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Nigerian tribesman, 3 letters

Non-listener's appendage, 6 letters

Ad-skipping service, 4 letters

Boob tube gadget, 4 letters

Box in many dens, 4 letters

Box in many homes, 4 letters

Brand that's a verb, 4 letters

Busy viewer's convenience, 4 letters

Certain set-top box, 4 letters

Coach potato's godsend, 4 letters

Couch potato's boon, 4 letters

Couch potato's buy, 4 letters

Couch potato's gadget, 4 letters

Couch potato's recording device, 4 letters

Den machine, 4 letters

Device for the modern-day couch potato, 4 letters

Device purchased to avoid ads, 4 letters

Device that can skip ads, 4 letters

Device with a hard disk, 4 letters

Device with a peanut-shaped remote, 4 letters

Digital program recorder, 4 letters

Digital recorder, 4 letters

Digital video recorder brand, 4 letters

Digital way to record shows, 4 letters

Digitally record, 4 letters

DVR alternative, 4 letters

DVR brand, 4 letters

DVR brand introduced in 1998, 4 letters

DVR brand introduced in 2000, 4 letters

DVR choice, 4 letters

DVR option, 4 letters

DVR pioneer, 4 letters

DVR system, 4 letters

DVR with a Green Screen of Death message, 4 letters

Heavy viewer's aid, 4 letters

High-tech video recording brand, 4 letters

Home entertainment brand, 4 letters

Home recorder, 4 letters

Idiot box box, 4 letters

Instant replay provider, 4 letters

It can stop the show, 4 letters

It lets you skip commercials, 4 letters

It lets you watch shows anytime, 4 letters

It may replace your VCR, 4 letters

It might catch a show, 4 letters

It offers Season Passes, 4 letters

Kind of box, 4 letters

Late show broadcaster?, 4 letters

Modern recorder, 4 letters

Modern recording device, 4 letters

Modern recording option, 4 letters

Modern recording system, 4 letters

Modern subscription service, 4 letters

Modern TV replay provider, 4 letters

Modern way to record, 4 letters

One way to get Lost, 4 letters

One way to record a program, 4 letters

One way to watch a show on demand, 4 letters

One way to watch shows, 4 letters

Popular program recorder, 4 letters

Popular video recorder, 4 letters

Program coordinator?, 4 letters

Program recording device, 4 letters

Program recording system, 4 letters

Rec. device, 4 letters

Record for later, 4 letters

Record for later viewing, 4 letters

Record for later viewing, in a way, 4 letters

Record for later viewing, perhaps, 4 letters

Record for later, in a way, 4 letters

Record, in a way, 4 letters

Record, nowadays, 4 letters

Recording dev., 4 letters

Recording device, 4 letters

Replay rival, 4 letters

Save for later viewing, 4 letters

Save for later, in a way, 4 letters

Save for viewing later, 4 letters

Save, in a way, as some shows, 4 letters

Season Pass offerer, 4 letters

Set-top recording device, 4 letters

Show recorder, 4 letters

Show saver, 4 letters

Show-saving box, 4 letters

State-of-the-art TV playback device, 4 letters

Time-shifting device, 4 letters

TV ad-skipping aid, 4 letters

TV attachment, 4 letters

TV show digitizer, 4 letters

TV show recorder, 4 letters

TV show storage device, 4 letters

VCR descendant, 4 letters

VCR replacement, for some, 4 letters

VCR replacement, perhaps, 4 letters

VCR substitute, 4 letters

VCR successor, 4 letters

VCR supplanter, 4 letters

VCR's younger kin, 4 letters

Video playback device, 4 letters

Video recorder brand, 4 letters

Watch-TV-when-you-want gadget, 4 letters

What may ensure the show goes on?, 4 letters

What may give pause to couch potatoes?, 4 letters

WishList search provider, 4 letters

You can do WishList searches with it, 4 letters

Recorded for later viewing, 6 letters

Saved to watch later, 6 letters

City near Rome, 6 letters

Copenhagen amusement park, 6 letters

Copenhagen draw, 6 letters

Copenhagen entertainment complex, 6 letters

Copenhagen gardens, 6 letters

Copenhagen park, 6 letters

Copenhagen tourist attraction, 6 letters

Copenhagen's , 6 letters

Copenhagen's ___ Gardens, 6 letters

Cultural center in Copenhagen, 6 letters

Danish tourist attraction, 6 letters

Denmark Gardens, 6 letters

Denmark park, 6 letters

Denmark's ___ Gardens, 6 letters

Park in Copenhagen, 6 letters

Restored D.C. theater, 6 letters

Roman villa locale, 6 letters

Site of Hadrian's Villa, 6 letters

Site of the Villa d'Este, 6 letters

Temple of Vesta locale, 6 letters

Theme park in Denmark, 6 letters

Tibur, now, 6 letters

Villa d'Este city, 6 letters

Villa d'Este locale, 6 letters

A town twenty miles east of Rome (Tibur is the ancient name), 6 letters

A summer resort during the Roman empire, 6 letters

Noted for its waterfalls, 6 letters

Danish landmark, 13 letters

Board game and Italian city, 7 letters

Modern recording devices, 5 letters

Modern-day recording devices, 5 letters

Plans to view in the future, 5 letters

Popular DVRs, 5 letters

Popular home entertainment gadgets, 5 letters

Recording devices, 5 letters

Records for later, 5 letters

Records, in a way, 5 letters

Saves for later viewing, in a way, 5 letters

Some Netflix delivery systems, 5 letters

Some recording devices, 5 letters

VCR successors, 5 letters

Huntsman's call, 4 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..