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___-O, 4 letters

Become cohesive, 4 letters

Become definite, 4 letters

Become firm, 4 letters

Come together, 4 letters

Congeal, 4 letters

Crystallize, 4 letters

Fall into place, 4 letters

Get set, 4 letters

Set, 4 letters

Set, as mousse, 4 letters

Solidify, 4 letters

Take definite form, 4 letters

Take form, 4 letters

Take shape, 4 letters

Thicken, 4 letters

Became clear, 6 letters

Became cohesive, 6 letters

Became solid, 6 letters

Came together, 6 letters

Congealed, 6 letters

Solidified, 6 letters

Took shape, 6 letters

Like a serving of eels, perhaps, 7 letters

One way to serve eel, 7 letters

Fifteen-letter soup, 15 letters

Cobbler's slippery problem?, 12 letters

Bread spreads, 7 letters

Toast toppers, 7 letters

Coming together, 7 letters

___ Biafra, 5 letters

*Colorful party drink, 5 letters

Every diet needs a little wiggle room sloganeer, 5 letters

Nervous pudding, 5 letters

Watch it wiggle, see it jiggle brand, 5 letters

Big name in desserts, 5 letters

Bill Cosby has done many ads for them, 5 letters

Bill Cosby once pitched it, 5 letters

Bill Cosby pitched it, 5 letters

Bill Cosby's favorite dessert, 5 letters

Cafeteria dessert, 5 letters

Common hospital serving, 5 letters

Cosby pitched it, 5 letters

Dessert there's always room for, 5 letters

Dessert brand since 1897, 5 letters

Dessert for Bill Cosby, 5 letters

Dessert for the wee set, 5 letters

Dessert in a mold, 5 letters

Dessert introduced in 1897, 5 letters

Dessert served in hospitals, 5 letters

Dessert that there's always room for, 5 letters

Dessert that's shaky when it's firm, 5 letters

Dessert with a hyphen, 5 letters

Dessert with a hyphen in its name, 5 letters

Dessert with a museum in Le Roy, New York, 5 letters

Dessert with a museum in LeRoy, NY, 5 letters

Dieter's dessert, 5 letters

Food there's always room for, 5 letters

Fruit-flavored dessert, 5 letters

Hospital dessert, 5 letters

Hyphenated dessert name, 5 letters

It comes in lime, lemon, etc., 5 letters

It may still be moving when you eat it, 5 letters

It's molded in the kitchen, 5 letters

It's often made to fit the mold, 5 letters

Jiggling dessert, 5 letters

Jiggly comestible, 5 letters

Jiggly dessert, 5 letters

Jiggly food, 5 letters

Kind of mold, 5 letters

Kind of shot, 5 letters

Kraft Foods brand, 5 letters

Light dessert, 5 letters

Longtime Jack Benny sponsor, 5 letters

Longtime sponsor of Jack Benny's radio show, 5 letters

Mold-y food?, 5 letters

Molded fare, 5 letters

Mr. Biafra of No More Cocoons, 5 letters

Need for some shots, 5 letters

Post-tonsillectomy treat, 5 letters

Producer of Pudding Pops, 5 letters

Product once pitched by Bill Cosby, 5 letters

Pudding brand, 5 letters

Pudding Pops makers, originally, 5 letters

Quivery dessert, 5 letters

Royal rival, 5 letters

See-through dessert, 5 letters

Shaky dessert, 5 letters

Shaky dessert choice, 5 letters

Shaky dish, 5 letters

Shaky mold, 5 letters

Solution for dessert?, 5 letters

Translucent dessert, 5 letters

Transparent dessert, 5 letters

Unstable dessert product, 5 letters

Utah's official state snack, 5 letters

Utah's state snack food, 5 letters

Wobbly dessert, 5 letters

Wobbly treat, 5 letters

Fruit-flavored dessert (trade mark Jell-O) made from a commercially prepared gelatin powder, 5 letters

Alternative Tentacles co-founder, 11 letters

Punk rock frontman who ran for mayor of San Francisco in 1979, 11 letters

Hand truck for carting around a certain no-bake dessert?, 10 letters

Jiggle meter?, 10 letters

Arguably redundant name for a dessert, 12 letters

Some jigglers, somewhat redundantly, 12 letters

Dessert shaper, 9 letters

Wiggly dessert stale, kemosabe, 8 letters

Kraft Foods dessert served over a bed of pasta, 14 letters

Lemmon's description of Monroe's walk in Some Like It Hot, 9 letters

Campus alcohol novelty, 9 letters

Jigger that jiggles?, 9 letters

Liquor that's not hard, 9 letters

Wobbly stuff that can make you stiff, 10 letters

Becomes cohesive, 5 letters

Coagulates, 5 letters

Congeals, 5 letters

Crystallizes, 5 letters

Gets set, 5 letters

Hardens, 5 letters

Sets, 5 letters

Solidifies, 5 letters

Takes form, 5 letters

Takes shape, 5 letters

Aspic, 5 letters

Bean or fish preceder, 5 letters

Bread spread, 5 letters

Breakfast spread, 5 letters

Frequent partner of peanut butter, 5 letters

Fruity spread, 5 letters

Kid's sandwich staple, 5 letters

PB&J part, 5 letters

Peanut butter accompanier, 5 letters

Peanut-butter partner, 5 letters

Peter Pan's companion?, 5 letters

Sterno, for one, 5 letters

Sweet spread, 5 letters

Toast topper, 5 letters

Toast topping, 5 letters

What shaky knees are like, 5 letters

A substance having the consistency of semi-solid foods, 5 letters

Candy-dish item, 9 letters

Colorful, sugar-coated candy, 9 letters

Element in a guessing contest, 9 letters

Morsel for Ronald Reagan, 9 letters

Ovoid sugarcoated candy, 9 letters

Ronald Reagan's favorite candy, 9 letters

Sweet treat, 9 letters

*Easter Bunny's delivery, 10 letters

'Vegetables' that kids don't mind eating, 10 letters

Kid's meal vegetable?, 10 letters

Movie munchies, 10 letters

Reagan's favorite, 10 letters

Reagan's love, 10 letters

Snacks for Reagan, 10 letters

Two-fer menu item?, 10 letters

The original gourmet candy bean, 10 letters

Classic candy bean, 10 letters

Santa Claus feature, 10 letters

Sport Beans candy maker, 10 letters

'80s girl's accessory, 13 letters

No-nos for a sweet spread?, 10 letters

It gets filled, 13 letters

They can be filled, 14 letters

Indecisive person, 9 letters

Portuguese man-of-war, 9 letters

Spineless one, 9 letters

Spineless sea creature, 9 letters

Spineless sort, 9 letters

Stinging swimmer, 9 letters

Tentacled sea creature, 9 letters

Tentacled stinger, 9 letters

Wishy-washy sort, 9 letters

Large siphonophore having a bladderlike float and stinging tentacles, 9 letters

Any of numerous usually marine and free-swimming coelenterates that constitute the sexually reproductive forms of hydrozoans and scyphozoans, 9 letters

It might be recycled as a glass, 8 letters

Makeshift drinking glass, 8 letters

Smucker's container, 8 letters

Spread source, 8 letters

Ferdinand Morton's moniker, 9 letters

Piano man Morton, 9 letters

Thin sheet of sponge cake spread with jelly and then rolled up to make a cylindrical cake, 9 letters

Reduced rate on Smucker's?, 13 letters

Black Bottom Stomp jazz pianist, 15 letters

Black Bottom Stomp performer, 15 letters

Wolverine Blues jazz great, 15 letters

Ferdinand Joseph Lemott, to jazz fans, 15 letters

Jazz great, 15 letters

Jazz musician of note, 15 letters

Jazz pianist born Ferdinand, 15 letters

Jazz pioneer who wrote Black Bottom Stomp, 15 letters

Musician who played for his breakfast?, 15 letters

New Orleans jazz great, 15 letters

Notable jazz pianist, 15 letters

Pianist who claimed to have invented jazz, 15 letters

Tony-winning role for Gregory Hines, 15 letters

During an earthquake, in the cupboard..., 10 letters

Sponge, 10 letters

Spongy cakes, 10 letters

What happens during a tremor?, 10 letters

Jazz musicians gathering?', 12 letters

Transparent footwear, 9 letters

Clear plastic footwear, 10 letters

Colorful plastic footwear, 10 letters

1992 Gregory Hines musical, 13 letters

Four fish, 15 letters

Park in Ranger Smith's charge, 10 letters

Park that's home to Yogi Bear, 10 letters

Yogi Bear's Park, 10 letters

Place for a hungry bear, 14 letters

A loose cloak with a hood, 7 letters

Worn in the Middle East and northern Africa, 7 letters

Sometimes an aggressive weed, 9 letters

Herb widely distributed in tropics and subtropics used for forage and medicinally as a demulcent and having a fine soft bast stronger than jute, 9 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..