Select a letter

Hit Brit sitcom, 3 letters

Low-grade wool, 3 letters

Warp yarn, 3 letters

___ Eban of Israel, 4 letters

___ Gold (compilation album with Super Trouper), 4 letters

___ Gold, 1992 album that has sold 28 million copies worldwide, 4 letters

'70s mega-selling pop group, 4 letters

'70s pop quartet, 4 letters

'70s rock acronym, 4 letters

'70s rock superstars, 4 letters

'70s supergroup, 4 letters

'70s Swedes, 4 letters

'70s Swedish band, 4 letters

'70s Swedish supergroup, 4 letters

'Chiquitita' band, 4 letters

'Dancing Queen' band, 4 letters

'Dancing Queen' group, 4 letters

'Enclosed rhyme' scheme, 4 letters

'Fernando' foursome, 4 letters

'Fernando' singers, 4 letters

'Knowing Me, Knowing You' band, 4 letters

'Mamma Mia!' band, 4 letters

'Mamma Mia!' music makers, 4 letters

'Mamma Mia' group, 4 letters

'Mamma Mia' quartet, 4 letters

'Mamma Mia' singers, 4 letters

'SOS' band, 4 letters

'SOS' group, 4 letters

'SOS' singers, 4 letters

'Super Trouper' group, 4 letters

'Take a Chance on Me' singers, 4 letters

'Voice of Israel' author Eban, 4 letters

'Waterloo' group, 4 letters

'Waterloo' singers, 4 letters

1970s group that sang Waterloo, 4 letters

1970s hitmakers, 4 letters

1970s-'80s group with a palindromic name, 4 letters

1974 Eurovision Song Contest winners, 4 letters

1974 Eurovision winners, 4 letters

1975 self-titled album, 4 letters

2010 Rock Hall inductees, 4 letters

Acronymic band, 4 letters

Acronymic pop group name, 4 letters

Acronymic singing group, 4 letters

Acronymic Swedish band, 4 letters

Agnetha Faltskog was part of it, 4 letters

Agnetha, Benny and two others, 4 letters

Agnetha, Benny, Bjorn and Anni-Frid, 4 letters

Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and Anni-Frid, 4 letters

Agnetha's pop group, 4 letters

Alphabetically first inductee in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 4 letters

Alphabetically first pop group with a #1 hit, 4 letters

Angeleyes group, 4 letters

Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Agnetha Faltskog, Bjorn Ulvaeus, and Benny Andersson, 4 letters

Balanced rhyme scheme, 4 letters

Band from Stockholm, 4 letters

Band from Sweden, 4 letters

Band that won the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest, 4 letters

Band whose final new album was The Visitors, 4 letters

Band whose last studio album was The Visitors, 4 letters

Band whose male members went on to compose the musical Chess, 4 letters

Band whose name is an acrostic, 4 letters

Band with the first-ever mass-produced CD, 4 letters

Benny and three others, 4 letters

Benny Andersson's claim to fame, 4 letters

Biblical father, 4 letters

Biblical invocation to God, 4 letters

Bishop's title, 4 letters

Bishop's title in many Eastern churches, 4 letters

Bjorn Ulvaeus and pals, 4 letters

Bjorn, Benny, Agnetha and Anni-Frid, 4 letters

Bjorn, Benny, Anna, and Frida, 4 letters

Bjorn's group, 4 letters

Chiquitita group, 4 letters

Chiquitita quartet, 4 letters

Chiquitita singers, 4 letters

Common rhyme scheme, 4 letters

Contemporary of Moshe, 4 letters

Coptic bishop's title, 4 letters

Coptic Church title, 4 letters

Coptic cleric's title, 4 letters

Dancing Queen band from Sweden, 4 letters

Dancing Queen bunch, 4 letters

Dancing Queen music group, 4 letters

Dancing Queen pop group, 4 letters

Dancing Queen quartet, 4 letters

Dancing Queen singers, 4 letters

Diplomat Eban, 4 letters

Disco-era hitmakers from Sweden, 4 letters

Does You Mother Know band, 4 letters

Eastern bishop's title, 4 letters

Eastern church title, 4 letters

Eban, 4 letters

Envoy Eban, 4 letters

Father, in the Bible, 4 letters

Father: Heb., 4 letters

Fernando band, 4 letters

Fernando group, 4 letters

Fernando pop group, 4 letters

Fernando quartet, 4 letters

Focus of the tribute group Bjorn Again, 4 letters

Four musical Swedes, 4 letters

Four Swedish singers, 4 letters

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme group, 4 letters

Golda's successor as Israeli foreign minister, 4 letters

Group behind a 2001 Broadway musical, 4 letters

Group correctly spelled with one mirrored letter, 4 letters

Group inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010, 4 letters

Group signed by Polar Music, 4 letters

Group that did I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, 4 letters

Group that did S.O.S., 4 letters

Group that Erasure covered on a four-song EP in 1992, 4 letters

Group that featured Agnetha F, 4 letters

Group that the tribute band Bj, 4 letters

Group whose music is heard in Mamma Mia!, 4 letters

Group whose name came from the first four letters of its members' names, 4 letters

Group whose name combines the first letters of its members' names, 4 letters

Group with Benny and Bjorn, 4 letters

Group with the 1976 hit Fernando, 4 letters

Group with the hit 'Waterloo', 4 letters

Hasta Manana band, 4 letters

Hebrew father, 4 letters

Honey, Honey and Money, Money, Money band, 4 letters

I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do group, 4 letters

I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do group, 4 letters

I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do quartet, 4 letters

I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do singers, 4 letters

Inspiration for Bj, 4 letters

Inspiration for Broadway's Mamma Mia!, 4 letters

Inspiration for Mamma Mia!, 4 letters

Inspiration for the tribute bands Bj, 4 letters

Israel's Eban, 4 letters

Israeli diplomat Eban, 4 letters

Israeli pol Eban, 4 letters

Israeli statesman Eban, 4 letters

Knowing Me, Knowing You group, 4 letters

Mamma Mia foursome, 4 letters

Mamma Mia inspiration, 4 letters

Mamma Mia performers, 4 letters

Mamma Mia pop group, 4 letters

Mamma Mia! basis, 4 letters

Mamma Mia! is based on their tunes, 4 letters

Mamma Mia! music source, 4 letters

Mamma Mia! musicians, 4 letters

Mamma Mia! song source, 4 letters

Mamma Mia! Swedes, 4 letters

Marta ___ (addressee of Pirandello's love letters), 4 letters

Mideast diplomat Eban, 4 letters

Money, Money, Money band, 4 letters

Money, Money, Money group, 4 letters

Money, Money, Money music makers, 4 letters

Mr. Eban, 4 letters

Oriental bishop, 4 letters

Palindrome in pop, 4 letters

Palindrome in pop music, 4 letters

Palindromic band, 4 letters

Palindromic clerical title, 4 letters

Palindromic music makers, 4 letters

Palindromic name in pop music, 4 letters

Palindromic pop band, 4 letters

Palindromic pop group, 4 letters

Palindromic pop quartet, 4 letters

Palindromic rock group, 4 letters

Palindromic singers of the palindromic hit SOS, 4 letters

Palindromic singing group, 4 letters

Palindromic Swedes, 4 letters

Palindromic Swedish icons, 4 letters

Palindromic synthpop band, 4 letters

Patriarch's title., 4 letters

Pop foursome that took its name from its members' first initials, 4 letters

Pop group in Muriel's Wedding, 4 letters

Pop group on a 1983 stamp in their native Sweden, 4 letters

Pop group or rhyme scheme, 4 letters

Pop group spelled with a backward letter, 4 letters

Pop group that inspired a 2001 Broadway musical, 4 letters

Pop group whose first Top 40 album was, appropriately, Arrival, 4 letters

Pop group whose music was the basis of a hit 2001 Broadway musical, 4 letters

Pop group whose name is coincidentally a rhyme scheme, 4 letters

Pop group with a hit Broadway musical, 4 letters

Pop group, forward or backward, 4 letters

Pop music acronym, 4 letters

Pop quartet from Sweden, 4 letters

Quartet featuring Agnetha Faltskog, 4 letters

Quartet named for its members, 4 letters

Quartet named for its singers, 4 letters

Quartet that broke out in spring 1972, and the scheme of this puzzle's theme, 4 letters

Quatrain pattern, 4 letters

Quatrain rhyme scheme, 4 letters

Quatrain scheme, 4 letters

Redondilla rhyme scheme, 4 letters

Reversible rockers?, 4 letters

Rhyme pattern, 4 letters

Rhyme scheme, 4 letters

Rhyme scheme for Mr. Eban?, 4 letters

Rhyme scheme of 'In Memoriam', 4 letters

Rhyme scheme of Tennyson's 'In Memoriam', 4 letters

Rhyme scheme or rock group, 4 letters

Rhyme structure, 4 letters

Rock group, 4 letters

Rock group from Sweden, 4 letters

Rock group with a mirrored logo, 4 letters

S.O.S. pop group, 4 letters

Scandinavian quartet, 4 letters

Self-titled 1975 album, 4 letters

Self-titled 1975 pop album, 4 letters

Seventies supergroup, 4 letters

Simple rhyme scheme, 4 letters

Singers of Voulez-Vous and Waterloo, 4 letters

Singing Scandinavians, 4 letters

Source of the music for a 2001 theatrical hit, 4 letters

Statesman Eban, 4 letters

Super Trouper band, 4 letters

Super Trouper group, 1980, 4 letters

Swedes who asked Does Your Mother Know?, 4 letters

Swedish band in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 4 letters

Swedish cheese-pop band, 4 letters

Swedish group, 4 letters

Swedish group that won the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest, 4 letters

Swedish group with seven gold U.S. albums, 4 letters

Swedish megaband, 4 letters

Swedish musical group, 4 letters

Swedish pop foursome, 4 letters

Swedish pop group, 4 letters

Swedish pop quartet, 4 letters

Swedish pop-rock group, 4 letters

Swedish quartet, 4 letters

Swedish rock band, 4 letters

Swedish rock gp., 4 letters

Swedish rock group, 4 letters

Swedish rockers, 4 letters

Swedish singers, 4 letters

Swedish singing group, 4 letters

Swedish supergroup, 4 letters

Swedish supergroup of pop music, 4 letters

Take a Chance band, 4 letters

Take a Chance on Me band, 4 letters

Take a Chance on Me group, 4 letters

Take a Chance on Me quartet, 4 letters

Take a Chance on Me Swedes, 4 letters

Thank You for the Music band, 4 letters

Thank You for the Music group, 4 letters

The musical Mamma Mia! is based on their music, 4 letters

The Name of the Game group, 4 letters

The Winner Takes It All group, 4 letters

The world met their Waterloo at Eurovision, 4 letters

Their songs are in Mamma Mia!, 4 letters

Title for a Coptic bishop, 4 letters

Title for God, in the New Testament, 4 letters

Title for some bishops, 4 letters

Top-selling pop group of the '70s, 4 letters

Ulvaeuses' group, 4 letters

Voulez-Vous band, 4 letters

Voulez-Vous group, 4 letters

Voulez-Vous performers, 4 letters

Voulez-Vous pop group, 4 letters

Voulez-Vous singers, 4 letters

Waterloo band, 4 letters

Waterloo pop band, 4 letters

Waterloo pop group, 4 letters

Waterloo quartet, 4 letters

Waterloo singing group, 4 letters

Winners at the 1974 Eurovision contest, 4 letters

Rhyme scheme used by Petrarch, 14 letters

Abbot's place, 6 letters

Head monk's jurisdiction, 6 letters

Head monk's tenure, 6 letters

Main monk's tenure, 6 letters

Monastery head's domain, 6 letters

Monastery head's jurisdiction, 6 letters

Monastery office, 6 letters

Monastic jurisdiction, 6 letters

Monastic office, 6 letters

Monk's tenure, 6 letters

Rights of a monastery's leader, 6 letters

Tenure of abbot, 6 letters

The jurisdiction or office of an abbot, 6 letters

Conductor Claudio, 6 letters

Author of My Country: The Story of Modern Israel, 8 letters

Diplomacy for the Next Century author, 8 letters

Israel in the World author, 8 letters

Israel's first U.N. representative, 8 letters

Israel's first UN delegate, 8 letters

My People writer, 8 letters

Swedish band's good time?, 11 letters

___ the Great, Shah of Iran, 5 letters

An uncle of Mohammed, 5 letters

Arafat successor, 5 letters

Arafat's new prime minister, 5 letters

Coptic bishops, 5 letters

Coptic bishops' titles, 5 letters

Coptic fathers, 5 letters

Coptic titles, 5 letters

Diplomat Eban's namesakes, 5 letters

Eastern bishops, 5 letters

Eban et al., 5 letters

Eban's namesakes, 5 letters

Hebrew fathers, 5 letters

Iranian filmmaker Kiarostami, 5 letters

Israelis Eban and Kovner, 5 letters

Mahmoud of the P.L.O., 5 letters

Mideast fathers, 5 letters

Old Jewish scholars, 5 letters

P.L.O. bigwig Mahmoud, 5 letters

Palestinian leader Mahmoud, 5 letters

Palestinian PM Mahmoud, 5 letters

Palestinian prime minister, 5 letters

Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud ___, 5 letters

PLO chairman Mahmoud ___, 5 letters

PLO chief Mahmoud, 5 letters

PLO leader Mahmoud, 5 letters

Some Egyptian clerics, 5 letters

Statesman Eban and others, 5 letters

Successor to Arafat, 5 letters

The P.L.O.'s Mahmoud ___, 5 letters

Title for Coptic bishops, 5 letters

SOS, 14 letters

___ Lane, who sang for Cugat, 4 letters

___ Prevost, Manon Lescaut novelist, 4 letters

___Prevost, Manon Lescaut author, 4 letters

Actress Lane, 4 letters

Actress Lane of old TV, 4 letters

Archimandrite, 4 letters

Author Pr, 4 letters

Caen clergyman, 4 letters

Caen cleric, 4 letters

Calais clergyman, 4 letters

Calais cleric, 4 letters

Cannes clergyman, 4 letters

Cannes cleric, 4 letters

Chanteuse Lane, 4 letters

Chartres cleric, 4 letters

Cherbourg cleric, 4 letters

Clairvaux cleric, 4 letters

Clergy member, 4 letters

Clergy member, somewhere, 4 letters

Clergyman, 4 letters

Cleric, 4 letters

Cleric in Cannes, 4 letters

Cleric in Chartes, 4 letters

Cleric title, 4 letters

Clerical title, in Caen, 4 letters

Clermont cleric, 4 letters

Cluny cleric, 4 letters

Cugat ex Lane, 4 letters

Cugat's ex Abbe, 4 letters

Cugat's Lane, 4 letters

Cugat's one-time mate Lane, 4 letters

Ecclesiastic title, 4 letters

Ecclesiastic title, in France, 4 letters

Ecclesiastic: Fr., 4 letters

Entertainer Lane, 4 letters

Ex of Cugie, 4 letters

Ex of Xavier, 4 letters

Fr. cleric, 4 letters

French abbot, 4 letters

French author ___ Prevost, 4 letters

French clergyman, 4 letters

French clergyman's title, 4 letters

French cleric, 4 letters

French cleric's title, 4 letters

French ecclesiastic, 4 letters

French Franciscan friar, 4 letters

French friar, 4 letters

French minister, 4 letters

French novelist ___ Pr, 4 letters

French pastor, 4 letters

French priest, 4 letters

French priest's title, 4 letters

French religious title, 4 letters

French secular clergyman, 4 letters

French secular cleric, 4 letters

Frenchman of the cloth, 4 letters

Gallic cleric, 4 letters

Hal, 4 letters

Head of a French monastery, 4 letters

Head of le monast, 4 letters

Lane in show biz, 4 letters

Lane of song, 4 letters

Lane of songdom, 4 letters

Lane who sang with Cugat, 4 letters

Lane who sang with Cugat's orchestra, 4 letters

Lane who sang with Xavier Cugat, 4 letters

Lane who was married to Xavier Cugat, 4 letters

Lane with smooth curves, 4 letters

Lane with the album Be Mine Tonight, 4 letters

Lyons cleric, 4 letters

Member of the clerg, 4 letters

Monastery resident, 4 letters

Musical Lane, 4 letters

Novelist Prevost, 4 letters

One who follows orders?, 4 letters

Onetime Mrs. Cugat, 4 letters

Paris prelate, 4 letters

Paris priest, 4 letters

Parisian cleric, 4 letters

Penultimate ex of Xavier, 4 letters

Poitiers priest, 4 letters

Pop vocalist Lane, 4 letters

Pr.vost or Lema.tre, 4 letters

Quebec cleric, 4 letters

Religious figure, 4 letters

Secular clergyman of France, 4 letters

Secular clergyman, in France, 4 letters

Secular French clergyman, 4 letters

Sermonizer in France, 4 letters

Singer ___ Lane, 4 letters

Singer with Xavier, 4 letters

Singer-actress Lane, 4 letters

Singer-dancer Lane, 4 letters

Songstress Lane, 4 letters

St. Bernard, for one, 4 letters

Sultry singer Lane, 4 letters

Title for a ministre, 4 letters

Title Liszt held, 4 letters

Title of respect for a Parisian cleric, 4 letters

Xavier Cugat's ex-wife, 4 letters

Xavier Cugat's wife Lane, 4 letters

Xavier s wife, 4 letters

Zola's Mouret, for one, 4 letters

Caen clerics, 5 letters

Calais clerics, 5 letters

Cannes clergymen, 5 letters

Clerics of Cluny, 5 letters

Clichy clerics, 5 letters

French clergymen, 5 letters

French clerics, 5 letters

French clerics with wild babes (5), 5 letters

French friars, 5 letters

French holy ones, 5 letters

French monks, 5 letters

French priests, 5 letters

French secular clergymen, 5 letters

Gallic clerics, 5 letters

Holy men, 5 letters

Jazz singing Lane, et al, 5 letters

Liszt and Pr, 5 letters

Monastery Superiors, 5 letters

Monastery VIPs, 5 letters

Montpellier clergy, 5 letters

Paris clerics, 5 letters

Paris priests, 5 letters

Parisian clergy, 5 letters

Parisian priests, 5 letters

Religious men, 5 letters

Secular clergy members, 5 letters

Some clergymen, 5 letters

Some French clergy, 5 letters

Some French clerics, 5 letters

Titles of respect for French clerics, 5 letters

Big sister, 6 letters

Climb Ev'ry Mountain singer in The Sound of Music, 6 letters

Cloister ruler, 6 letters

Convent boss, 6 letters

Convent head, 6 letters

Convent leader, 6 letters

Convent superior, 6 letters

Convent VIP, 6 letters

Conventual superior, 6 letters

First in an order, 6 letters

Head nun, 6 letters

Head of a convent, 6 letters

Heloise, for one, 6 letters

Mother superior, 6 letters

Mother superior, at times, 6 letters

Number-one nun, 6 letters

Nun's superior, 6 letters

One at the top of the order, 6 letters

Religious leader, 6 letters

Sisters' superior, 6 letters

Sound of Music boss, 6 letters

Superior, 6 letters

The Sound of Music figure, 6 letters

Top nun, 6 letters

Walpurgis, e.g., 6 letters

Woman with the title Right Reverend, 6 letters

The superior of a group of nuns, 6 letters

Big sisters?, 8 letters

Convent heads, 8 letters

Convent superiors, 8 letters

Mothers superior, 8 letters

Sisters' superiors, 8 letters

Superiors, 8 letters

Virgin mothers, possibly, 8 letters

___ Road, 5 letters

___ Road (album that contains the song Octopus's Garden), 5 letters

___ Road (Beatles album), 5 letters

6. I was mildly disappointed when I walked down ___ Road in London. I wanted it to be more magical, I guess, 5 letters

Beatles album title word, 5 letters

Beatles' road, 5 letters

Brothers' place, 5 letters

Cloister, 5 letters

Convent, 5 letters

Convent church, 5 letters

Dom's domicile, 5 letters

Dublin theater, 5 letters

Famed Dublin theater, 5 letters

Famous Irish theater, 5 letters

First word of a Beatles' album title, 5 letters

Friar home, 5 letters

Gothic novel setting, maybe, 5 letters

House of worship, 5 letters

Jane Austen's 'Northanger ___', 5 letters

Kind of convent, 5 letters

Large church, 5 letters

London's ___ Road Studios, 5 letters

Monastery, 5 letters

Monastery church, 5 letters

Monk's home, 5 letters

Mont-Saint-Michel attraction, 5 letters

Mont-Saint-Michel, e.g., 5 letters

Northanger ___ (Austen novel), 5 letters

Nunnery, 5 letters

Place of worship, 5 letters

Prior's concern, 5 letters

Prior's priory, 5 letters

Religious retreat, 5 letters

Road for the Fab Four, 5 letters

Road on a Beatles album, 5 letters

Setting for Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose, 5 letters

Setting in The Sound of Music, 5 letters

Setting of a Wordsworth poem, 5 letters

Site of monk business?, 5 letters

Sound of Music setting, 5 letters

Superior residence?, 5 letters

The Beatles went down this road, 5 letters

The Beatles' ___ Road, 5 letters

The Sound of Music setting, 5 letters

Tintern or Westminster, 5 letters

Trappist home, 5 letters

Type of convent, 5 letters

Westminister, for one, 5 letters

Westminster ___, 5 letters

Westminster attraction, 5 letters

Westminster follower, 5 letters

Westminster, e.g., 5 letters

Wordsworth's Tintern, 5 letters

Yeats's ___ Theatre, 5 letters

A church associated with a monastery or convent, 5 letters

A monastery ruled by an abbot, 5 letters

Monastery back street?, 10 letters

50's-90's jazz singer, 12 letters

For Love of Ivy singer, 12 letters

Sitcom title character in a nuns' residence?, 10 letters

... Everest?, 9 letters

1960s album with a cover photo of its band crossing the street, 9 letters

1969 #1 album for 11 weeks, 9 letters

1969 Beatles album, 9 letters

Album whose cover prominently featured a zebra crossing, 9 letters

Album with Ringo's only drum solo as a Beatle, 9 letters

Beatles album, 9 letters

Beatles album whose working title was Everest, 9 letters

Best-selling 1969 album, 9 letters

Classic album with the track Oh! Darling, 9 letters

Late Beatles album, 9 letters

Popular Sixties record album, 9 letters

Dude who carries monks' guitars?, 11 letters

Guardian headline about the decline of a North London street? (The Beatles / The Ramones), 15 letters

Centers of learning in the Dark Ages, 6 letters

Cloisters, 6 letters

Monasteries, 6 letters

Monk habitats, 6 letters

Monks' homes, 6 letters

Monks' milieus, 6 letters

Places with cloisters, 6 letters

Sisters' homes, 6 letters

Some monasteries, 6 letters

St. Mary's and others, 6 letters

Where brothers and sisters hang out, 6 letters

___ Hoffman of the Chicago Seven, 5 letters

___an' Slats, 5 letters

'60s protest leader Hoffman, 5 letters

'60s radical Hoffman, 5 letters

1960s activist Hoffman, 5 letters

Activist Hoffman, 5 letters

Angie's Law & Order role, 5 letters

Chicago 7 guy, 5 letters

Chicago Seven activist Hoffman, 5 letters

Chicago Seven first name, 5 letters

First name of Yippie fame, 5 letters

Hoffman of 1960's-70's radicalism, 5 letters

Hoffman of the Chicago 7, 5 letters

Hoffman of the Yippies, 5 letters

Hoffman the radical, 5 letters

Hoffman who co-founded the Yippies, 5 letters

Hoffman who once backed a pig for president, 5 letters

Hoffman who wrote Steal This Book, 5 letters

Hoffman whom Pete Townshend knocked offstage with a guitar at Woodstock, 5 letters

Old Al Capp strip ___ an' Slats, 5 letters

Old comic strip ___ an' Slats, 5 letters

One of the Hoffmans, 5 letters

Opera singer Mitchell, 5 letters

Opera singer Mitchell of Porgy and Bess, 5 letters

Political activist Hoffman, 5 letters

Radical Hoffman, 5 letters

Sacred cows make the tastiest hamburger quipper Hoffman, 5 letters

Social activist Hoffman, 5 letters

Soon to Be a Major Motion Picture writer Hoffman, 5 letters

Steal This Book author Hoffman, 5 letters

Steal This Book writer Hoffman, 5 letters

Wife in O'Neill's Desire Under the Elms, 5 letters

Yippie founder Hoffman, 5 letters

Yippie Hoffman, 5 letters

Yippie leader Hoffman, 5 letters

Yippie name, 5 letters

Yippies cofounder Hoffman, 5 letters

Wacky woman?, 11 letters

Mr. Hoffman, et al., 6 letters

Aelfric or Alcuin, 5 letters

Archimandrite, 5 letters

Benedictine bigwig, 5 letters

Big brother, 5 letters

Brother's keeper?, 5 letters

Brothers' head, 5 letters

Bud the comedian, 5 letters

Certain superior's title, 5 letters

Chief monk, 5 letters

Church official, 5 letters

Cloister chief, 5 letters

Cloister leader, 5 letters

Cluny clergyman, 5 letters

Crosier carrier, 5 letters

Elected superior, 5 letters

Father of a sort, 5 letters

Father superior, 5 letters

Friar's Club bigwig, 5 letters

Friars Club official, 5 letters

Head monk, 5 letters

Head monk, at a monastery, 5 letters

Head of a monastery, 5 letters

Head of monks, 5 letters

Head of the cloister, 5 letters

Leader elected by monks, 5 letters

Main man in a monastery, 5 letters

Main monk, 5 letters

Man at the monastery, 5 letters

Man with a mission?, 5 letters

Monastery bigwig, 5 letters

Monastery head, 5 letters

Monastery honcho, 5 letters

Monastery leader, 5 letters

Monastery man, 5 letters

Monastery master, 5 letters

Monastery superior, 5 letters

Monastery V.I.P., 5 letters

Monastery's main man, 5 letters

Monastic governor, 5 letters

Monastic leader, 5 letters

Monastic superior, 5 letters

Monastic title, 5 letters

Monk keyman, 5 letters

Monk leader, 5 letters

Monk's boss, 5 letters

Monk's main man, 5 letters

Monk's superior, 5 letters

Monks' head, 5 letters

Mother superior's counterpart, 5 letters

Mozzetta wearer, 5 letters

One giving prior consent?, 5 letters

One in charge of monk business, 5 letters

Prior superior, 5 letters

Religious leader, 5 letters

Right Reverend, 5 letters

Scott's The ___, 5 letters

Superior of a monastery, 5 letters

Superior title?, 5 letters

The man at the monastery, 5 letters

The Name of the Rose figure, 5 letters

The Name of the Rose role, 5 letters

Top monk, 5 letters

Top Trappist, 5 letters

Trappist head, 5 letters

The superior of an abbey of monks, 5 letters

Top monk's position, old-style, 7 letters

Big brothers?, 6 letters

Brothers' bosses, 6 letters

Brothers' keepers?, 6 letters

Cloister chiefs, 6 letters

Crosier carriers, 6 letters

Friars Club officials, 6 letters

Heads of monasteries, 6 letters

Monastery heads, 6 letters

Monastery honchos, 6 letters

Monastery leaders, 6 letters

Monastery superiors, 6 letters

Monks' leaders, 6 letters

Monks' masters, 6 letters

Ones overseeing monk-y business?, 6 letters

Overseers of monk-y business?, 6 letters

Prior superiors, 6 letters

Top monks, 6 letters

Fraser Valley community, 10 letters

Home of a BC airshow, 10 letters

___ Laboratories (Chicago pharmaceutical company), 6 letters

'Flatland' author Edwin A. ___, 6 letters

40's-50's comedy team member, 6 letters

Broadway director of Pal Joey, 6 letters

Bud of Buck Privates, 6 letters

Comedy legend Bud, 6 letters

Costello's costar, 6 letters

Costello's crony, 6 letters

Costello's partner, 6 letters

Costello's straight man, 6 letters

Half of a comic duo, 6 letters

Half the Who's on First? team, 6 letters

Jack who wrote In the Belly of the Beast, 6 letters

One of a classic comedy couple, 6 letters

Portrayer of Who's manager, 6 letters

Straight half of a comedy team, 6 letters

Straight man Bud, 6 letters

The Pajama Game director, 6 letters

What is on second speaker, 6 letters

Who's on first comic, 6 letters

Who's on first speaker, 6 letters

Who's on First straight man, 6 letters

Who's on First? comedian, 6 letters

Who's on First? participant, 6 letters

Who's on first? team member, 6 letters

Buck Privates duo, 13 letters

Joseph of fashion, 6 letters

16-Acr. is one, 4 letters

A.M. or P.M., e.g., 4 letters

Abbreviation abbreviation, 4 letters

Alphabet soup ingred., 4 letters

Answer that's an example of itself, 4 letters

Assn. or org., e.g., 4 letters

Brief form of a wd., 4 letters

Briefly, briefly, 4 letters

Can. or Mex., e.g., 4 letters

Certain dict. entry, 4 letters

Co., for company, e.g., 4 letters

Common crossword clue ending, 4 letters

Common crossword clue letters, 4 letters

Common crossword clue tag, 4 letters

Common dict. entry, 4 letters

Cpl. or U.S.A.F., e.g., 4 letters

Crossword abbr., 4 letters

Crossword clue notation, 4 letters

Crossword-clue tag, 4 letters

E.g., e.g., 4 letters

Each theme ans. contains one, 4 letters

Etc. or et al., 4 letters

Etc. or et al., e.g., 4 letters

Etc. or WSW, 4 letters

Etc., for one, 4 letters

Ex., for example, 4 letters

For short, for short, 4 letters

i.e. or e.g., 4 letters

Inc. or Ltd., 4 letters

Inc., Ltd., or Cie., 4 letters

Init., e.g., 4 letters

Int. or div., 4 letters

It's an example of itself, 4 letters

L.A., but not Chicago, 4 letters

Lb. or oz., e.g., 4 letters

Mass. or Miss., 4 letters

Mr. or Mrs., 4 letters

Mr. or Mrs., e.g., 4 letters

NASA, e.g., 4 letters

Oft-seen puzzle clue letters, 4 letters

Oz. or org., 4 letters

R.B.I. or E.R.A., e.g., 4 letters

RBI, for example, 4 letters

Sch. e.g., 4 letters

Self-descriptive letters, 4 letters

Short cut, in short, 4 letters

Short form of a wd., 4 letters

Short form, for short, 4 letters

Short letters?, 4 letters

Shortcut, for short, 4 letters

Shorten, shortened, 4 letters

Shortened form in shortened form, 4 letters

Shortened form of a wd., 4 letters

Shortened form, for short, 4 letters

Shortened version, for short, 4 letters

Shortened wd., 4 letters

Shortened, like this answer?, 4 letters

Shortening letters, 4 letters

Shortening, briefly, 4 letters

Shortening, in short, 4 letters

Space-saving term, fittingly, 4 letters

SSW or USA, for short, 4 letters

St., ave., or rd., 4 letters

STL or ATL, 4 letters

Sun. or Mon., 4 letters

Sun., for Sunday, 4 letters

T, Th, Thu, Thur, or Thurs, e.g., 4 letters

Tex. or Mex., e.g., 4 letters

The ans. to this clue, e.g., 4 letters

This ans. is one, 4 letters

This ans., e.g., 4 letters

This answer, e.g., 4 letters

This answer, for instance, 4 letters

Truncated form of a wd., 4 letters

Truncated wd., 4 letters

Tues., for Tuesday, 4 letters

USA or Mex., e.g., 4 letters

USA, Can., or Mex., 4 letters

What this ans. is, 4 letters

Etc. or et al., 6 letters

Like this ans., 6 letters

Shortened word for a shortened word, 6 letters

What this ans. is, 6 letters

Shorten, 10 letters

Short-term?, 11 letters

FIRST LETTER, 21 letters

Inc., co., etc., 13 letters


Crucvblsts. try to avoid them, 5 letters

E.g. and etc., e.g., 5 letters

e.g., i.e., and etc., 5 letters

Et al. and etc., e.g., 5 letters

Et al., e.g., et al., e.g., 5 letters

Etc. and ibid., e.g., 5 letters

Etc., e.g., et al., 5 letters

Etc., etc., 5 letters

Lat. and long., e.g., 5 letters

Long. and lat., e.g., 5 letters

Many txted wrds, 5 letters

Mr. and Mrs., 5 letters

Mr. and Mrs., e.g., 5 letters

Oz. and Id., e.g., 5 letters

Sci., st. and sgt., 5 letters

Short forms, for short, 5 letters

Shortened words, for short, 5 letters

Some dict. entries, 5 letters

Tel. and ext., 5 letters

'Dear' woman, 4 letters

A Van Buren, 4 letters

Advice column giant, 4 letters

Advice column pseudonym, 4 letters

Advice columnist, 4 letters

Advice dispenser, 4 letters

Advice icon, 4 letters

Adviser since 1956, 4 letters

Ann Landers' sister, 4 letters

Ann's advice-giving sister, 4 letters

Ann's advice-giving twin, 4 letters

Ann's sister, 4 letters

Apt name for a nun?, 4 letters

Column Dear ___, 4 letters

Columnist read by 100+ million, 4 letters

Counselor Van Buren, 4 letters

Dalton formerly of Falcon Crest, 4 letters

Dear ___, 4 letters

Dear ___ (advice column), 4 letters

Dear advice columnist, 4 letters

Dear advice giver, 4 letters

Dear columnist, 4 letters

Dear dispenser of advice, 4 letters

Dear lady, 4 letters

Dear lady with advice, 4 letters

Dear one, 4 letters

Dear one of advice, 4 letters

Dispenser of free advice, 4 letters

Eight Is Enough wife, 4 letters

ER doctor, 4 letters

Falcon Crest actress Dalton, 4 letters

Falcon Crest's Dalton, 4 letters

First name in advice, 4 letters

First name in advice columns, 4 letters

John Prine's Dear ___, 4 letters

Late advice-columnist Pauline Esther Friedman Phillips, more commonly, 4 letters

Legendary advice giver, 4 letters

Memorable dispenser of free advice, 4 letters

Nickname of First Lady, 1850-53., 4 letters

Noted advice dispenser, 4 letters

Noted adviser, 4 letters

One of two columnist sisters, 4 letters

Onetime advice giver, 4 letters

Pauline Esther Friedman, 4 letters

Popular adviser, 4 letters

She's Dear, 4 letters

She's Dear to newspaper readers, 4 letters

Van Buren of advice, 4 letters

West Wing wife, 4 letters

Word after Dear, 4 letters

Falcon Crest actress, 10 letters

Van Buren and Dalton, 5 letters

A shortened form of a word or phrase, 12 letters

Shortening something by omitting parts of it, 12 letters

One who shortens or abridges or condenses a written work, 11 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..