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Agua Caliente Racetrack city, 7 letters

Baja border city, 7 letters

Baja California city, 7 letters

Baja town, 7 letters

City south of San Diego, 7 letters

City where the Caesar salad was invented, 1924, 7 letters

Herb Alpert & the ___ Brass, 7 letters

Mexican border city, 7 letters

Mexican town, 7 letters

Mexico-U.S. border city, 7 letters

Popular border resort, 7 letters

San Diego's neighbor, 7 letters

San Diego's sister-city, 7 letters

Trucker slang for marked cop car, ___ taxi, 7 letters

A Mexican City just south of San Diego on the Lower California peninsula, 7 letters

Popular among American tourists for racetracks and bullfights, 7 letters

Some Mexican unmentionables?, 11 letters

Herb Alpert hit, 11 letters

Police car, 11 letters

Smokey's vehicle, to a CBer, 11 letters

BELLS ARE RINGING HIT, 8 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..