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When repeated, derisive term for dubstep's repetitive bass line, 3 letters

Wolf-fish: Local Eng., 5 letters

Capital of Hubei province, 5 letters

City on the Yangtze, 5 letters

Industrial city of central China, 5 letters

Industrial city of east central China, 5 letters

Site of China's First Bridge, 5 letters

'Arli$$' star Michael, 4 letters

Arli$$ star Robert, 4 letters

Robert of Arli$$, 4 letters

Robert of Bull Durham, 4 letters

Robert of HBO's Arli$$, 4 letters

Chinese city (not a Simpson outburst), 4 letters

City in China, 4 letters

Port on the Yangtze, 4 letters

Hunt the ___ (classic computer game), 6 letters

Splendid!, 9 letters

PRODIGY, 10 letters

Special person, 10 letters

Young genius, 10 letters

Phenoms, 12 letters

Child prodigies, 11 letters

German psychologist, 5 letters

Arizona national monument with Pueblo ruins, 7 letters

German sausage, 5 letters

Music source on many an old fairground, 14 letters

Glaciation stage, 4 letters

Brat attachment, 5 letters

Knock or brat attachment, 5 letters

Brat chaser, 5 letters

Butcher shop buy, 5 letters

Deli hanger, 5 letters

Deli sausage, 5 letters

Deli suffix, 5 letters

Dish served with kraut, 5 letters

Food for Gerhard Schr, 5 letters

German sausage, 5 letters

It's often made in links, 5 letters

Kielbasa's kin, 5 letters

Knack attachment?, 5 letters

Knock or brat ender, 5 letters

Knock or brat follower, 5 letters

Leipzig links, 5 letters

Links from Leipzig, 5 letters

Lousy-sounding sausage, 5 letters

Rathskeller fare, 5 letters

Rathskeller item, 5 letters

Sauerkraut companion, 5 letters

Sausage, 5 letters

Sausage (and the theme of this puzzle), 5 letters

Serving with kraut, 5 letters

Stuttgart Sausage, 5 letters

Weenie Award that Cher always wins?, 11 letters

Brats and knocks, 6 letters

Certain links, 6 letters

Deli links, 6 letters

Deli sausages, 6 letters

German sausages, 6 letters

Kielbasas' kin, 6 letters

Oktoberfest links, 6 letters

Oktoberfest treats, 6 letters

Rathskeller meats, 6 letters

Sausages, 6 letters

Some links, 6 letters

Musical drama that tells the tale of a sausage casing?, 14 letters

Where Cal. and Ore. are, 3 letters

1970 Newman/Woodward film, 4 letters

1970 Newman/Woodward film re a radio station, 4 letters

1970 Paul Newman film, 4 letters

1970 Paul Newman movie, 4 letters

DC TV station, 4 letters

Newman film, 4 letters

Newman movie, 4 letters

Newman/Woodward film, 4 letters

Paul Newman film of '70, 4 letters

Radio station in a 1970 Paul Newman title, 4 letters

Chinese martial arts, 5 letters

Chinese martial arts form, 5 letters

Chinese martial arts, collectively, 5 letters

Baby, so to speak, 4 letters

Bit of a weakling, 4 letters

Chicken, 4 letters

Doormat, 4 letters

Dweeb, 4 letters

Fraidy-cat, 4 letters

Gutless wonder, 4 letters

Hardly a he-man, 4 letters

Milquetoast, 4 letters

Pantywaist, 4 letters

Scaredy-cat, 4 letters

Sissy, 4 letters

Someone who isn't going to have a Four Loko and salvia cocktail before planking, obviously!, 4 letters

Squeamish person, 4 letters

Timid Tim, 4 letters

Weak one, 4 letters

Weakling, 4 letters

Weakling, slangily, 4 letters

Wimp, 4 letters

Wimpy nerd, 4 letters

Wimpy one, 4 letters

Wimpy sort, 4 letters

Wimpy type, 4 letters

A person who is physically weak and ineffectual, 4 letters

Cream puffs, 6 letters

Bashful, today, 5 letters

Not at all manly, 5 letters

Weak-willed, 5 letters

Clan of Ghostface Killah, 6 letters

Enter the ___ (eponymous 1993 rap album), 6 letters

Clan from Staten Island, 6 letters

Clan of hip hop fame, 6 letters

Hip-hop's --- Clan, 6 letters

Classic rap outfit whose more famous members are circled in this puzzle's theme answers, 10 letters

Ghostface Killah's group, 10 letters

1997 classic rap double album, 13 letters

Yorkshire manor of the Earnshaw family, 13 letters

Affectionate baby-talk word, 3 letters

It may precede woo on a valentine, 3 letters

Waistline concern?, 10 letters

We ___ robbed!, 3 letters

A city of south central Germany, 9 letters

A yellow to orange or brown mineral used as a molybdenum ore, 9 letters

A Christian Bishop who translated the Bible from Greek into Gothic (311-382), 7 letters

United States businessman (born in German) who founded a company to make pipe organs (1831-1914), 9 letters

A city of south central Germany, 8 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..