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One has one (abbr.), 3 буквы

Dict. division, 3 буквы

Division of a word: Abbr., 3 буквы

Lang. unit, 3 буквы

Lexicographer's div., 3 буквы

One of five in abbreviation (abbr.), 3 буквы

One of four in Massachusetts: Abbr., 3 буквы

One of four in Mississippi: Abbr., 3 буквы

One of four in mythology: Abbr., 3 буквы

Part of a wd., 3 буквы

Part of a word (abbr.), 3 буквы

Part of speech?: Abbr., 3 буквы

Pt. of a word, 3 буквы

Wd. division, 3 буквы

Wd. fragment, 3 буквы

Wd. part, 3 буквы

Wd. piece, 3 буквы

Wd. segment, 3 буквы

Word div., 3 буквы

Word division: Abbr., 3 буквы

Word fragment (Abbr.), 3 буквы

Word part (abbr.), 3 буквы

Word pt., 3 буквы

Word segment: Abbr., 3 буквы

Word unit: Abbr., 3 буквы

Early Show anchor who was born on Scott Air Force Base, 5 букв

One of three in eleven: Abbr., 4 буквы

Word div., 4 буквы

Word seg., 4 буквы

Certain summaries, 7 букв

Class outlines, 7 букв

College course outlines, 7 букв

Course outlines, 7 букв

Course schedules, 7 букв

First-class handouts?, 7 букв

Plans for courses, 7 букв

University course outlines, 7 букв

Where courses are charted?, 7 букв

Word division, 15 букв

Forming or dividing words into syllables, 15 букв

Cap or tain, in captain, 8 букв

Either half of Philly, 8 букв

One of 17 in a haiku, 8 букв

One of an iamb's two, 8 букв

One of seven in this clue, 8 букв

There's only one in Maine, 8 букв

Word chunk, 8 букв

A unit of spoken language larger than a phoneme, 8 букв

This clue has four, 9 букв

Vegas resort (spelled backward) + Guitarist Paul = ?, 9 букв

Word units, 9 букв

Course of study, 8 букв

Curriculum outline, 8 букв

First-day-of-class handout, 8 букв

Fringes of society repulsed everyone on public transportation, in summary (8), 8 букв

Matter of course, 8 букв

Teacher's outline, 8 букв

A course of academic studies, 8 букв

Examples of deductive reasoning, 10 букв

Airy supernatural being, 5 букв

Epitome of slenderness, 5 букв

Girl goes to C.I.A. for physical, 5 букв

Graceful girl, 5 букв

Graceful one, 5 букв

Graceful woman, 5 букв

Graceful young woman, 5 букв

Light-footed lady, 5 букв

Light-footed woman, 5 букв

Mythical air dweller, 5 букв

Nymph, 5 букв

One of a race of supernatural beings supposed to inhabit the air, 5 букв

She's slender and graceful, 5 букв

Slender maiden, 5 букв

Slender woman, 5 букв

Slender, elegant woman, 5 букв

Slender, graceful girl, 5 букв

Slender, graceful one, 5 букв

Slender, graceful woman, 5 букв

Slim, graceful woman, 5 букв

Spirit in the sky, 5 букв

Supernatural being inhabiting the air, 5 букв

Willowy woman, 5 букв

A slender graceful young woman, 5 букв

An elemental being believed to inhabit the air, 5 букв

Air dwellers of folklore, 6 букв

Airborne spirits, 6 букв

Airy fairies, 6 букв

Airy spirits of lore, 6 букв

Graceful girls, 6 букв

Graceful women, 6 букв

Slender graceful girls, 6 букв

Slender, graceful women, 6 букв

Slim and graceful girls, 6 букв

Graceful girls use a crowbar cunningly?, 14 букв

Graceful, 6 букв

Mississippi's four: Abbr., 4 буквы

Parts of a wd., 4 буквы

Parts of wds., 4 буквы

Wd. fragments, 4 буквы

Look for the Silver Lining lyricist Buddy De___, 5 букв

1664 John Evelyn forestry text, 5 букв

1664 John Evelyn forestry textbook, 5 букв

Koscina in The Secret War of Harry Frigg, 5 букв

Written work on a region's trees, 5 букв

The forest trees growing in a country or region, 5 букв

Abounding in trees, 6 букв

Arboreous, 6 букв

Of forests, 6 букв

Rustic, 6 букв

Shady, say, 6 букв

Wooded, 6 букв

Woodland dweller or deity, 6 букв

A spirit that lives in or frequents the woods, 6 букв

Half man, half goat of myth, 8 букв

(Roman mythology) Roman god of woods and fields and flocks, 8 букв

Pan is the Greek counterpart, 8 букв

Sufferin' succotash! speaker, 9 букв

Feline with a big red nose, 9 букв

He shouted Yo Adrian, I did it! to Talia*, 9 букв

Merrie Melodies regular, 9 букв

Toon often featured opposite a kangaroo, 9 букв

Tweety's puddy tat, 9 букв

Macho actor who beats around the bush?, 14 букв

'F.I.S.T.' star, 17 букв

Monument inscribed Sufferin' succotash!?, 14 букв

Emmanuelle actress Kristel, 6 букв

American writer Plath, 6 букв

Delibes ballet, 6 букв

Nicole Hollander comic strip, 6 букв

Poet Plath, 6 букв

Popular Nicole Hollander comic, 6 букв

Oscar nominee for Midnight Cowboy, 11 букв

Drink for a writer?, 17 букв

Plath and Pankhurst, 7 букв

A writing system whose characters represent syllables, 9 букв

Forming or dividing words into syllables, 13 букв

The pattern of syllable formation in a particular language, 11 букв

Spiced hot milk with rum or wine, 8 букв

Sweetened cream beaten with wine or liquor, 8 букв

Use of a word to govern two or more words though agreeing in number or case etc. with only one, 9 букв

Deductive reasoning in which a conclusion is derived from two premises, 9 букв

Logician skilled in syllogistic reasoning, 10 букв

A source of gold in Australia and America, 9 букв

A silver-white mineral consisting of silver gold telluride, 9 букв

In some classifications considered a subfamily (Sylviinae) of the family Muscicapidae Old World (true) warblers, 9 букв

American kinglets and gnatcatchers, 9 букв

Alternative classification for the Old World warblers, 9 букв

North American rabbits, 10 букв

A mineral consisting of native potassium chloride, 7 букв

An important ore of potassium that is found in sedimentary beds, 7 букв

An important ore of potassium that is found in sedimentary beds, 7 букв

A mineral consisting of native potassium chloride, 7 букв

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