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Flowers in the Attic novelist, 9 letters

Midnight Whispers author, 9 letters

Petals in the Wind author, 9 letters

*Show stopper?, 5 letters

Blocker in a TV, 5 letters

Blocker of offensive TV material, 5 letters

Blue blocker?, 5 letters

Censoring device, 5 letters

Device that protects kids from sex and violence, as long as they don't do anything but watch TV, 5 letters

Electronic babysitter of a sort, 5 letters

Electronic censor, 5 letters

Family-viewing electronic aid, 5 letters

Home censoring device, 5 letters

Home censorship aid, 5 letters

Home electronics censoring device, 5 letters

Modern screening device, 5 letters

Program blocker, 5 letters

Screening device, 5 letters

Set piece?, 5 letters

Show-blocking device, 5 letters

Television screening device, 5 letters

TV blocking device, 5 letters

TV censoring device, 5 letters

TV censoring technology, 5 letters

TV filter, 5 letters

TV monitor, 5 letters

TV monitor of sorts, 5 letters

TV monitoring device, 5 letters

TV monitoring device of 1996 news, 5 letters

TV program blocker, 5 letters

TV screening device, 5 letters

Channel blockers, 6 letters

Means of parental control, 6 letters

Modern TV devices for parents, 6 letters

Program-blocking devices, 6 letters

Some channel blockers, 6 letters

Things that come in sets?, 6 letters

TV blocking devices, 6 letters

TV censoring devices, 6 letters

TV safeguards, 6 letters

'70s home-entertainment innovation, 3 letters

12:00 flasher, 3 letters

Appliance store buy, 3 letters

AV device, 3 letters

Best Buy buy, 3 letters

Betamax was an early one, 3 letters

Boob tube adjunct, 3 letters

Camcorder component, 3 letters

Certain old TV accessory, 3 letters

Clicker target, 3 letters

Copier of a sort, 3 letters

Couch potato's appliance, briefly, 3 letters

Den device, 3 letters

Den taper, 3 letters

Device that can help you fill six squares in this puzzle, 3 letters

Device that TiVo may render obsolete, 3 letters

DVD forerunner, 3 letters

DVD player alternative, 3 letters

DVD player ancestor, 3 letters

DVD player forerunner, 3 letters

DVD player's predecessor, 3 letters

DVD predecessor, 3 letters

DVD recorder ancestor, 3 letters

Electronics buy, 3 letters

Entertainment system component, 3 letters

Entertainment system component, perhaps, 3 letters

Entertainment-center component, 3 letters

Famously difficult equipment to program, 3 letters

Film tape: Abbr., 3 letters

Gadget with a timer, 3 letters

Home film player, 3 letters

Home theater fixture, 3 letters

Home-viewing appurtenance, 3 letters

Household entertainment abbr., 3 letters

Increasingly obsolete home theater component (abbr.), 3 letters

It can save the game, 3 letters

It can save the show, 3 letters

It may be replaced by TiVo, 3 letters

It may be set for taping, 3 letters

Kind of tape, 3 letters

Kind of tape player, 3 letters

Machine that uses tape, 3 letters

Machine with a rewind button, 3 letters

Major player in the movie biz?, 3 letters

Movie buff's convenience, 3 letters

Movie machine, for short, 3 letters

Near-obsolete viewing machine, 3 letters

Obsolete program saver, for short, 3 letters

Old boob-tube adjunct, 3 letters

Old show-saver, 3 letters

Old taping device, 3 letters

Pass, 3 letters

Playback device, 3 letters

Playback machine, 3 letters

Playback rec., 3 letters

Player on the tube, maybe, 3 letters

Player that's now a dinosaur, 3 letters

Player with more than one head, 3 letters

Player with multiple heads, 3 letters

Precursor to the DVD player, 3 letters

Programmable purchase, 3 letters

Provider of home runs?, 3 letters

RCA or Sony product, 3 letters

RCA product, 3 letters

Remote target, 3 letters

Remote target with multiple heads, 3 letters

Remote target?: abbr., 3 letters

Replay device, 3 letters

Seeing aid?: abbr., 3 letters

Set-top peripheral, 3 letters

Sharp product, 3 letters

Show saver, 3 letters

Something X-rated might get inserted into it, 3 letters

Sony product, 3 letters

T.V. adjunct, 3 letters

Tape dispenser of a sort, 3 letters

Tape holder, 3 letters

Tape machine, 3 letters

Tape player, 3 letters

Tape player: abbr., 3 letters

Tape recorder, 3 letters

Taper, 3 letters

Taper near the TV, 3 letters

Taper of TV fare, 3 letters

Taper, for short, 3 letters

Taper's buy, 3 letters

Taping device, 3 letters

Thing with a clock, 3 letters

TiVo alternative, 3 letters

TiVo ancestor, 3 letters

TiVo forerunner, 3 letters

TiVo precursor, 3 letters

TiVo predecessor, 3 letters

TV accessory, 3 letters

TV add-on, 3 letters

TV attachment, 3 letters

TV connection, 3 letters

TV hookup, 3 letters

TV room device, 3 letters

TV show taper, 3 letters

TV tape player, 3 letters

TV taper, 3 letters

TV/___, 3 letters

What many recorded LiveAid with, 3 letters

You might record videos on it, 3 letters

Zenith product, 3 letters

A magnetic tape recorder for recording (and playing back) TV programs, 3 letters

Pause, for one, 9 letters

Correspondence course for fix-it types, once, 9 letters

___ Transform Entertainment (Celebrate the Century stamp for the 1970s), 4 letters

Appliances that used to blink 12:00 when broken, 4 letters

Betamax products, 4 letters

Certain players, 4 letters

Clicker target, perhaps, 4 letters

Den devices, 4 letters

DVD player ancestors, 4 letters

DVD players' forerunners, 4 letters

DVD players' relatives, 4 letters

DVD predecessors, 4 letters

Machines with heads, 4 letters

Obsolescent TV peripherals, 4 letters

Obsolete players, 4 letters

Old TB hookups, 4 letters

Old-school movie players, 4 letters

Panasonic products, 4 letters

Part of most home theaters, 4 letters

Pass, 4 letters

Playback machines, briefly, 4 letters

Players with multiple heads, 4 letters

Point-and-click targets, 4 letters

RCA products, 4 letters

Remote targets, 4 letters

Remote targets: Abbr., 4 letters

Some RCA products, 4 letters

Tape machines, 4 letters

Tape machines (abbr.), 4 letters

Tape players, 4 letters

Tape players (abbr.), 4 letters

Tapers, briefly, 4 letters

Tapers?, 4 letters

They allow you to stop a movie, 4 letters

They can be programmed, 4 letters

They sometimes flash 12:00, 4 letters

TiVo alternatives, 4 letters

TiVo forerunners, 4 letters

TiVo precursors, 4 letters

TiVo predecessors, 4 letters

TV accessories, 4 letters

TV add-ons, 4 letters

TV adjuncts, 4 letters

TV attachments, 4 letters

TV hookups, 4 letters

TV peripherals, 4 letters

Zenith products, 4 letters

Flap on a TV adjunct, 6 letters

Deck item, 7 letters

Part of many a movie collection, 7 letters

Preservation medium, 7 letters

Components of some 1980s board games that render them unplayable today, 8 letters

DVD predecessors, 8 letters

Maxell products, 8 letters

'Nam conflict foes, 3 letters

Alternatives to angel investors, for short, 3 letters

Committee VIPs, 3 letters

Decorations akin to D.S.O.'s, 3 letters

Architectural style (9), 5 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..