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Goldeneye gun, 5 letters

1890s gold rush site, 8 letters

Bar with a polar bear logo, 8 letters

Gold rush site of the 1890s, 8 letters

Gold-rush site, 8 letters

Gold-rush site: 1890's, 8 letters

Solitaire game, 8 letters

Yukon region, 8 letters

Yukon territory, 8 letters

A region in northwestern Canada where gold was discovered in 1896 but exhausted by 1910, 8 letters

Eskimo Pie alternative, 11 letters

Frozen asset?, 11 letters

Item raised on a Yukon farm?, 12 letters

German poet (1724-1803), 9 letters

Salt of potassium (trade names Kaochlor and K-lor and Klorvess and K-lyte), 8 letters

Used to treat potassium deficiency, 8 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..