5 letters

Two Greek philosophers, 5 letters

Famous mathematical curiosity, 12 letters

Old moving problem, 12 letters

Serious Lewis Carroll topic, 12 letters

Part of a Buddhist's Eightfold Path?, 8 letters

A Buddhist might be found in one, 8 letters

Creative Technology digital audio player, 4 letters

Mourning doves, 9 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..