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Kettledrum, 6 letters

Deep-fried shell, 7 letters

Dish cooked in a pastry shell, 7 letters

Food mixture in a small mold, 7 letters

Small pastry shell for creamy mixtures of minced foods, 7 letters

Custardlike dishes, 8 letters

Tito Puente played them, 8 letters

Kettledrums, 7 letters

Watch out for the falling tree!, 6 letters

Axman's warning, 6 letters

Call of the wild?, 6 letters

Cry before a fall, 6 letters

Cry in the woods, 6 letters

Fall preceder?, 6 letters

Forest resource, 6 letters

Forest warning, 6 letters

Logger's alert, 6 letters

Logs, 6 letters

Lumberjack's Heads up!, 6 letters

Lumberjack's call, 6 letters

Lumberjack's cry, 6 letters

Personal quality, 6 letters

Tree fall call, 6 letters

What a feller says, 6 letters

Woodcutter's cry, 6 letters

Woodsman's cry, 6 letters

Yell that follows a chop, 6 letters

A beam made of wood, 6 letters

The distinctive property of a complex sound (a voice or noise or musical sound), 6 letters

A post made of wood, 6 letters

The wood of trees cut and prepared for use as building material, 6 letters

Land that is covered with trees and shrubs, 6 letters

Covered with trees, 8 letters

Filled with trees, 8 letters

Having trees, 8 letters

Wooded, 8 letters

Nautical knot, 11 letters

'My Love' singer Justin*, 10 letters

High point of East Germany's trees?, 10 letters


Mountain demarcation (italicized), 10 letters

Tree-growth limit, 10 letters

Line marking the upper limit of tree growth in mountains or northern latitudes, 10 letters

High-altitude mountain area?, 14 letters

Beams, 7 letters

Lumberjack cries, 7 letters

Meet officials collecting black pieces of wood (7), 7 letters

Rafters, 7 letters

Ship's ribs, 7 letters

Wood beams, 7 letters

Forest canine, 10 letters

Gray canine, 10 letters

Its scientific name is Canis lupus, 10 letters

Northern carnivore, 10 letters

Wild canine, 10 letters

Minn. N.B.A. five, 12 letters

Musical tone color, 6 letters

Musical tone quality, 6 letters

Notable feature of Barry White's* voice, 6 letters

Piano quality, 6 letters

Quality of a singing voice, 6 letters

Sound characteristic, 6 letters

Sound quality, 6 letters

Tonal quality, 6 letters

Tone color, in music, 6 letters

Tone quality, in music, 6 letters

The distinctive property of a complex sound (a voice or noise or musical sound), 6 letters

Hand drum, 7 letters

Tambourine, 7 letters

Small hand drum similar to a tambourine, 7 letters

Formerly carried by itinerant jugglers, 7 letters

Hand drums similar to tambourines, 8 letters

Sound qualities, 7 letters

Tone colors, 7 letters

Vocal qualities, 7 letters

Voice qualities, 7 letters

Conway/Rogers/also, 10 letters

City on the Sahara Desert, 8 letters

Destination in Mali, 8 letters

Fabled Saharan city, 8 letters

Far-off place, 8 letters

Faraway city, 8 letters

Faraway place, 8 letters

Historic city near the Niger River, 8 letters

Islamic caravan center of Africa, 8 letters

Mali destination, 8 letters

Malian hub, 8 letters

Middle of nowhere, metaphorically, 8 letters

Nowheresville, 8 letters

Wherever, colloquially, 8 letters

A city in central Mali near the Niger river, 8 letters

Formerly famous for its gold trade, 8 letters

Ballet skirt from Mali?, 12 letters

Mali dance garb?, 12 letters

Mali dancewear?, 12 letters

Mali dress?, 12 letters

'Batman' director, 9 letters

Pee-wee's Big Adventure director, 9 letters

Sleepy Hollow director, 9 letters

Land that is covered with trees and shrubs, 10 letters

A person works at lumbering and fells trees, 9 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..