Select a letter

Org. of house-call RN's, 3 letters

Barn capper, 3 letters

___ sweater, 5 letters

*Sweater option, 5 letters

American Apparel shirt style, 5 letters

Cocktail-dress feature, 5 letters

Crew alternative, 5 letters

Cricketer's sweater feature, 5 letters

Cut that may show a hairy chest, 5 letters

Feature of some shirts, 5 letters

Kind of sweater, 5 letters

L.L. Bean purchase, perhaps, 5 letters

Like some sweaters, 5 letters

Pullover feature, often, 5 letters

Pullover style, 5 letters

Shirt style, 5 letters

Style of sweater, 5 letters

Sweater feature, 5 letters

Sweater shape, 5 letters

Sweater style, 5 letters

Sweater with a letter, 5 letters

T type, 5 letters

T-shirt type, 5 letters

Type of sweater, 5 letters

Type of tee, 5 letters

Middy, 11 letters

Like some pullovers, 7 letters

Like some shirts, 7 letters

Like some sweaters, 7 letters

Certain sweaters, 6 letters

Some sweaters, 6 letters

Some tops, 6 letters

Cool-weather pullover, 12 letters

Preppy pullover, 12 letters

Fashionable vacation souvenir?, 11 letters

Simple top, 11 letters

Undergarments that show a little of the chest, 12 letters

One step up from a four-cylinder, 8 letters

Area, 5 letters

Bakery item pulled out while wearing a mitt, 5 letters

Someone who invests in early-stage, high-potential companies, 10 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..