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___ and the Pussycat (lullaby), 3 letters

100 Acres Wood resident, 3 letters

Hooty, e.g., 3 letters

Horned flyer, 3 letters

I am like an ___ of the desert (Psalms 102:6), 3 letters

The ___ and the Pussycat, 3 letters

The ___ and the Pussycat (1970), 3 letters

The House at Pooh Corner bird, 3 letters

There shall the great ___ make her nest (Is 34:15), 3 letters

Whoo... whoo... caller, 3 letters

Whoo caller, 3 letters

Wise bird, 3 letters

A real fly-by-night, 3 letters

Animal that took three licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, 3 letters

Antipollution mascot Woodsy ___, 3 letters

Archimedes in The Sword in the Stone, 3 letters

Athena associate, 3 letters

Athena's attendant, 3 letters

Athena's emblem, 3 letters

Athena's feathered friend, 3 letters

Athena's symbol, 3 letters

Athenian emblem, 3 letters

Attendant of Athena, 3 letters

Avian hooter, 3 letters

Avian symbol of symbol, 3 letters

Avian symbol of wisdom, 3 letters

Barn ___, 3 letters

Barn animal, 3 letters

Barn bird, 3 letters

Barn denizen, 3 letters

Barn dweller, 3 letters

Barn hooter, 3 letters

Barn resident, 3 letters

Big-eyed barn bird, 3 letters

Big-eyed bird, 3 letters

Big-eyed raptor, 3 letters

Big-eyed scavenger, 3 letters

Bill Cosby, in college, 3 letters

Bird associated with Athena, 3 letters

Bird in the Harry Potter books, 3 letters

Bird of Minerva, 3 letters

Bird of prey, 3 letters

Bird sacred to Athena, 3 letters

Bird seen with Mictlantecuhtli, the Aztec god of death, 3 letters

Bird that can turn its head 135 degrees in both directions, 3 letters

Bird that gives a hoot, 3 letters

Bird that hoots, 3 letters

Bird that hoots at night, 3 letters

Bird that's a Masonic symbol, 3 letters

Bird that's a symbol of wisdom, 3 letters

Bird that's sometimes spotted, 3 letters

Bird with binocular vision, 3 letters

Bird with ear tufts, 3 letters

Brainy-looking bird, 3 letters

Bright bird, 3 letters

Brood : chicken :: parliament : ___, 3 letters

Bubo or tyto, 3 letters

Catching one in a dream means you should be wary of bad company, supposedly, 3 letters

Certain mouse catcher, 3 letters

Chipmunk snatcher, 3 letters

Cosby in college, 3 letters

Creature said to be wise, 3 letters

Daytime sleeper, 3 letters

Deliverer of Hogwarts air mail, 3 letters

Emblem of Hooters, 3 letters

Feathered barn percher, 3 letters

Flat-faced flyer, 3 letters

Fly-by-night operation?, 3 letters

Fly-by-night predator, 3 letters

Fly-by-night sort, 3 letters

Fly-by-night type?, 3 letters

Fly-by-night?, 3 letters

Forest hooter, 3 letters

Forestland spokesfigure Woodsy, 3 letters

Friend of Pooh, 3 letters

Friend of Winnie the Pooh, 3 letters

Greek X, 3 letters

Harry Potter pet, 3 letters

Harry Potter's Hedweg, for one, 3 letters

Harry Potter's Hedwig, e.g., 3 letters

Harry Potter's messenger bird Hedwig, e.g., 3 letters

Harry Potter's pet Hedwig, e.g., 3 letters

He gives a hoot, 3 letters

Head-rotating bird, 3 letters

Hedwig, for one, 3 letters

Hieroglyphic symbol for the ancient Egyptian M, 3 letters

Hogwarts flier, 3 letters

Hogwarts letter carrier, 3 letters

Hogwarts mail deliverer, 3 letters

Hogwarts message carrier, 3 letters

Hogwarts messenger, 3 letters

Hogwarts postal carrier, 3 letters

Hooter, 3 letters

Hooter hiding in five answers of this puzzle, 3 letters

Hooter seen at night, 3 letters

Hooter that may be found nesting in any of eight spots herein, 3 letters

Hooters mascot, 3 letters

Hooters model?, 3 letters

Hooters restaurant emblem, 3 letters

Hooting bird, 3 letters

Hooting hunter, 3 letters

Horned ___, 3 letters

Horned hooter, 3 letters

Horned one, 3 letters

Hundred Acre Wood resident, 3 letters

Hunter that gives a hoot, 3 letters

In literature Pussycat.s friend, 3 letters

Inspired The Who's name?, 3 letters

It gives a hoot, really, 3 letters

It likes the night life, 3 letters

It may be snowy or spotted, 3 letters

It may be spotted in the forest, 3 letters

It may whoop it up at night, 3 letters

It prefers the night life, 3 letters

It's said to be wise, 3 letters

Keeper of late hours, informally, 3 letters

Lark's nocturnal counterpart, 3 letters

Mail deliverer, in Harry Potter books, 3 letters

Maker of night flights, 3 letters

Message carrier at Hogwarts, 3 letters

Minerva, symbolically, 3 letters

Minerva's symbol, 3 letters

Mister Rogers's X, for one, 3 letters

Mouse catcher, 3 letters

Mousehawk, 3 letters

Night ___, 3 letters

Night ___ (person who stays up late), 3 letters

Night flier, 3 letters

Night hooter, 3 letters

Night person, 3 letters

Night predator, 3 letters

Night preyer, 3 letters

Night screecher, 3 letters

Night stalker, 3 letters

Night watcher, 3 letters

Nighttime bird, 3 letters

Nighttime hunter, 3 letters

Nighttime noisemaker, 3 letters

Nighttime screecher, 3 letters

Nocturnal bird, 3 letters

Nocturnal bird of prey, 3 letters

Nocturnal creature, 3 letters

Nocturnal flier, 3 letters

Nocturnal hunter, 3 letters

Nocturnal observer, 3 letters

Nocturnal predator, 3 letters

Nocturnal raptor, 3 letters

Noiseless flier, 3 letters

Noisy bird at night, 3 letters

Notable head-turner, 3 letters

Noted head-turner, 3 letters

One that gives a hoot, 3 letters

One was asked How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?, 3 letters

One who gives a hoot, 3 letters

One who stays up late, 3 letters

One who whoops it up at night?, 3 letters

Pal of Pooh, 3 letters

Pal of Pooh and Piglet, 3 letters

Parliament member, 3 letters

Pea-green boat passenger, 3 letters

Pea-green boat rider, 3 letters

Pea-green boat traveler, 3 letters

Pet for Harry Potter, 3 letters

Pooh pal, 3 letters

Pooh's adviser, 3 letters

Pooh's feathered friend, 3 letters

Potter bird, 3 letters

Potter's Hedwig, e.g., 3 letters

Predator capable of 270-degree head rotation, 3 letters

Predator with a 270-degree head rotation, 3 letters

Pussy-Cat's suitor, 3 letters

Pussycat partner, 3 letters

Pussycat partner of poem, 3 letters

Pussycat's boat mate, 3 letters

Pussycat's companion, 3 letters

Pussycat's companion in an Edward Lear poem, 3 letters

Pussycat's companion, in verse, 3 letters

Pussycat's film partner, 3 letters

Pussycat's mate, 3 letters

Pussycat's seafaring partner, 3 letters

Pussycat's shipmate, 3 letters

Raptorial bird, 3 letters

Rice athlete, 3 letters

Rice University mascot, 3 letters

Rice University player, 3 letters

Rodent-eating bird, 3 letters

Round-faced bird, 3 letters

Round-faced flier, 3 letters

Saw-whet, 3 letters

Screech or hoot follower, 3 letters

Screech producer, 3 letters

Screech, e.g., 3 letters

Screech, for one, 3 letters

Seagoing bird of rhyme, 3 letters

Smart bird, 3 letters

Something spotted in a tree, 3 letters

Spotted or barn, 3 letters

Strigiform animal, 3 letters

Strigiform bird, 3 letters

Supposedly wise bird, 3 letters

Symbol of Athena, 3 letters

Symbol of Minerva, 3 letters

Symbol of sagacity, 3 letters

Symbol of wisdom, 3 letters

Temple athlete, 3 letters

Temple mascot, 3 letters

Temple player, 3 letters

Temple student, 3 letters

Temple University athlete, 3 letters

Temple University player, 3 letters

The Dead Kennedys' I Am the ___, 3 letters

Tootsie Pop ad creature, 3 letters

User of night vision, 3 letters

What Hoots is, on Sesame Street, 3 letters

Wide-eyed predator, 3 letters

Wise friend of Pooh, 3 letters

Wise guy, 3 letters

Wise hooter, 3 letters

Wise model, 3 letters

Wise old bird, 3 letters

Wise one, 3 letters

Wise Potato Chips bird, 3 letters

Wise Potato Chips symbol, 3 letters

Woodsy --, 3 letters

Woodsy, e.g., 3 letters

Woodsy, for one, 3 letters

Word with elf or barn, 3 letters

X, in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, 3 letters

Nocturnal bird of prey with hawk-like beak and claws and large head with front-facing eyes, 3 letters

Byrds hit?, 11 letters

Wise 1972 hit by The Spinners?, 11 letters

Bird's equivalent of Well...Son of a gun, 11 letters

Billie Holiday classic?, 14 letters

One-hit wonder that totally ripped off the Postal Service for its 2009 #1 hit Fireflies, 7 letters

Hooted, in a way, 5 letters

It might hatch in a barn, 6 letters

Hogwarts birdhouse, 6 letters

Hogwarts Castle room, 6 letters

Hogwarts roost, 6 letters

Hooter's hangout, 6 letters

___ moth (nocturnal insect), 5 letters

Apprentice night stalker, 5 letters

Avian baby, 5 letters

Baby barn bird, 5 letters

Baby bird, 5 letters

Baby bird of prey, 5 letters

Baby bird that hoots, 5 letters

Baby boobook, 5 letters

Baby hooter, 5 letters

Baby screecher, 5 letters

Baby that gives a hoot, 5 letters

Baby with big eyes, 5 letters

Barn baby, 5 letters

Barn nestling, 5 letters

Barn newcomer, 5 letters

Barn young 'un, 5 letters

Barnyard baby, 5 letters

Big-eyed baby, 5 letters

Bird of prey to be?, 5 letters

Bird of the night, 5 letters

Certain baby bird, 5 letters

Certain fledgling, 5 letters

Certain screecher's offspring, 5 letters

Chick that gives a hoot, 5 letters

Egg's content, maybe, 5 letters

Forest fledgling, 5 letters

Future hooter, 5 letters

Half-grown hooter, 5 letters

He can hardly give a hoot, 5 letters

He gives a hoot, 5 letters

Hooter's chick, 5 letters

Hooter's hatchling, 5 letters

Hooter's young, 5 letters

Hooter's youngster, 5 letters

Hooting baby bird, 5 letters

Immature hooter, 5 letters

Immature raptor, 5 letters

Infant hooter, 5 letters

It barely gives a hoot, 5 letters

It doesn't give much of a hoot, 5 letters

It gives a (little) hoot, 5 letters

Itty-bitty screecher, 5 letters

Junior hooter, 5 letters

Just-hatched hooter, 5 letters

Little barn bird, 5 letters

Little bird of prey, 5 letters

Little bird with big peepers, 5 letters

Little hooter, 5 letters

Little hooting bird, 5 letters

Little night flyer, 5 letters

Little screecher, 5 letters

Little wise bird, 5 letters

Little wise guy?, 5 letters

Little wise one, 5 letters

Mini-hooter, 5 letters

Miniature hooter, 5 letters

Newborn with big eyes, 5 letters

Newly hatched hooter, 5 letters

Night flier to be, 5 letters

Night hunter of the future, 5 letters

Night-hunter-to-be, 5 letters

Nocturnal fledgling, 5 letters

Nocturnal hatchling, 5 letters

Nocturnal nestling, 5 letters

Nocturnal newborn, 5 letters

Nocturnal newcomer, 5 letters

One hardly giving a hoot?, 5 letters

One who hardly gives a hoot?, 5 letters

Screeching baby?, 5 letters

Small bird, 5 letters

Small hooter, 5 letters

Small screecher, 5 letters

Small, wise bird, 5 letters

Strigine babe, 5 letters

Tiny hooter, 5 letters

Wee hooter, 5 letters

Wise baby?, 5 letters

Wise youngster?, 5 letters

Young barn bird, 5 letters

Young barnyard bird, 5 letters

Young bird of prey, 5 letters

Young hooter, 5 letters

Young hooting bird, 5 letters

Young night bird, 5 letters

Young night hunter, 5 letters

Young raptor, 5 letters

Young screecher, 5 letters

Youngster in a parliament, 5 letters

Youngster who's up all night, 5 letters

Youngster with disproportionately large eyes, 5 letters

Young owl, 5 letters

Baby hooters, 6 letters

Barn babies, 6 letters

Barn fledglings, 6 letters

Barn young, 6 letters

Big-eyed nestlings, 6 letters

Birds of the genus Athene, 6 letters

Certain hatchlings, 6 letters

Future night fliers, 6 letters

Hooting babies, 6 letters

Junior screechers, 6 letters

Little barn fliers, 6 letters

Little hooters, 6 letters

Little hooters with big peepers, 6 letters

Little ones that give a hoot, 6 letters

Little wise guys?, 6 letters

Little wise ones, 6 letters

Mouse-eating nestlings, 6 letters

Newly hatched hooters, 6 letters

Nocturnal nestlings, 6 letters

Nocturnal newborns, 6 letters

Ones involved in barn raisings?, 6 letters

Small hooters, 6 letters

Some baby birds, 6 letters

Some young predators, 6 letters

They can barely give a hoot, 6 letters

They hardly give a hoot, 6 letters

Wide-eyed young 'uns, 6 letters

Wise kids?, 6 letters

Young barn birds, 6 letters

Young hooters, 6 letters

Baby bird with a booboo?, 14 letters

Comfortable perches and plenty of nocturnal prey?, 15 letters

Nocturnal bird that isn't being roughly squeezed, 15 letters

Bird uninjured after an accident?, 13 letters

Show about a bigoted bird?, 14 letters

Bespectacled, 6 letters

Giving a hoot?, 6 letters

Goggle-eyed, 6 letters

Hooterlike, 6 letters

Like a hooter, 6 letters

Like a night predator, 6 letters

Like a nocturnal bird, 6 letters

Like a wise bird, 6 letters

Like a wise guy?, 6 letters

Resembling a hooting bird, 6 letters

Resembling a ruru, 6 letters

Round-eyed, 6 letters

Scholarly-looking, 6 letters

Smart-looking, 6 letters

Solemn in appearance, 6 letters

Solemn-looking, 6 letters

Starey-eyed, 6 letters

Studious, 6 letters

Studious-looking, 6 letters

Wide-eyed and wise, maybe, 6 letters

Wise, 6 letters

Wise-looking, 6 letters

Wise, figuratively, 6 letters

Wise, presumably, 6 letters

Acting like a night predator, 8 letters

Nursery-rhyme bird?, 11 letters

Resembling Woodsy, 7 letters

Solemn in appearance, 7 letters

'Hooters' starts to offer wider lo-cal selection (4), 4 letters

Harry Potter birds, 4 letters

Legend of the Guardians birds, 4 letters

1981 Little River Band hit The Night ___, 4 letters

A group of them is called a parliament, 4 letters

A type of clover, 4 letters

Athletes at Bill Cosby's alma mater, 4 letters

Avian screechers, 4 letters

Avian symbols of wisdom, 4 letters

Barn and screech, 4 letters

Barn and screech, e.g., 4 letters

Barn birds, 4 letters

Barn denizens, 4 letters

Barn-dwelling birds, 4 letters

Big-eyed birds, 4 letters

Big-eyed fliers, 4 letters

Birds in barns, 4 letters

Birds of prey, 4 letters

Birds that may be spotted, 4 letters

Birds whose heads can rotate 135 degrees left or right, 4 letters

Birds with binocular vision, 4 letters

Birds with rare binocular vision, 4 letters

Chicago indie rock band, The ___, 4 letters

Denizens of barns, 4 letters

Feathered head-turners, 4 letters

Feathered mouse-hunters, 4 letters

Feathery predators, 4 letters

Fifth-year exams at Hogwarts, 4 letters

Fly-by-night birds, 4 letters

Fly-by-night critters, 4 letters

Fly-by-night operators?, 4 letters

Fly-by-night sorts?, 4 letters

Fly-by-nighters?, 4 letters

Forest hooters, 4 letters

Good mousers, 4 letters

Harfangs, 4 letters

Harry Potter's Hedwig, et al., 4 letters

Hogwarts birds, 4 letters

Hogwarts mail carriers, 4 letters

Hogwarts messengers, 4 letters

Hooters, 4 letters

Hooters at night, 4 letters

Hooters in the night, 4 letters

Hooters that come out at night, 4 letters

Hooting birds, 4 letters

Hooting hunters, 4 letters

Impressive head-turners, 4 letters

Late-night fliers, 4 letters

Letter carriers in Harry Potter, 4 letters

Little River Band Night ___, 4 letters

Mail carriers at Hogwarts, 4 letters

Mail deliverers at Hogwarts, 4 letters

Mail deliverers in the Harry Potter books, 4 letters

Message carriers in Harry Potter's world, 4 letters

Messengers at Hogwarts, 4 letters

Messengers in Harry Potter books, 4 letters

Mice catchers, 4 letters

Mice hunters, 4 letters

Moreporks, 4 letters

Mouse catchers, 4 letters

Mouse hunters, 4 letters

Night ___, 4 letters

Night birds, 4 letters

Night callers, 4 letters

Night fliers, 4 letters

Night hunters, 4 letters

Night people, 4 letters

Night predators, 4 letters

Nocturnal birds, 4 letters

Nocturnal birds of prey, 4 letters

Nocturnal hooters, 4 letters

Nocturnal preyers, 4 letters

Nocturnal raptors, 4 letters

Nocturnal rat catchers, 4 letters

Ones taking night flights?, 4 letters

Parliament members, 4 letters

Potter's postmen?, 4 letters

Predators of mice, 4 letters

Predatory hooters, 4 letters

Quiet raptors, 4 letters

Rat catchers, 4 letters

Rice athletes, 4 letters

Rice or Temple athletes, 4 letters

Rice players, 4 letters

Rice University athletes, 4 letters

Rice University nickname, 4 letters

Rice University team, 4 letters

Screechers, 4 letters

Screechers at night, 4 letters

Severe-looking birds, 4 letters

Snowy and gray?, 4 letters

Some are horned, 4 letters

Some may be spotted, 4 letters

Some mice catchers, 4 letters

Some rat catchers, 4 letters

Supposedly wise birds, 4 letters

Symbols of wisdom, 4 letters

Team from Temple, 4 letters

Temple athletes, 4 letters

Temple attendees cheer for them, 4 letters

Temple attenders?, 4 letters

Temple footballers, 4 letters

Temple gridders, 4 letters

Temple or Rice 11, 4 letters

Temple team, 4 letters

Temple University athletes, 4 letters

Temple University team, 4 letters

Temple varsity, 4 letters

Their necks can turn 270 degrees, 4 letters

They fly by night, 4 letters

They give a hoot, 4 letters

They may give a hoot, 4 letters

They might give a hoot, 4 letters

They prey at night, 4 letters

They prey every night, 4 letters

They sometimes have great horns, 4 letters

They swoop down on mice, 4 letters

They take night flights, 4 letters

They're known for head-turning, 4 letters

Two residents of the Old Man's beard, in a Lear verse, 4 letters

Ululating birds, 4 letters

What big eyes they have, 4 letters

Wide-eyed predators, 4 letters

Wise birds, 4 letters

Wise flyers, 4 letters

Wise ones, 4 letters

Wizarding world messengers, 4 letters

Temple, 10 letters

Big-eyed, 4 letters

Comic-book wise bird, 4 letters

Hooteresque kids' toon, 4 letters

It precedes oxen free, 4 letters

Like a night bird, 4 letters

Like some night birds, 4 letters

Like Temple's team?, 4 letters

Like Woodsy?, 4 letters

Nearsighted, 4 letters

Starry-eyed, 4 letters

Stout perennial herb of western United States having flower heads with drooping orange-yellow rays, 8 letters

Causes spewing sickness in sheep, 8 letters

The elapsed time it takes for light (or radio signals) to travel between the Earth and a celestial object, 4 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..