Select a letter

Acronym-y Pearl Jam song, 3 letters

Pearl Jam song about a kind of man (Abbr.), 3 letters

Windows audio data compressor, 3 letters

Henry James novel, 11 letters

Deep Throat's identity, 9 letters

A-bomb, e.g., 3 letters

Dirty bomb, e.g., 3 letters

Dirty bomb, e.g.: Abbr., 3 letters

Doomsday device: Abbr., 3 letters

Fishy war justification, briefly, 3 letters

Generally pretty vague category of arms: Abbr., 3 letters

IAEA concern, 3 letters

Iraq war subj., 3 letters

Iraq war subject, briefly, 3 letters

It might be chemical or biological: Abbr, 3 letters

Modern-day war subj., 3 letters

Nukes, e.g., 3 letters

Powerful arms, briefly, 3 letters

Strong arm, briefly, 3 letters

Strong arm?: Abbr., 3 letters

Subj. of a U.N. inspection, maybe, 3 letters

Terrorist's bomb, briefly, 3 letters

Terrorist's tool, for short, 3 letters

Theoretical terrorist's theoretical threat that we should probably go crazy worrying about, 3 letters

Theoretical threat from Iraq, 3 letters

Threat cited by GWB, 3 letters

H-bombs and the like, 4 letters

Iraq War no-shows, 4 letters

Life-threatening devices, briefly, 4 letters

Nukes and such, 4 letters

One rationale for the 2003 invasion of Iraq: Abbr., 4 letters

Saddam reportedly hid them, briefly, 4 letters

Scary arms, briefly, 4 letters

Some bombs, briefly, 4 letters

They may be nuclear or biological, informally, 4 letters

Wing or breast, 5 letters

Door sign (5), 3 letters

Penn and Tell, for short, 3 letters

Planck's constant: pl., 3 letters

Shakespeare and Shatner, for short, 3 letters

The United Nations agency concerned with the international collection of meteorological data, 3 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..