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___ of Athens, 5 letters

___ of Athens (Shakespeare tragedy), 5 letters

___ of Athens (Shakespeare), 5 letters

The Lion King bug eater, 5 letters

Athenian misanthrope, 5 letters

Athenian Shakespeare hero, 5 letters

Athens native in Shakespeare, 5 letters

Bard's Athenian, 5 letters

Disney meerkat, 5 letters

Famous Athenian skeptic, 5 letters

Greek satirist, 5 letters

I'm not Athenian, 5 letters

I'm not from Athens -- he is, 5 letters

Meerkat in 'The Lion King', 5 letters

Pumba's pal, 5 letters

Pumbaa's cartoon buddy, 5 letters

Pumbaa's pal in The Lion King, 5 letters

Shakespeare play ___ of Athens, 5 letters

Shakespeare title character, 5 letters

Shakespeare title hero, 5 letters

Shakespeare's ___ of Athens, 5 letters

Shakespeare's Athenian hermit, 5 letters

Shakespeare's Athenian misanthrope, 5 letters

Shakespeare's title Athenian, 5 letters

Shakespearean Athenian, 5 letters

Shakespearean cave dweller, 5 letters

Shakespearean hero, 5 letters

Shakespearean misanthrope, 5 letters

Shakespearean nobleman, 5 letters

Shakespearean title role, 5 letters

Simba's friend in The Lion King, 5 letters

The Bard's Athenian, 5 letters

Title character in Shakespeare, 5 letters

Increased pay rate, Bard-style?, 10 letters

Duo from The Lion King, 14 letters

Shakespeare's hens, 9 letters

Greek misanthrope about whom Shakespeare wrote a play, 13 letters

Shakespeare play, 13 letters

Tragic play from c. 1607, 10 letters

Uncivilized Greek philosopher?, 15 letters

Shakespearean character ended in a deadlock?, 9 letters

Repeated Shakespearean tragedy?, 14 letters

___ Sea (arm of the Indian Ocean off northwestern Australia), 5 letters

Disputed Asian island, 5 letters

East ___ (current political hotspot), 5 letters

East ___ (land annexed by Indonesia), 5 letters

East ___ (nation since 2002), 5 letters

East ___ (new UN member), 5 letters

East ___ (site of reputed atrocities by Indonesian generals), 5 letters

East ___ (Southeast Asian state), 5 letters

East ___ (U.N. member since 2002), 5 letters

East ___: Indonesian conquest, 5 letters

East -- (Asian country), 5 letters

East (country since 2002) --, 5 letters

Indonesian island, 5 letters

Indonesian island or sea, 5 letters

Indonesian isle, 5 letters

Island east of Indonesia, 5 letters

Island east of Java, 5 letters

Island N. of Australia, 5 letters

Island near Java, 5 letters

Island north of Australia, 5 letters

Island of Indonesia, 5 letters

Island off Australia, 5 letters

Island shared by two countries, 5 letters

It's south of the Banda Sea, 5 letters

Largest of the Lesser Sunda islands, 5 letters

Largest of the Lesser Sundas, 5 letters

Lesser Sunda island, 5 letters

Malay island, 5 letters

Sea off Australia, 5 letters

The U.N. has pulled its staff from the Indonesian province of West ___, 5 letters

War-torn island, 5 letters

An island in Indonesia in the Malay Archipelago, 5 letters

The largest and most eastern of the Lesser Sunda Islands, 5 letters

Fearful: Fr., 6 letters

UN delegate since 2002, 8 letters

Afraid, 8 letters

Cooked our moist chicken (8), 8 letters

Fainthearted, 8 letters

In a shy manner, 10 letters

Arm of the Indian Ocean, 8 letters

The Last Picture Show costar Bottoms, 7 letters

1980 Oscar winner Hutton, 7 letters

A grass grown for hay, 7 letters

Actor Hutton, 7 letters

Bottoms or Hutton, 7 letters

Bottoms out on the movie set?, 7 letters

Coarse fodder grass, 7 letters

Dalton who played 007, 7 letters

Dumbo's mouse pal, 7 letters

Fodder grass, 7 letters

Hay grass, 7 letters

James Bond portrayer Dalton, 7 letters

New Testament book, 7 letters

The Leary that was tripping, 7 letters

Tripper Leary, 7 letters

Grass with long cylindrical spikes frown in northern United States and Europe for hay, 7 letters

A grass grown for hay, 7 letters

Exotic travel guy?, 12 letters

*1987-89, 13 letters

1980 Oscar winner, 13 letters

Psychologist the Moody Blues wrote Legend of a Mind about, 12 letters

Source of this puzzle's quotes, 12 letters

Italian counterculture guru?, 11 letters

Pre-euro Italian counterculture figure?, 11 letters

Tiny friend of Dumbo, 13 letters

Hollywood's Dalton and Hutton, 8 letters

Hutton and Dalton, 8 letters

A beta blocker (trade name Blocadren) administered after heart attacks, 7 letters

Fear of the unknown or unfamiliar and of making decisions, 12 letters

Fearfulness in venturing into new and unknown places or activities, 12 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..