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___ Darya (Aral Sea tributary), 3 буквы

___ Darya, U.S.S.R. river, 3 буквы

Aleppo's land (Abbr.), 3 буквы

Aleppo's nat., 3 буквы

Aleppo's nation: abbr., 3 буквы

An Arab rep., 3 буквы

Arab League member: Abbr., 3 буквы

Assad s govt., 3 буквы

Assad's land (Abbr.), 3 буквы

Bashar al-Assad's land (abbr.), 3 буквы

Country on the Med., 3 буквы

Country once part of the U.A.R., 3 буквы

Country whose capital is Damascus: abbr., 3 буквы

Damascus is its cap., 3 буквы

Damascus locale (abbr.), 3 буквы

Damascus' land (Abbr.), 3 буквы

Damascus's country: abbr., 3 буквы

Damascus's loc., 3 буквы

Damascus's nation: abbr., 3 буквы

Damascus's place: abbr., 3 буквы

Desert land: Abbr., 3 буквы

E. Mediterranean state, 3 буквы

Eastern Med. country, 3 буквы

Egypt's U.A.R. partner, 3 буквы

Former UAR member, 3 буквы

Golan Heights claimant: abbr., 3 буквы

Hafez al-Assad's land: Abbr., 3 буквы

Half of the UAR, 3 буквы

Half the UAR, 3 буквы

Home of Homs: Abbr., 3 буквы

Isr. neighbor, 3 буквы

It's NW of Iraq, 3 буквы

Its cap. is Damascus, 3 буквы

Its fourth-largest city is Latakia: abbr., 3 буквы

Its monetary unit is the pound: Abbr., 3 буквы

Jordan neighbor (abbr.), 3 буквы

L. Assad setting, 3 буквы

Land of Damascus (abbr.), 3 буквы

Land of Damascus, briefly, 3 буквы

Latakia's land: abbr., 3 буквы

Leb. ally, 3 буквы

Leb. neighbor, 3 буквы

Med. land, 3 буквы

Med. nation, 3 буквы

Medit. republic, 3 буквы

Middle East land: Abbr., 3 буквы

Middle East nat., 3 буквы

Mideast land: Abbr., 3 буквы

Mideast nation (abbr.), 3 буквы

Mt. Hermon locale: Abbr., 3 буквы

Nat. whose anthem is Homat el Diyar, 3 буквы

Nation al-Assad rules (abbr.), 3 буквы

Nation in 2011 protest news: Abbr., 3 буквы

Nation on the Med. Sea, 3 буквы

Neighbor of Iraq: Abbr., 3 буквы

Neighbor of Isr., 3 буквы

Neighbor of Jordan, briefly, 3 буквы

Neighbor of Leb., 3 буквы

Neighbor of Lebanon: abbr., 3 буквы

Neighbor of Turk., 3 буквы

Onetime U.A.R. member, 3 буквы

Onetime U.A.R. member: Abbr., 3 буквы

OPEC mem., 3 буквы

Palmyra's locale: Abbr., 3 буквы

Part of Asia: Abbr., 3 буквы

Part of the former U.A.R.: Abbr., 3 буквы

Part of the Holy Land: Abbr., 3 буквы

Pres. Assad's nation, 3 буквы

Series featuring Wharton Tiers, Jim O'Rourke and Coco Haley Gordon-Moore, 3 буквы

Setting of the Druze Mts., 3 буквы

Six Day War nat., 3 буквы

Six-Day War country: Abbr., 3 буквы

Six-Day War land: Abbr., 3 буквы

Six-Day War participant: Abbr., 3 буквы

The Euphrates crosses it: Abbr., 3 буквы

Turk. neighbor, 3 буквы

Turkey neighbor: abbr., 3 буквы

U.A.R. member, 3 буквы

UAR country, 3 буквы

UAR seceder in '61, 3 буквы

Big Orange of college sports, 8 букв

Central New York city, 8 букв

City conquered by Rome in 211 BC, 8 букв

Erie Canal city, 8 букв

Home of the Orangemen, 8 букв

New York city, 8 букв

NY city, Museum of Automobile History home, 8 букв

Port on the Barge Canal, 8 букв

The Big Orange of college sports, 8 букв

A city in central New York, 8 букв

A city in southeastern Sicily that was founded by Corinthians in the 8th century BC, 8 букв

The Roman siege of Syracuse (214-212 BC) was eventually won by the Romans who sacked the city (killing Archimedes), 8 букв

The Athenian siege of Syracuse (415-413 BC) was eventually won by Syracuse, 8 букв

Salt City, 15 букв

Home for the Orangemen, 15 букв

Main grape of most wine blends from the Rhone, 5 букв

Hall & Oates wine song (1976)?, 10 букв

Hall & Oates' winy expression?, 10 букв

Aral Sea feeder, 8 букв

Book in the Septimus Heap series, 5 букв

Hypodermics, 5 букв

You might be stuck with them, 5 букв

Medicine injectors, 8 букв

A neighbor of Jordan, 5 букв

Al-Assad's land, 5 букв

Aleppo locale, 5 букв

Aleppo's country, 5 букв

Aleppo's here, 5 букв

Aleppo's land, 5 букв

Antioch was its capital (5), 5 букв

Arab land, 5 букв

Arab League member, 5 букв

Arab nation, 5 букв

Asian country, 5 букв

Assad's country, 5 букв

Bashar al-Assad's land, 5 букв

Country whose coat of arms is an eagle, 5 букв

Damascene's homeland, 5 букв

Damascene's land, 5 букв

Damascenes' home, 5 букв

Damascus is it's capital, 5 букв

Damascus locale, 5 букв

Damascus' country, 5 букв

Damascus' land, 5 букв

Damascus' nation, 5 букв

Euphrates land, 5 букв

Euphrates River land, 5 букв

Fertile Crescent country, 5 букв

Fertile Crescent land, 5 букв

First Arab country to have sanctions imposed on it by the Arab League, 5 букв

Former United Arab Republic member, 5 букв

Golan Heights claimant, 5 букв

Gulf war ally, 5 букв

Gulf War coalition member, 5 букв

Hafez al-Assad's land, 5 букв

Half of the United Arab Republic, 5 букв

Half the UAR, once, 5 букв

Home country of novelist Nihad Sirees, 5 букв

Home country of singers George Wassouf and Sabah Fakhri, 5 букв

Home of Damascus, 5 букв

Home of some Kurds, 5 букв

Home of the Golan Heights, 5 букв

Iraq neighbor, 5 букв

Iraq's western neighbor, 5 букв

Israel neighbour, 5 букв

Israel-Turkey separator, 5 букв

Israel's neighbor, 5 букв

Israel's northern neighbor, 5 букв

It has Turkey on top of it?, 5 букв

It's over Jordan, on a map, 5 букв

Its flag has two green stars, 5 букв

Its pounds contains 100 piasters, 5 букв

Jordan neighbor, 5 букв

Jordan's northern neighbor, 5 букв

Lake Assad setting, 5 букв

Land of Damascus, 5 букв

Land of Faisal I, 5 букв

Land on the Euphrates, 5 букв

Land south of Turkey, 5 букв

Latakia's land, 5 букв

Lebanon neighbor, 5 букв

Levantine state, 5 букв

Mediterranean land, 5 букв

Mideast country, 5 букв

Mideast land, 5 букв

Mideast republic, 5 букв

Mideastern land, 5 букв

Modern home of ancient Ebla, 5 букв

Modern locale of ancient Palmyra, 5 букв

Modern part of the ancient Hittite empire, 5 букв

Nation abutting Jordan, 5 букв

Nation that borders Turkey, 5 букв

Nation with 2011 protests, 5 букв

Neighbor of Iraq, 5 букв

Neighbor of Israel, 5 букв

Neighbor of Jordan, 5 букв

Neighbor of Lebanon, 5 букв

Neighbor of Lebanon and Iraq, 5 букв

Neighbor of Turkey, 5 букв

Old UAR member, 5 букв

One of the Levant States, 5 букв

OPEC member, 5 букв

Palmyra setting, 5 букв

Part of the Fertile Crescent, 5 букв

Part of the Hittite Empire, 5 букв

Part of the Levant, 5 букв

Part of the UAR, once, 5 букв

Piaster production place, 5 букв

Ray is moving Jordan's neighbor (5), 5 букв

Recalled spacious southern country (5), 5 букв

Site of ancient Palmyra, 5 букв

Six-Day War combatant, 5 букв

Six-Day War participant, 5 букв

Subject of 2011 Arab League sanctions, 5 букв

Turkey abuts it, 5 букв

Turkey abutter, 5 букв

Turkey appears on top of it, 5 букв

Turkey is on top of it, 5 букв

Turkey neighbor, 5 букв

Turkey toucher, 5 букв

UAR component, 5 букв

United Arab Republic member, once, 5 букв

Where Aleppo is, 5 букв

Where damask comes from, 5 букв

Where Homs is, 5 букв

Where Latakia is, 5 букв

Where piasters are currency, 5 букв

Site of some of the world's most ancient centers of civilization, 5 букв

An Asian republic in the Middle East at the east end of the Mediterranean, 5 букв

Liturgical language, 6 букв

Aleppo denizen, 6 букв

Aleppo native, 6 букв

Aleppo resident, 6 букв

Assad, e.g., 6 букв

Assad, for one, 6 букв

Born in Damascus, say, 6 букв

Certain Middle Easterner, 6 букв

Damascene e.g., 6 букв

Damascene, for example, 6 букв

Damascus citizen, 6 букв

Damascus denizen, 6 букв

Damascus native, 6 букв

Damascus resident, 6 букв

From Damascus, 6 букв

From Damascus, e.g., 6 букв

Iraqi neighbor, 6 букв

Like many of Paula Abdul's anscestors, 6 букв

Mideast's ___ Desert, 6 букв

Native of Aleppo, 6 букв

Native of Damascus, 6 букв

Neighbor of an Iraqi, 6 букв

Six Day War combatant, 6 букв

The Mideast's ___ Desert, 6 букв

Turk's neighbor, 6 букв

A native or inhabitant of Syria, 6 букв

2005 film for which George Clooney won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar, 7 букв

2005 George Clooney film about petroleum politics, 7 букв

2005 Oscar vehicle for George Clooney, 7 букв

2005 political thriller, 7 букв

Clooney movie, 7 букв

Clooney Oscar film, 7 букв

George Clooney's 2005 Oscar film, 7 букв

Movie that garnered Clooney an acting Oscar, 7 букв

Upcoming George Clooney/Matt Damon thriller, 7 букв

Pound, 14 букв

Region bordered by the Euphrates, 12 букв

3D neighbors, 7 букв

Aleppo residents, 7 букв

Damascus natives, 7 букв

Damascus populace, 7 букв

Damascus residents, 7 букв

Modern dwellers of ancient Ebla, 7 букв

Modern inhabitants of ancient Aram, 7 букв

Neighbors of the Golan Heights, 7 букв

One side in Mideast talks, 7 букв

Residents of Damascus, 7 букв

Some Fertile Crescent residents, 7 букв

Some Middle Easterners, 7 букв

Turk neighbors, 7 букв

Damascene's concern?, 12 букв

Mideast country, to the French, 5 букв

Shot putter?, 6 букв

Ornamental shrub, 7 букв

Large hardy shrub with showy and strongly fragrant creamy-white flowers in short terminal racemes, 7 букв

Genus of Old World shrubs or low trees having fragrant flowers in showy panicles lilacs, 7 букв

Dose deliverer, 7 букв

Hospital device, 7 букв

Hypodermic, 7 букв

Injection deliverer, 7 букв

Injection selection, 7 букв

Injection tool, 7 букв

Irrigation device, 7 букв

It'll stick you good, 7 букв

It's used for shots, 7 букв

Medicine cabinet item, 7 букв

Medicine delivery device, 7 букв

Medicine injector, 7 букв

Middle Easterner losing a good English medical instrument (7), 7 букв

Needle, 7 букв

Nurse's instrument, 7 букв

Serum deliverer, 7 букв

Shooting gadget, 7 букв

Shot glass?, 7 букв

Shot putter?, 7 букв

Shot source, 7 букв

Track marks maker, 7 букв

Vaccine deliverer, 7 букв

You can get a shot in with it, 7 букв

A medical instrument used to inject or withdraw fluids, 7 букв

Bloodmobile supply, 8 букв

Clinic stickers?, 8 букв

Hospital supplies, 8 букв

Junkie's injectors, 8 букв

Needles, 8 букв

Squirters, 8 букв

Stickers?, 8 букв

You're stuck with them, 8 букв

Nymph --, 6 букв

Pan flute, 6 букв

Reed pipe, 6 букв

A primitive wind instrument consisting of several parallel pipes bound together, 6 букв

The vocal organ of a bird, 6 букв

Mideast native: Comb. form, 4 буквы

Damascans briefly, 4 буквы

Damascenes: Abbr., 4 буквы

Hoofed deities, 4 буквы

'Dark spot' on Mars, 11 букв

Aunt Jemima product, 5 букв

Barista's flavoring, 5 букв

Baskin-Robbins supply, 5 букв

Breakfast condiment, 5 букв

Chocolate ___, 5 букв

Cloying sweetness, 5 букв

Coffeehouse additive, 5 букв

Corn ___, 5 букв

Corn product, 5 букв

Cough medicine, often, 5 букв

Denny's freebie, 5 букв

Dessert sweetener, 5 букв

Egg cream ingredient, 5 букв

Flapjack additive, 5 букв

Flapjack enhancer, 5 букв

Flapjack sauce, 5 букв

Flapjacks topper, 5 букв

Fruit juice boiled with sugar, 5 букв

Ice cream soda ingredient, 5 букв

IHOP condiment, 5 букв

IHOP freebie, 5 букв

IHOP offering, 5 букв

IHOP stock, 5 букв

IHOP supply, 5 букв

Ingredient of some pralines, 5 букв

It's poured at breakfast, 5 букв

It's put on top of a stack, 5 букв

Karo, for one, 5 букв

Liquid used in canning, 5 букв

Log Cabin, e.g., 5 букв

Maple ___, 5 букв

Maple product, 5 букв

Maple sap, eventually, 5 букв

Milk shake ingredient, 5 букв

Pancake house staple, 5 букв

Pancake pour-on, 5 букв

Pancake topper, 5 букв

Pancake topping, 5 букв

Sappy stuff, 5 букв

Silver dollar covering, 5 букв

Stack coating, 5 букв

Stack sweetener, 5 букв

Stack topper, 5 букв

Staple of IHOP booths, 5 букв

Sticky stack stuff, 5 букв

Sundae component, 5 букв

Sundae stuff, 5 букв

Sundae topping, 5 букв

Sweet liquid, 5 букв

Topping for a stack, 5 букв

Vermont offering, 5 букв

Vermont product, 5 букв

Vermont specialty, 5 букв

Waffle filler, 5 букв

Waffle flow, 5 букв

Waffle improver, 5 букв

Waffle stuff, 5 букв

Waffle topper, 5 букв

Waffle topping, 5 букв

Waffles' covering, 5 букв

Word with cough or corn, 5 букв

Word with cough or corn, 5 букв

Word with maple or corn, 5 букв

A thick sweet sticky liquid, 5 букв

Cloying to the max, 9 букв

Emergency medicine for infants, 13 букв

Diner table staples, 6 букв

IHOP array, 6 букв

IHOP assortment, 6 букв

IHOP choices, 6 букв

IHOP condiments, 6 букв

IHOP offerings, 6 букв

Pancake toppers, 6 букв

Pancake-house freebies, 6 букв

Sugary liquids, 6 букв

Sweet, sticky liquids, 6 букв

They may be maple, 6 букв

Waffle toppers, 6 букв

Having a sweet taste that kind of sneaks up on you?, 12 букв

Tasting suspiciously like Log Cabin?, 12 букв

Cloying, 6 букв

Cloyingly sweet, 6 букв

Like molasses, 6 букв

Like treacle, 6 букв

Mawkish, 6 букв

Overdone, 6 букв

Overly sentimental, 6 букв

Typical cleanup at IHOP?, 11 букв

A genus of Pteroclididae, 10 букв

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