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MLK, Jr.'s words, 1962, 16 letters

The Way ___, 6 letters

The Way ___ (Streisand movie), 6 letters

Recommendation for an employee guilty of sexual harassment?, 21 letters

Had words?, 16 letters

Part 5 of the quip, 13 letters

Nudist colony lament?, 11 letters

End of quip, 13 letters

Start of a quip, 15 letters

Queen's ode for roasts?, 13 letters

Middle of the quip, 15 letters

Whether ___ or lose..., 5 letters

Victory cry, 5 letters

Start of a sentiment, 15 letters

Start of a timely sentiment, 15 letters

Champions' cry, 5 letters

Champs' cry, 5 letters

Cry from the champions, 5 letters

Team's victory cry, 5 letters

Triumphant shout, 5 letters

Victorious cry after a team match, 5 letters

Victorious shout, 5 letters

Victors' cry, 5 letters

Victors' shout, 5 letters

Start of a comment on a popular adage, 8 letters

[See instructions], 15 letters

Winner of eight consecutive People's Choice Awards for Favorite TV Drama, 5 letters

Hail, Caesar, ___ you (gladiators' cry), 16 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..