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The L.A. Sparks play in it, 3 letters

Expect Great sports league, 4 letters

Basket-making org.?, 4 letters

Candace Parker was its 2008 MVP, 4 letters

Chamique Holdsclaw's gp., 4 letters

Chicago Sky's org., 4 letters

Connecticut Sun's org., 4 letters

Detroit Shock's org., 4 letters

Distaff hoops grp., 4 letters

Female hoop group, 4 letters

Female hoops gp., 4 letters

Hoop gp., 4 letters

Hoop group, 4 letters

Hoops group for Swoopes: Abbr., 4 letters

Hoops grp. for females, 4 letters

Houston Comets' org., 4 letters

L.A. Sparks' league, 4 letters

L.A. Sparks' org., 4 letters

Ladies' court gp., 4 letters

Ladies' hoops gp., 4 letters

Lady hoopsters' org., 4 letters

League for the Sun, Sky and Storm, 4 letters

League with the Sixth Woman of the Year award, 4 letters

Liberty gp., 4 letters

Liberty league, 4 letters

Liberty's league (abbr.), 4 letters

Lisa Leslie had its first dunk in 2002, 4 letters

Lisa Leslie was the first to dunk in it: Abbr., 4 letters

Lisa Leslie's league, 4 letters

Lisa Leslie's org., 4 letters

Los Angeles Sparks' org., 4 letters

N.Y. Liberty's org., 4 letters

New league in '97, 4 letters

New York Liberty's org., 4 letters

NY Liberty's league, 4 letters

Org. for ladies who dribble, 4 letters

Org. for Mercury or Lynx, 4 letters

Org. that contains the Portland Fire, 4 letters

Org. that includes the Seattle Storm and the New York Liberty, 4 letters

Org. with Lynx and Mercury, 4 letters

Org. with Lynx and Sparks, 4 letters

Org. with Monarchs and Mystics, 4 letters

Org. with the Chicago Sky and Seattle Storm, 4 letters

Org. with the Minnesota Lynx, 4 letters

Org. with the motto Expect great, 4 letters

Org. with the N.Y. Liberty and L.A. Sparks, 4 letters

Org. with the Sun and Sky, 4 letters

Professional bouncers' org., 4 letters

Rebecca Lobo's org., 4 letters

Seattle Storm's gp., 4 letters

Seattle Storms' org., 4 letters

Sheryl Swoopes' org., 4 letters

Shock and Fever gp., 4 letters

Sports org. formed in 1996, 4 letters

Sports org. founded in 1996, 4 letters

Sports org. including the New York Liberty, 4 letters

Sports org. with the Kim Perrot Sportsmanship trophy, 4 letters

Swoopes' gp., 4 letters

Swoopes' hoops group, 4 letters

The Sun and Mercury are in it: Abbr., 4 letters

Washington Mystics' org., 4 letters

Where Comets shine, 4 letters

Stream of air: Abbr., 3 letters

Art movement prefix, 5 letters

One side in contract negotiations, 5 letters

Big letters in public broadcasting, 4 letters

Most-watched PBS station in the U.S., 4 letters

N.Y.C. PBS station, 4 letters

NYC's PBS flagship, 4 letters

PBS affiliate in NYC, 4 letters

PBS flagship station, 4 letters

PBS flagship station in NYC, 4 letters

PBS in NYC, 4 letters

PBS station behind Charlie Rose, 4 letters

PBS station where Charlie Rose is based, 4 letters

PBS station with a transmitter on the Empire State Building, 4 letters

Designer Vera, 3 letters

What follows a nine-to-fiver's work, 6 letters

Tipsy men vowing, in an action that might lead to mating? (7,4), 5 letters

Bleaches, 3 letters

Didn't veer off course, 15 letters

St. Petersburg site (6,6), 7 letters

Birmingham-to-Muscle Shoals dir., 3 letters

Boise-to-Portland dir., 3 letters

Captain's heading, 3 letters

Compass point seldom seen in crosswords, 3 letters

Compass pt., 3 letters

Dir. from N.Y.C. to Seattle, 3 letters

Dir. opposite ESE, 3 letters

ESE's reverse, 3 letters

GPS reading, 3 letters

L.A. to Oxnard, 3 letters

Las Vegas' dir. from Hoover Dam, 3 letters

Least common of the eight compass pts., in crosswords, 3 letters

Madrid-to-, 3 letters

One way to go: abbr., 3 letters

Opposite of ESE, 3 letters

Phoenix to Fresno dir., 3 letters

Point opposite ENE, 3 letters

Tucson-to-L.A. course, 3 letters

Tucson-to-L.A. dir., 3 letters

U-turn from ESE, 3 letters

Vane dir., 3 letters

Vane letters, 3 letters

Weather vane dir., 3 letters

The compass point midway between west and northwest, 3 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..