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Happy Days address, 3 letters

Happy Days dad, informally, 3 letters

Happy Days dad, to Fonzie, 3 letters

Happy Days father, informally, 3 letters

Happy Days nickname, 3 letters

Address used by Fonzie, 3 letters

Howard Cunningham, to Fonzie, 3 letters

Perry Como , familiarly, 3 letters

Perry Como, affectionately, 3 letters

Perry Como's nickname, 3 letters

Richie's dad, to Fonzie, 3 letters

Richie's dad, to the Fonz, 3 letters

Richie's father, to Fonzie, 3 letters

Richie's pop, to the Fonz, 3 letters

Shortcake's dad, to Fonzie, 3 letters

Bodybuilding title won by Jon Mikl Thor in 1973, 8 letters

Line from a '60s human-interest show, 21 letters

1939 title role for Robert Donat, 7 letters

Oscar role of '39, 7 letters

Role for Donat or O'Toole, 7 letters

Bald guy on Madison Avenue?, 7 letters

Bald helper around the house, 7 letters

Bald man of advertising, 7 letters

Bald pitcher?, 7 letters

Brand mascot with an earring, 7 letters

Grime fighter, 7 letters

He's called Don Limpio in Spain, 7 letters

Magic Eraser touter, 7 letters

Personified detergent, 7 letters

Product mascot with a single earring, 7 letters

Spokesman with folded arms, 7 letters

Mascot to improve the image of mining, or a household chemical company's expansion into energy?, 11 letters

Procter & Gamble mascot wins every game?, 13 letters

BILL, 15 letters

Assimilate to the customs of the U.S., 5 letters

Venice's Piazza San ___, 4 letters

Appliance brand that helps you wake up?, 8 letters

Automatic-drip machine maker, 8 letters

Brand of home espresso maker, 8 letters

Java man?, 8 letters

Product once endorsed by Joe DiMaggio, 8 letters

Groovy guy, 6 letters

He's no shrinking violet, 6 letters

Hip fellow, 6 letters

Hipster's persona, 6 letters

Joe, formally, 6 letters

Popular dude, 6 letters

Banks, familiarly, 5 letters

Ernie Banks' nickname, 5 letters

Ernie Banks's sobriquet, 5 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..