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Montreal iceman Cournoyer, 4 letters

___ Saint Laurent, 4 letters

___ St. Laurent, 4 letters

Let's Make Love actor Montand, 4 letters

Memphis director Simoneau, 4 letters

Z actor Montand, 4 letters

Z star Montand, 4 letters

2005 chemistry co-Nobelist Chauvin, 4 letters

Actor Montand, 4 letters

Actor-singer Montand, 4 letters

All about ___: fashion, 4 letters

Cousteau's deuxi, 4 letters

Cousteau's middle name, 4 letters

Couturier Saint Laurent, 4 letters

Couturier St. Laurent, 4 letters

Crooning actor Montand, 4 letters

Defenseman Racine, 4 letters

Designer ___ Saint Laurent, 4 letters

Designer St. Laurent, 4 letters

Director Allegret, 4 letters

Entertainer Montand, 4 letters

Fashion designer ___ Saint Laurent, 4 letters

Fashion first name, 4 letters

Fashion's ___ Saint Laurent, 4 letters

Fashion's St. Laurent, 4 letters

First name in design, 4 letters

First name in fashion, 4 letters

First name in French fashion, 4 letters

First part of YSL, 4 letters

French actor Montand, 4 letters

French artist Klein, 4 letters

French cinema's Montand, 4 letters

French crooner Montand, 4 letters

French name, 4 letters

French pop legend Montand, 4 letters

Giorgio rival, 4 letters

He once worked for Christian, 4 letters

Jacques Cousteau's middle name, 4 letters

Jacques-___ Cousteau, 4 letters

M. Montand, 4 letters

Marilyn's Let's Make Love co-star, 4 letters

Marilyn's Let's Make Love man, 4 letters

Marilyn's co-star in Let's Make Love, 4 letters

Monsieur Montand, 4 letters

Montand in Z, 4 letters

Montand of Jean de Florette, 4 letters

Montand of Manon of the Spring, 4 letters

Montand of Tout va bien, 4 letters

Montand of film, 4 letters

Montand of the movies, 4 letters

Montand or St. Laurent, 4 letters

Montand or Tanguy, 4 letters

Painter Tanguy, 4 letters

Paris-born painter Tanguy, 4 letters

Part of Y.S.L., 4 letters

Record producer ___ Beauvais, 4 letters

Rocher of cosmetics, 4 letters

Saint Laurent of fashion, 4 letters

Saint-Laurent on labels, 4 letters

Sarault of the NHL, 4 letters

Singer Montand, 4 letters

Singer-actor Montand, 4 letters

St. Laurent of fashion, 4 letters

St. Laurent or Montand, 4 letters

Stylish St. Laurent, 4 letters

Surrealism's Tanguy, 4 letters

Surrealist painter Tanguy, 4 letters

Surrealist Tanguy, 4 letters

The Y in Y.S.L., 4 letters

The Y of YSL, 4 letters

Y, as in women's wear, 4 letters

YSL opener, 4 letters

Trapeze designer, 13 letters

(missing clue), 6 letters

ER actress Freeman, 6 letters

The Delta Factor actress Mimieux, 6 letters

Where the Boys Are actress Mimieux, 6 letters

1884 short story by Guy de Maupassant, 6 letters

Actress Mimieux, 6 letters

Actress Mimieux of The Time Machine, 6 letters

Actress Mimieux of Where the Boys Are, 6 letters

Actress Mimieux of 1960's The Time Machine, 6 letters

French singer Guilbert, 6 letters

Hollywood's Mimieux, 6 letters

LL Cool J's Dear ___, 6 letters

Mimieux of 'The Time Machine', 6 letters

Mimieux of Where the Boys Are, 6 letters

Mimieux of Hollywood, 6 letters

Ms. Mimieux, 6 letters

Portrayer of Weena in The Time Machine, 13 letters

Moesha actress Wilson and others, 7 letters

Town SE of Brussels, 5 letters

Man's name, 4 letters

If I Can't Have You singer Elliman, 6 letters

Miss ___ (pal of Pee-Wee), 6 letters

Actress De Carlo, 6 letters

Batgirl player Craig, 6 letters

De Carlo of The Munsters, 6 letters

Fred's Munsters costar, 6 letters

Miss ___ (Pee-Wee's Playhouse character returning to the show's 2010 stage version), 6 letters

Miss ___ (Pee-Wee's Playhouse character), 6 letters

Miss ___ (pal of Pee-wee), 6 letters

Ms. de Carlo, 6 letters

One of the Dionne Quints, 6 letters

One of the Dionne quintuplets, 6 letters

She played Lily on The Munsters, 6 letters

The Munsters actress sang, 13 letters

If I Can't Have You singer, 13 letters

Actress De Carlo and others, 7 letters

De Carlo and Mitchell, 7 letters

Reversed, appropriately, 10 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..