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___ over (assist, in a way), 4 letters

___ over (carry through), 4 letters

___ to Go (stain remover), 4 letters of the running, 4 letters

...under the whelming ___: Milton, 4 letters

'Bama team, 4 letters

'Bama's boys, 4 letters

'The -- Is High ('80 hit)', 4 letters

'Time and ___ wait for no man', 4 letters

Crimson ___ : Alabama athletes, 4 letters

Ebb ___ (Righteous Brothers), 4 letters

High or low water, 4 letters

Rising ___: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and How It Changed America (John Barry book), 4 letters

The ___ is high but I'm holding on, 4 letters

The ___ Is High, 4 letters

The ___ stayeth for no man: William Camden, 4 letters

The washday miracle sloganeer, once, 4 letters

They call Alabama the Crimson ___, 4 letters

A bloom of toxic red ___ is spreading along the Texas Gulf Coast, 4 letters

A nonwaiter, 4 letters

Ajax rival, 4 letters

Alabama's Crimson ___, 4 letters

Alabama's is crimson, 4 letters

All alternative, 4 letters

All competitor, 4 letters

All rival, 4 letters

Almanac topic, 4 letters

An almanac lists its highs and lows, 4 letters

Angler's concern, 4 letters

Atlantic phenomenon, 4 letters

Bama's Crimson ___, 4 letters

Bay of Fundy feature, 4 letters

Bay of Fundy phenomenon, 4 letters

Bay of Fundy wonder, 4 letters

Bayman's concern, 4 letters

Beach cover, 4 letters

Beach eroder, 4 letters

Beach erosion cause, 4 letters

Beach scourer, 4 letters

Beach sweeper, 4 letters

Beach washer, 4 letters

Beachcomber's concern, 4 letters

Bear Bryant's Crimson ___, 4 letters

Biz rival, 4 letters

Blondie hit ___ Is High, 4 letters

Blondie hit The ___ Is High, 4 letters

Brand in the laundry room, 4 letters

Brand of laundry detergent, 4 letters

Brand that may contain bleach, 4 letters

Brand with a giant target in its logo, 4 letters

Canute's proof of his limitations, 4 letters

Cause of beach erosion, 4 letters

Cause of shore erosion, 4 letters

Cheer alternative, 4 letters

Cheer competition, 4 letters

Coastal flooding factor, 4 letters

Coastal phenomenon, 4 letters

Companion of time, 4 letters

Course of events, 4 letters

Crimson ___ (Alabama's team), 4 letters

Crucial period, 4 letters

Current, 4 letters

Current event, 4 letters

Current phenomenon, 4 letters

Daily ebb and flow, 4 letters

Daily riser, 4 letters

Destroyer of sandcastles, 4 letters

Destroyer of small castles, 4 letters

Detergent brand, 4 letters

Detergent choice, 4 letters

Detergent launched in 1946, 4 letters

Drift, 4 letters

Driftwood carrier, 4 letters

Ebb --, 4 letters

Ebb and flow, 4 letters

Ebb is one, 4 letters

Ebb or neap, 4 letters

Ebb, e.g., 4 letters

Ebb, neap, high or low, 4 letters

Ebbing thing, 4 letters

Effect of the moon's gravity, 4 letters

Embayment cause, 4 letters

Environmental conservation concern, 4 letters

Era alternative, 4 letters

ERA rival, 4 letters

Fab alternative, 4 letters

Fab foe, 4 letters

Fab rival, 4 letters

Favorable occasion, 4 letters

Fisherman's concern, 4 letters

Flood or spring, 4 letters

Flood, e.g., 4 letters

Flooding factor, 4 letters

Flow; surge, 4 letters

Flux at the shore, 4 letters

Frequent beach visitor, 4 letters

Fundy has a high one, 4 letters

Gain competitor, 4 letters

Geophysics topic, 4 letters

Gravitational effect on water, 4 letters

Gravitational phenomenon, 4 letters

Hackman film Crimson ___, 4 letters

Helmsman's concern, 4 letters

High or low phenomenon, 4 letters

In-and-out mover, 4 letters

Inflow and outflow, 4 letters

It can be crimson or high, 4 letters

It can get high every day, 4 letters

It can turn on you, 4 letters

It comes after Easter, 4 letters

It comes and goes, 4 letters

It comes in and goes out, 4 letters

It comes in, it goes out, 4 letters

It ebbs and flows, 4 letters

It gets high and low, 4 letters

It gets high every day, 4 letters

It gets high on the beach, 4 letters

It gets high twice a day, 4 letters

It gets turned in a comeback, 4 letters

It goes in and out, 4 letters

It goes out regularly, 4 letters

It has its highs and lows, 4 letters

It high when it's in, 4 letters

It may be high, 4 letters

It may be high or low, 4 letters

It may be on the way out, 4 letters

It may be stemmed or turned, 4 letters

It may be stemmed or turned, figuratively speaking, 4 letters

It may be turned against you, 4 letters

It may ebb, 4 letters

It may eventually turn, 4 letters

It may go out at night, 4 letters

It may turn, 4 letters

It may wash away castles, 4 letters

It rises and falls, 4 letters

It rolls in, 4 letters

It turns eventually, 4 letters

It waits for no man, 4 letters

It waits for no man, purportedly, 4 letters

It's controlled by the moon, 4 letters

It's Crimson in Alabama, 4 letters

It's high part of the time, 4 letters

It's high twice daily, 4 letters

It's high, according to Blondie, 4 letters

Laundromat choice, 4 letters

Laundry detergent, 4 letters

Laundry room brand, 4 letters

Lifeguard's concern, 4 letters

Low or high, 4 letters

Low, high or ebb, 4 letters

Lunar effect, 4 letters

Makes a sum, 4 letters

Marigraph activator, 4 letters

Mariner's concern, 4 letters

Mariner's datum, 4 letters

Motion in the ocean, 4 letters

Move text around, 4 letters

Name on a soapbox, 4 letters

Neap ___, 4 letters

Neap or ebb, 4 letters

Neap or ebb, for example, 4 letters

Neap, e.g., 4 letters

Neap, for one, 4 letters

Notable Bay of Fundy feature, 4 letters

Ocean current, 4 letters

Ocean motion, 4 letters

Ocean movement, 4 letters

Ocean occurrence, 4 letters

Ocean phenomenon, 4 letters

Ocean's rise and fall, 4 letters

Oceanic flux, 4 letters

Oceanic routine, 4 letters

Oxydol rival, 4 letters

Oxydol shelfmate, 4 letters

Pacific phenomenon, 4 letters

Periodic riser, 4 letters

Phenomenon measured by a marigraph, 4 letters

Pool creator, 4 letters

Powerful trend, 4 letters

Prevailing trend, 4 letters

Procter & Gamble best seller, 4 letters

Procter & Gamble brand, 4 letters

Procter & Gamble brand since 1947, 4 letters

Procter & Gamble detergent, 4 letters

Replacement for Cheer, 4 letters

Rip or neap, 4 letters

Rise and fall of ocean, 4 letters

Rise and fall of the sea, 4 letters

Rival of All, 4 letters

Rush, 4 letters

Sand castle destroyer, 4 letters

Sand castle inundator, 4 letters

Sand castle's enemy, 4 letters

Sand castle's undoing, 4 letters

Sandcastle destroyer, perhaps, 4 letters

Sea motion, 4 letters

Sea movement, 4 letters

Sea phase, 4 letters

Sea sweller, 4 letters

Seashore phenomenon, 4 letters

Seashore washer, 4 letters

Seaside flow, 4 letters

Season of change coming up (4), 4 letters

Semidiurnal occurrence, roughly, 4 letters

Shore eroder, 4 letters

Shore phenomenon, 4 letters

Shore washer, 4 letters

Skipper's concern, 4 letters

Something to blame on the moon, 4 letters

Spring is one, 4 letters

Spring or flood, 4 letters

Subject of some tables, 4 letters

Surf alternative, 4 letters

Surfer's concern, 4 letters

Surfers monitor it, 4 letters

Sweeping force, 4 letters

Tendency, 4 letters

Tendency, as of events, 4 letters

The motion of the ocean, 4 letters

The water's swell, 4 letters

This has its ups and downs, 4 letters

Threat to a sandcastle, 4 letters

Time's companion, 4 letters

Time's fellow traveler, 4 letters

Time's partner, 4 letters

To-and-fro flower, 4 letters

Trend, 4 letters

Trend of events, 4 letters

Turn the ___, 4 letters

Variation in water level, 4 letters

Washday choice, 4 letters

Water level variation, 4 letters

Wave maker, 4 letters

Waves, 4 letters

What was High to Blondie, 4 letters

Word after crimson, low or high, 4 letters

Word after lee or low, 4 letters

Word with crimson or high, 4 letters

Word with crimson or rip, 4 letters

Word with high or low, 4 letters

Word with low or high, 4 letters

Yule ending, 4 letters

Yule follower, 4 letters

The periodic rise and fall of the sea level under the gravitational pull of the moon, 4 letters

___ over (assisted through difficulty), 5 letters

___ over (assisted), 5 letters

___ over (curbed hunger pangs temporarily), 5 letters

___ over (curbed hunger pangs), 5 letters

___ over (found a temporary solution), 5 letters

___ over (helped through difficulty), 5 letters

___ over (satisfied for now), 5 letters

___ over: endured, 5 letters

Assisted through difficulty, with over, 5 letters

Befell, 5 letters

Drifted, as in a current, 5 letters

Flowed to and fro, 5 letters

Helped get through, with 'over', 5 letters

Helped through a difficult time, with over, 5 letters

Helped through a hard time, with over, 5 letters

Helped through difficulty, with over, 5 letters

Helped, in a way, with over, 5 letters

Helped, with over, 5 letters

Rose and fell, in a way, 5 letters

Went with the flow, 5 letters

Helped get past hard times, 9 letters

Helped through difficulty, 9 letters

Helped, as through a difficult period, 9 letters

Satisfied, for a while at least, 9 letters

Temporarily satisfied, 9 letters

...___ the affairs of men: Shak., 6 letters

Area often covered by flooding, 8 letters

Beach, 8 letters

Beach area, 8 letters

Coastal land alternately submerged, 8 letters

Coastal land regularly submerged, 8 letters

Not rising or falling, as a sea, 8 letters

Line on a dock, 8 letters

Line on a seawall, 8 letters

Shore line, 8 letters

Spot showing a flood's highest water, 8 letters

Indicator consisting of a line at the high-water or low-water limits of the tides, 8 letters

High and low water lines, 9 letters

Support until payday, maybe, 8 letters

Shoreline mini-pond, 8 letters

Sometime body of water, 8 letters

Where to catch a mussel or two, 8 letters

Swift sea current, 8 letters

Cross-current chop, 7 letters

Crosscurrent product, 7 letters

Current phenomenon, 7 letters

Turbulent current, 7 letters

Prince of ___: Conroy book, 5 letters

The Prince of ___, 5 letters

The Prince of ___ (1991), 5 letters

Anglers' concerns, 5 letters

Astronomical study, 5 letters

Bay of Fundy attractions, 5 letters

Beach crashers, 5 letters

Certain currents, 5 letters

Destroyers of many castles, 5 letters

Destroyers of many small castles, 5 letters

Ebb and high, 5 letters

Ebb and neap, 5 letters

Ebb and neap, e.g., 5 letters

Ebb and others, 5 letters

Flood and spring, 5 letters

Gravitational effects, 5 letters

Helps enough to keep going, with over, 5 letters

Helps through a tough time, with over, 5 letters

High and low phenomena, 5 letters

High and low, e.g., 5 letters

High, low, and ebb, 5 letters

Holds, with over, 5 letters

I>The Prince of ___I>, 5 letters

Items in a nautical table, 5 letters

Maritime phenomena, 5 letters

Meteorology concerns, 5 letters

Moon-driven phenomena, 5 letters

Moon-related phenomena, 5 letters

Nautical almanac topics, 5 letters

Navigator's concerns, 5 letters

Neap and ebb, 5 letters

Neap and spring, 5 letters

Neap and spring, e.g., 5 letters

Norfolk minor league baseball team, 5 letters

Ocean currents, 5 letters

Ocean motion, 5 letters

Ocean movements, 5 letters

Ocean phenomena, 5 letters

Ocean view, 5 letters

Ocean's motions, 5 letters

Potential sandcastle destroyers, 5 letters

Red and rip, 5 letters

Rip, neap, and ebb, 5 letters

Rises and falls, 5 letters

Sand castle destroyers, 5 letters

Sand-castle wreckers, 5 letters

Sandcastle destroyers, perhaps, 5 letters

Sea fluctuations, 5 letters

Sea motions, 5 letters

Seasons, 5 letters

Ship captain's concerns, 5 letters

Shoreline fluxes, 5 letters

Streisand movie The Prince of ___, 5 letters

Surfer's concern, 5 letters

Surges, 5 letters

The moon affects them, 5 letters

They affect the heights of punts, 5 letters

They come and go at the beach, 5 letters

They get high, 5 letters

They get high on the beach every day, 5 letters

They get high twice a day, 5 letters

They go in and out, 5 letters

They have highs and lows, 5 letters

They have their highs and lows, 5 letters

They may be high, 5 letters

They roll in, 5 letters

They wash Battery Park, 5 letters

They're influenced by the moon, 5 letters

Traditional almanac data, 5 letters

Weather-page info, 5 letters

Weather-page stats, 5 letters

Assists, in a way, 9 letters

Floats a loan, 9 letters

Helps for a time, 9 letters

Helps get through, 9 letters

Helps through financial difficulties, 9 letters

Charts of interest to anglers, 10 letters

Coastal area, 9 letters

Intercoastal region, 9 letters

It laps the shore, 9 letters

It may lap the shore, 9 letters

Oysters' milieu, 9 letters

Low-lying coastal land drained by tidal streams, 9 letters

The coastal plain of the South eastern parts of Virginia and North Carolina and South Carolina and Georgia, 9 letters

A channel in which a tidal current runs, 7 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..