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Suggestion, part 2, 11 letters

___ Work It Out, 5 letters

___ Work It Out (#1 hit by the Beatles): 2 wds., 5 letters

___ Work It Out: Beatles hit, 5 letters

Yes ___ (Obama's slogan), 5 letters

Yes ___ (Obama's campaign slogan), 5 letters

Beatles' --- Work It Out, 5 letters

Belinda Carlisle's ___ Change, 5 letters

Start of a quotation from John Hart's Iron House (2011), 12 letters

*Their friends weren't impressed. The pastry chef, roofer, and haberdasher replied:...., 15 letters

Haberdasher's hopeful '98 comment?, 21 letters

And I know what ___ (New Order lyric), 7 letters

Start of a quote, 9 letters

Quote of the Week, Pt. 1, 11 letters

Observation, part 1, 14 letters

That's been our experience, too, 11 letters

Invalid claim from an ex-lover, 19 letters

Pessimists' proclamation, 6 letters

Start of some regrets, 6 letters

Start of a Will Rogers quote, 17 letters

Gal to guy, in a California field?, 15 letters

Start of a poetic quip, 12 letters

... from a gambler with a system, 10 letters

That's still an option for us, 15 letters

... and the Beatles sang..., 14 letters

1965 song with the lyric Think of what you're saying, 14 letters

A: Looks like you owe $10,000. T: ___ (Beatles), 14 letters

Beatles song where John and Paul harmonize on the chorus, 14 letters

Beatles tune, 14 letters

Fab Four hit, 14 letters

Paul's crossword credo? (Note: To mark Paul's turning 64 this year, every theme answer in this puzzle is a Beatle song on which Paul sang lead), 14 letters

User's hope (a 1965 hit), 14 letters

Convenience store sign, 6 letters

Sign at a store that sells tobacco products, 6 letters

Clich, 6 letters

Concerned ones' assurance, 6 letters

Intervention group mantra, 6 letters

Words of support, 6 letters

___ in peace..., 6 letters

End of the remark, 18 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..