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___ III (Wallachian prince who inspired 'Dracula'), 4 letters

___ the Dragon, ruler of old Wallachia, 4 letters

___ the Impaler, 4 letters

___ the Impaler (15th-century Romanian prince), 4 letters

___ the Impaler (Dracula prototype), 4 letters

___ the Impaler (fifteenth-century ruler), 4 letters

___ the Impaler (model for Dracula), 4 letters

___ the Impaler, who inspired Dracula, 4 letters

-- the Impaler (Dracula), 4 letters

Impaler who inspired Dracula, 4 letters

The Impaler, 4 letters

15th century prince who was the inspiration for Dracula, 4 letters

15th-century prince of Wallachia, 4 letters

Another name for Drac, 4 letters

Dracula prototype, 4 letters

Dracula's inspiration, traditionally, 4 letters

Infamous Wallachian prince, 4 letters

Inspiration for Dracula, 4 letters

Jonathan Harker's nemesis, familiarly, 4 letters

Known as the Impaler, prince who inspired Dracula, 4 letters

Prince also known as Dracula, 4 letters

Prince called 'the Impaler', 4 letters

Prince called the Impaler, who was the inspiration for Dracula, 4 letters

Prince who inspired Dracula, 4 letters

Robin in Moscow on the Hudson, 4 letters

Romanian ruler known as the Impaler, 4 letters

Ruler that was the inspiration for Dracula, 4 letters

Slugger Guerrero, 4 letters

Source of the Dracula legend, 4 letters

Former Lakers center who won two Olympic silver medals playing with Yugoslavia, 10 letters

He waited for Godot with Estragon, 8 letters

Novelist Nabokov, 8 letters

One of the men waiting in Waiting for Godot, 8 letters

Russian saint, 8 letters

Author of 'The State and Revolution', 13 letters

He named a minor character in his most famous work Vivian Darkbloom, an anagram of his name, 15 letters

Writer who created the character Vivian Darkbloom, 15 letters

___ had a new security system ___, 13 letters

First Person autobiographer, 13 letters

The Impaler and others, 5 letters

The Impaler et al., 5 letters

The purported prototype for Dracula, 14 letters

Mrs. Schumann, 5 letters

Food brand with a stork mascot, 6 letters

HomeStyle Relish maker, 6 letters

Kyoto Protocol proponent, 6 letters

Maker of dill-flavored Snack'mms, 6 letters

Mt. Olive rival, 6 letters

Pickle brand, 6 letters

Pickle brand name, 6 letters

Pickle brand with a stork mascot, 6 letters

Pickle company featuring a stork with Groucho's voice, 6 letters

Pickle company with a spokesstork, 6 letters

Pickle company with a stork mascot, 6 letters

Gentleman's gentleman, 5 letters

Frankie with a falsetto, 4 letters

Internet broadcasting platform, 4 letters

Journal on YouTube, maybe, 4 letters

Site with many YouTube embeds, probably, 4 letters

Prague's river, 6 letters

A seaport in the Asian part of Russia, 11 letters

French painter and exponent of Fauvism (1876-1958), 8 letters

VLDLs circulate through the blood giving up their triglycerides to fat and muscle tissue until the VLDL remnants are modified and converted into LDL, 4 letters

Large lipoproteins rich in triglycerides, 4 letters

3 to 30 kilohertz, 3 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..