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Danish weight, 3 letters

How I Learned to Drive Pulitzer-winning playwright Paula, 5 letters

1992 Obie-winning dramatist Paula, 5 letters

1998 Pulitzer dramatist Paula, 5 letters

1998 Pulitzer winner Paula, 5 letters

Berlin bird, 5 letters

Playwright Paula, 5 letters

Science fiction author A. E. van ___, 4 letters

Elle rival, 5 letters

Glamour rival, 5 letters

In things are in it, 5 letters

1990 Madonna hit, 5 letters

Current state of general acceptance and use, 5 letters

Current style, 5 letters

Fashion, 5 letters

Fashion issue, 5 letters

Fashion magazine, 5 letters

Glamour magazine kin, 5 letters

Madonna hit that mentioned Dietrich and DiMaggio, 5 letters

Madonna song that may or may not have been named after a fashion magazine, 5 letters

Madonna's first #1 of the 1990s, 5 letters

Mode, 5 letters

Noted fshion magazine, 5 letters

Ostensible backdrop of the 2003 roman , 5 letters

Popular women's magazine, 5 letters

Popularity, 5 letters

Reading for the chic woman, 5 letters

Strut in drag, 5 letters

Stylish monthly, 5 letters

The clothes-horse bible, 5 letters

What in things are in, 5 letters

Where Diana Vreeland reigned, 5 letters

The popular taste at a given time, 5 letters

A current state of general acceptance and use, 5 letters

Existence of a worldly, fashionable person?, 21 letters

The gray area between getting a fashion magazine or not?, 10 letters

Five O'Clock World band, 6 letters

Fashionable things, 6 letters

Fashions, 6 letters

Fad addition to the language, 9 letters

Chic, 7 letters

Elegant and stylish, 7 letters

Fashionable, 7 letters

A member of a nomadic people of the northern Ural mountains, 5 letters

The Ugric language (related to Hungarian) spoken by the Vogul people, 5 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..