Select a letter

___ Heuer, 3 letters

___ Heuer (Swiss watch brand), 3 letters

___ line, 3 letters

___ Team (Whoomp! There It Is duo), 3 letters

___ Team (Whoomp! There It Is group), 3 letters

___, you're it!, 3 letters

'It' game, 3 letters

'Not it!' game, 3 letters

'You're it' game, 3 letters

As is location, 3 letters

Do Not Remove item on a mattress, 3 letters

Do Not Remove item on a sofa, 3 letters

Guten ___ (German greeting), 3 letters

To/From Christmas item, 3 letters

Whoomp! (There It Is) ___ Team, 3 letters

You're it!, 3 letters

A clerk might scan it, 3 letters

A day in Dortmund, 3 letters

A touching game, 3 letters

Action that completes the hidden ball trick, 3 letters

Auto appendage, 3 letters

Auto attachment, 3 letters

Barrie's Der , 3 letters

Baseball motion, 3 letters

Baseball put-out, 3 letters

Baserunner's woe, 3 letters

Baserunner's worry, 3 letters

Bearer of a cost, 3 letters

Catch on the way home?, 3 letters

Catch stealing, 3 letters

Chase game, 3 letters

Chasing game, 3 letters

Child s game, 3 letters

Child's play, 3 letters

Children's chase game, 3 letters

Children's game, 3 letters

Children's running game, 3 letters

Clothing label, 3 letters

Cost indicator, 3 letters

Cover with graffiti, 3 letters

Cry before 'You're it!', 3 letters

Curlicue, in writing, 3 letters

Dangler on an item for sale, 3 letters

Day in Dusseldorf, 3 letters

Diamond putout, 3 letters

Dog follower, 3 letters

Dog ID site, 3 letters

Dog or rag, 3 letters

Dog's ID, 3 letters

Dog's jingler, 3 letters

Earmark, 3 letters

Fielder's choice?, 3 letters

Finishing touch on a diamond?, 3 letters

Follow (along), 3 letters

Follow (along), like a little brother, 3 letters

Follow closely (along), 3 letters

G.I.'s ID, 3 letters

Game, 3 letters

Game for children, 3 letters

Game for it?, 3 letters

Game involving It, 3 letters

Game of pursuit, 3 letters

Game played with It, 3 letters

Game requiring no equipment, 3 letters

Game that requires no equipment, 3 letters

Game that's very touching?, 3 letters

Game with It, 3 letters

Game with an it, 3 letters

Game with chasers, 3 letters

Game with no equipment, 3 letters

Garment feature, 3 letters

Garment label, 3 letters

Give a nickname, 3 letters

Graffiti artist's 'signature', 3 letters

Graffiti ID, 3 letters

Graffiti signature, 3 letters

Graffitist's signature, 3 letters

Graffitist's trademark, 3 letters

Handle, 3 letters

Hide-and-seek alternative, 3 letters

Hip hop duo ___ Team, 3 letters

Hit hard, as a baseball, 3 letters

Hit with spray paint, 3 letters

ID of a sort, 3 letters

ID, e.g., 3 letters

Identify, 3 letters

Identify in a Facebook photo, 3 letters

Identify, as with Facebook photos, 3 letters

Infielder's success, 3 letters

Infielder's touch, 3 letters

Inside-of-shirt feature, 3 letters

It can be sewed in, 3 letters

It can put you out, 3 letters

It chases people in it, 3 letters

It may bear the cost, 3 letters

It may keep you from getting home safely, 3 letters

It may put someone out, 3 letters

It might put you out, 3 letters

It plays it, 3 letters

It requires an it, 3 letters

It's a game, 3 letters

It's avoided in this game, 3 letters

Keep from getting home safely?, 3 letters

Kid's game, 3 letters

Kids' it game, 3 letters

Kids' pastime, 3 letters

Kids' running game, 3 letters

Kids' touching game, 3 letters

Kind of end or team, 3 letters

Kind of sale, 3 letters

Kind of team, 3 letters

Label, 3 letters

Label on the neck of a wine bottle, 3 letters

Lazer ___ (shooting game), 3 letters

License, 3 letters

License plate, 3 letters

License plate, familiarly, 3 letters

Luggage attachment, 3 letters

Luggage identification, 3 letters

Luggage label, 3 letters

Make 'it', 3 letters

Make it, in a way, 3 letters

Make out, in baseball, 3 letters

Mattress attachment, 3 letters

Mattress feature, 3 letters

Merchandise label, 3 letters

Moniker, 3 letters

Name, slangily, 3 letters

Nickname, 3 letters

Out-making play, 3 letters

Outdoor game, 3 letters

Phone ___, 3 letters

Phone ___, a voice mail game, 3 letters

Phone game, 3 letters

Place for a name, 3 letters

Place for a price, 3 letters

Place for care instructions, 3 letters

Place to make a name for yourself, 3 letters

Plate on a car, 3 letters

Playground chasing game, 3 letters

Playground game, 3 letters

Playground pastime, 3 letters

Playground pursuit, 3 letters

Playground runaround?, 3 letters

Popular game, 3 letters

Present attachment, 3 letters

Price bearer, 3 letters

Price carrier, 3 letters

Price fixer?, 3 letters

Price holder, 3 letters

Price indicator, 3 letters

Price marker, 3 letters

Price or rag follower, 3 letters

Price place, 3 letters

Price point?, 3 letters

Price revealer, 3 letters

Price sticker, 3 letters

Priced item, 3 letters

Put out, 3 letters

Put out in baseball, 3 letters

Put out, as a base runner, 3 letters

Put out, in a way, 3 letters

Put out, maybe, in baseball, 3 letters

Put out, one way, 3 letters

Put out, sometimes, 3 letters

Put-out type, 3 letters

Rag chaser?, 3 letters

Reach out and touch someone?, 3 letters

Recess game, 3 letters

Red rover alternative, 3 letters

Retail store price carrier, 3 letters

Running game, 3 letters

Sale clip-on, 3 letters

Sale indicator, 3 letters

Sale item, 3 letters

Schoolyard game, 3 letters

Schoolyard pastime, 3 letters

Score on a sacrifice fly, 3 letters

Shirt label, 3 letters

Shoelace tip, 3 letters

Size-and-price site, 3 letters

Sofa attachment that, if you're the obedient type, you Do Not Remove, 3 letters

Song add-on, 3 letters

Spot for Spot, 3 letters

Spray-can art, 3 letters

Stop from stealing, 3 letters

Street game, 3 letters

Strip of material used for identification, 3 letters

T-shirt feature, 3 letters

Telephone ___, 3 letters

The it game, 3 letters

There's a price on it, 3 letters

Touch, 3 letters

Touch a Philly, 3 letters

Touch after a hit, 3 letters

Touch an Angel?, 3 letters

Touch and go?, 3 letters

Touch for an out, 3 letters

Touch on the run, 3 letters

Touch while running, 3 letters

Touch with the ball, 3 letters

Touch-and-go game, 3 letters

Touch, in a children's game, 3 letters

Touch, in a way, 3 letters

Touching children's game, 3 letters

Touching diversion, 3 letters

Touching game, 3 letters

Traffic ticket, 3 letters

Type of sale, 3 letters

Washing instructions location, 3 letters

Washing instructions site, 3 letters

What 'it' plays, 3 letters

What it must do, 3 letters

Where a price is printed, 3 letters

Word before You're it!, 3 letters

Word before sale or after sales, 3 letters

Word before team, line, or sale, 3 letters

Yard-sale feature, 3 letters

A label made of cardboard or plastic or metal, 3 letters

A small piece of cloth, 3 letters

One child chases the others, 3 letters

The one who is caught becomes the next chaser, 3 letters

Touching a player in a game, 3 letters

Filipino language, 7 letters

Filipino's persistent follower no neutral (7), 7 letters

Language of the Philippines, 7 letters

Language spoken in Luzon, 7 letters

Language that gave us boondocks, 7 letters

Language that gave us the word boondocks, 7 letters

Language with a verb-subject-object word order, 7 letters

Luzon language, 7 letters

Manila language, 7 letters

Manila tongue, 7 letters

Philippine language, 7 letters

Pilipino, 7 letters

A member of a people native to the Philippines chiefly inhabiting central Luzon around and including Manila, 7 letters

Language of the Tagalog people on which Filipino is based, 7 letters

More than a quarter of native Filipinos, ethnically, 8 letters

Some folks from the Philippines, 8 letters

Accompanier, 8 letters

Close follower, 8 letters

Come too, 8 letters

Follow, 8 letters

Follow another's lead, 8 letters

Follow behind, 8 letters

Follow, in a way, 8 letters

Join in a journey, 8 letters

Little brother, maybe, 8 letters

Someone who persistently (and annoyingly) follows along, 8 letters

Shadows?, 9 letters

Get a certain player out?, 7 letters

Heartburn medicine brand, 7 letters

Pepcid rival, 7 letters

Prescription drug for heartburn sufferers, 7 letters

A drug (trade name Tagamet) used to treat peptic ulcers by decreasing the secretion of stomach acid, 7 letters

*Widespread panic over heartburn medication?, 15 letters

Set dishwasher prices?, 13 letters

Heavy paper used for posters, 8 letters

Poster material, 8 letters

Days, in Darmstadt, 4 letters

Final bit, 6 letters

Final part, 6 letters

Last bit, 6 letters

Last leftover, 6 letters

Last part, 6 letters

Leftover, 6 letters

Random scrap, 6 letters

Remnant, 6 letters

Scrap, 6 letters

Straggler's position, 6 letters

The very rear, 6 letters

Miscellanea, 7 letters

Random bits, 7 letters

Remnants, 7 letters

Scraps, 7 letters

Diamond strategy?, 10 letters

___ along with (accompanied), 6 letters

Affixed a label to, 6 letters

Attached a label to, 6 letters

Caught off base, 6 letters

Child's game, 6 letters

Labeled, 6 letters

Labeled, as luggage, 6 letters

Like yard-sale items, 6 letters

Made it, in a playground game, 6 letters

Made it, 6 letters

Marked, at Macy's, 6 letters

Now out... or it, 6 letters

Put a label on, 6 letters

Put a price on, 6 letters

Put a price on, perhaps, 6 letters

Put out a base-runner, 6 letters

Put out on the basepaths, 6 letters

Retired a runner, 6 letters

Touched by an Angel?, 6 letters

Walloped, 6 letters

Touched base on a fly, 8 letters

Baseball infielder, at times, 6 letters

Fielder, at times, 6 letters

It?, 6 letters

Labeler, 6 letters

Person saying you're it!, 6 letters

Player who was it, 6 letters

You're it! sayers, 7 letters

Graffiti artists, 7 letters

Labelers, 7 letters

Price fixers?, 7 letters

Stock markers, 7 letters

Infielder's option, 7 letters

*Following from place to place, 12 letters

Trying to score off a sac fly, 9 letters

101 Survival Secrets author Richard Hatch's tribe, 4 letters

Tribe in the first Survivor, 4 letters

Change places with one's wrestling teammate, 5 letters

Advertising catchphrases, 7 letters

Good night, and good luck, e.g., 7 letters

In space no one can hear you scream, for Alien, 7 letters

Catch phrase, 7 letters

Entertainer's signature, 7 letters

Entertainer's trademark, 7 letters

Identifying phrase, 7 letters

Movie poster words, 7 letters

New gelatin's marketing slogan (3,4), 7 letters

Skelton's God bless, e.g., 7 letters

Slogan, 7 letters

Catchwords, 8 letters

Nike's Just do it and others, 8 letters

Phrases on movie posters, 8 letters

Enjoy, Life Tastes Good, etc.?, 14 letters

OBSERVATION, PART 3, 14 letters

Add, 5 letters

Add at the end, 5 letters

Append, 5 letters

Attach, 5 letters

Include as an extra, 5 letters

Lay the ___ (get out, in baseball), 5 letters

Lay the ___ (put a runner out, in baseball), 5 letters

Gitanjali poet, 6 letters

1913 Literature Nobelist born in Calcutta, 6 letters

First non-European literature Nobelist (1913), 6 letters

India's greatest poet, 6 letters

Indian poet, 6 letters

Indian poet who won the 1913 Nobel Prize for Literature, 6 letters

Literature Nobelist of 1913, 6 letters

Nobel-winning Bengali poet, 6 letters

Nobelist for literature:1913, 6 letters

Noted Indian poet, 6 letters

Sir Rabin-dranath, 6 letters

Catch between bases, say, 6 letters

Catch in a rundown, 6 letters

Catch off base?, 6 letters

Catch stealing, 6 letters

Catcher's play, often, 6 letters

Lay the glove on, 6 letters

Pick off, e.g., 6 letters

Pick-off play, 6 letters

Prevent from scoring, maybe, 6 letters

Stop a diamond theft, 6 letters

Touch with a baseball, 6 letters

Touch with the ball, 6 letters

Chinese, 12 letters

Adds on, 4 letters

Aglets, 4 letters

Auto needs, 4 letters

Auto plates, 4 letters

Baggage attachments, 4 letters

Baggage identifiers, 4 letters

Baggage labels, 4 letters

Basemen may apply them, 4 letters

Bombs a train car, slangily, 4 letters

Car identifiers, 4 letters

Car owners need them, 4 letters

Catchers may apply them, 4 letters

Catches in a rundown, 4 letters

Clothing accessories?, 4 letters

Clothing labels, 4 letters

Cop slang for license plates, 4 letters

Curlicues, in writing, 4 letters

Department store attachments, 4 letters

Does It's job, 4 letters

Does like it, 4 letters

Dog ___, 4 letters

Dog ___ (G.I. identifiers), 4 letters

Dog ___ (military IDs), 4 letters

Dog ID's, 4 letters

Dogs' licenses, 4 letters

Erases from the bases, 4 letters

First basemen may apply them, 4 letters

Follows (along), 4 letters

Garment labels, 4 letters

Gets it, 4 letters

Gets out, in a way, 4 letters

Gets out?, 4 letters

Gets to it, 4 letters

Gift attachments, 4 letters

Gives a ticket, 4 letters

Graffiti artists' signatures, 4 letters

Graffiti signatures, 4 letters

Graffitists' scrawls, 4 letters

Hits hard, 4 letters

ID's, 4 letters

Identifies, 4 letters

Identifies, as in a Facebook photo, 4 letters

Identifies, in a way, 4 letters

IDs on a carousel, 4 letters

Lab tables, 4 letters

Labels, 4 letters

Labels at Eatons, e.g., 4 letters

License plates, 4 letters

Luggage IDs, 4 letters

Makes 'it', 4 letters

Makes it, in a game, 4 letters

Makes out?, 4 letters

Makes someone It, 4 letters

Marks, 4 letters

Marks with graffiti, 4 letters

Merchandise attachments, 4 letters

Merchandise markers, 4 letters

Morgue ID's, 4 letters

New car necessities, 4 letters

New-garment attachments, 4 letters

Nicknames, 4 letters

Places for prices, 4 letters

Plates, 4 letters

Plates in motion?, 4 letters

Plates that move, 4 letters

Plates that travel, 4 letters

Prepares to go home, with up, 4 letters

Price holders, 4 letters

Price indicators, 4 letters

Price markers, 4 letters

Price stickers, 4 letters

Price-bearing flaps, 4 letters

Pricey items?, 4 letters

Product identifiers, 4 letters

Puts a price on, 4 letters

Puts one's mark on, in a way, 4 letters

Puts out, say, 4 letters

Quotations added for special effect, 4 letters

Readies for sale, 4 letters

Retires a baserunner, perhaps, 4 letters

Sale labels, 4 letters

Sale sights, 4 letters

Scores from third on a fly to right, 4 letters

Scores on a fly, 4 letters

Search keywords, 4 letters

Shortstops may apply them, 4 letters

Slaps the ball on, 4 letters

Some Fenway putouts, 4 letters

Some graffiti signatures (which were used to form this puzzle's four longest answers), 4 letters

Some ID's, 4 letters

Some putouts, 4 letters

Stops a stealer, 4 letters

Store-clothes attachments, 4 letters

Story morals, e.g., 4 letters

Tail ends, 4 letters

They can put you out, 4 letters

They hang out in stores, 4 letters

They may be applied in baseball, 4 letters

They may be applied near bases, 4 letters

They may be itchy in sweaters, 4 letters

They may put players out, 4 letters

They provide identification, 4 letters

They're marked for markdowns, 4 letters

Tickets, 4 letters

Touches, 4 letters

Touches an Angel, 4 letters

Touches first before going to second, 4 letters

Touches with a baseball, 4 letters

Touches, in a kids' game, 4 letters

Touches, in play, 4 letters

Urban artists' signatures, 4 letters

Uses spray paint, in a way, 4 letters

Where prices are seen, 4 letters

Where prices are shown, 4 letters

Writes graffiti on, 4 letters

Yard sale labels, 4 letters

Yard sale need, 4 letters

Yard sale staples, 4 letters

YouTube keywords, 4 letters

Antique-store event, 7 letters

Auction alternative, 7 letters

Bargain event, 7 letters

Bargain hunter's destination, 7 letters

Bargain hunter's stop, 7 letters

Bargain opportunity, 7 letters

Bazaar in the yard, 7 letters

Bric-a-brac disposal event, 7 letters

Classified listing, 7 letters

Common house event before moving, 7 letters

Event before moving, 7 letters

Flea market event, 7 letters

Garage disposal?, 7 letters

Garage event let a gas loose (3,4), 7 letters

Garage or yard event, 7 letters

Home-shopping event?, 7 letters

Homeowner's clearance, 7 letters

House-cleaning event, 7 letters

Household downsizing event, 7 letters

Place to buy bric-a-brac, 7 letters

Pre-moving event, 7 letters

Rummage locale, 7 letters

Shop-at-home method?, 7 letters

Spring cleaning event, 7 letters

Spring cleaning follow-up, 7 letters

Spring cleaning follow-up, perhaps, 7 letters

Spring-cleaning event, maybe, 7 letters

Suburban sign subject, 7 letters

Weekend classified listing, 7 letters

Where to get a good deal, 7 letters

White elephant site, perhaps, 7 letters

Yard event, 7 letters

Bargain hunters' destinations, 8 letters

Business ventures run out of one's garage, 8 letters

Classified-ad category, 8 letters

Neighborhood shopping events, 8 letters

Pre-moving events, 8 letters

Shopper list, 8 letters

Subjects of many notices stapled to telephone poles, 8 letters

Decides to go, 9 letters

Decides to go (with), 9 letters

Trails, 9 letters

Labeler's retreat?, 9 letters

Changes places with a partner, in wrestling, 6 letters

Lays a glove on, maybe, 7 letters

Retires on the base path, 7 letters

Does a baseball runner's job, 6 letters

Gets ready to go home, maybe, 6 letters

Prepares to go home, maybe, 6 letters

Retouches third base, perhaps, 6 letters

Retouches third, say, 6 letters

Returns to base, 6 letters

Starts for third, returns to second and heads for home, say, 6 letters

Touches a base after a fly is caught, 6 letters

Touches a base before running, 6 letters

Touches base on a fly ball, 6 letters

Waits for a catch, 6 letters

Gang up on, 7 letters

Pro wrestling combination, 7 letters

Professional wrestling duo, 7 letters

Ring duo, 7 letters

Ring pair, 7 letters

Steve Roll'n Gibson and DC the Brain Supreme, 7 letters

Wrestling duo, 7 letters

Wrestling pair, 7 letters

Wrestling partners, 7 letters

Wrestling partnership, 7 letters

Wrestling ring duo, 7 letters

Wrestling variety, 7 letters

Feature of some wrestling matches, 8 letters

Ring duos, 8 letters

Take-down artists, perhaps, 8 letters

Wrestling duos, 8 letters

DOG ___, 21 letters

Advance after a catch in baseball, 5 letters

Advance after a fly ball, 5 letters

Advice to a base runner before leaving base, 5 letters

Base coach's instruction, 5 letters

Base-running term, 5 letters

Do this before going home after a caught fly, 5 letters

Get ready to advance after a fly ball, 5 letters

Get ready to run, in baseball, 5 letters

Go back before proceeding, 5 letters

Go back to base, 5 letters

Go back to third, maybe, 5 letters

Instruction to a base runner, 5 letters

Prepare to advance after a fly ball, 5 letters

Prepare to advance on a fly, 5 letters

Prepare to advance on a sac fly, 5 letters

Prepare to advance, diamondwise, 5 letters

Prepare to advance, in a way, 5 letters

Prepare to advance, in baseball, 5 letters

Prepare to go home, perhaps, 5 letters

Prepare to go home?, 5 letters

Prepare to run home, 5 letters

Prepare to score, 5 letters

Prepare to score on a fly ball, 5 letters

Prepare to score on a sac fly, 5 letters

Retouch after a fly out, 5 letters

Return to base, 5 letters

Return to base after a fly ball, 5 letters

Return to base before proceeding, 5 letters

Return to one's base, 5 letters

Run after a fly?, 5 letters

Something base runners may do, 5 letters

Stay on base for now, 5 letters

Touch base, 5 letters

Touch base after a fly-out, 5 letters

Touch base again, 5 letters

Touch base on a fly, 5 letters

Touch base, perhaps, 5 letters

Touch base, then run, 5 letters

Touch the base prior to advancing after a fly out: 2 wds., 5 letters

Try to advance a base, 5 letters

Try to advance after a fly, 5 letters

Try to advance on a fly out, 5 letters

Try to score, perhaps, 5 letters

What a runner may do during a fly ball, 5 letters

What you might do when running away from home, 5 letters

Iberian river, 5 letters

Lisbon's river, 5 letters

Portuguese river, 5 letters

Toledo's river, 5 letters

A European river, 5 letters

Flows into the North Atlantic, 5 letters

Cry before No backsies!, 10 letters

Cry in a kid's game, 10 letters

Phrase heard after a chase, 10 letters

Playground proclamation, 10 letters

Playground shout, 10 letters

Shrub of Canary Islands having bristle-tipped oblanceolate leaves, 9 letters

Used as cattle fodder, 9 letters

Marigolds, 9 letters

Pasta cut in narrow ribbons, 11 letters

East Indian flying squirrel, 6 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..