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Longtime Giants owner, 7 letters

Baseball analyst of TV, 11 letters

Live Like You Were Dying singer, 9 letters

Country and Western singer whose backup band is The Dancehall Doctors, 9 letters

Portrayer of the SNL Ladies' Man, 10 letters

Controversial Olympians of 1968, ___ Smith and John Carlos, 6 letters

Classic TV comic whose tag line was Oh ye-e-e-ah!, 12 letters

George Kingfish Stevens of TV's Amos 'n' Andy, 8 letters

Boy with a canine pal, in 50's TV, 5 letters

Handicapped boy on South Park, 5 letters

Lad in TV's Lassie, 5 letters

Lassie's '50s master, 5 letters

Lassie's master, 5 letters

Lassie's TV owner, 5 letters

Name for a small boy, 5 letters

Classic TV pals, 14 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..