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'60s demonstration target: Abbr., 3 буквы

'60s draft org., 3 буквы

Boo-o-o-o-o!, 3 буквы

Greetings org., 3 буквы

Heat's coming on sound, 3 буквы

Snakes on a Plane sound effect, 3 буквы

1-A issuer, 3 буквы

1960's-70's draft org., 3 буквы

1970's lottery org., 3 буквы

60's demonstration target, 3 буквы

Adder alarm, 3 буквы

Adder's warning, 3 буквы

Air leak sound, 3 буквы

Angry crowd noise, 3 буквы

As a black mamba warns, 3 буквы

Asp's sound, 3 буквы

Awful sound to hear while riding in a hot air balloon, 3 буквы

Bacon frying sound, 3 буквы

Bacon sound, 3 буквы

Bacon-cooking sound, 3 буквы

Bad sound for a hot air balloonist, 3 буквы

Bad sound to hear in rattlesnake country, 3 буквы

Bad sound when you don't have a spare, 3 буквы

Barbecue sound, 3 буквы

Barbecuing sound, 3 буквы

Becton's tall neighbor, 3 буквы

Broiler sound, 3 буквы

Busy agcy. of W.W. II, 3 буквы

Busy org. o W.W.II, 3 буквы

Call-up org., 3 буквы

Certain card issuer: Abbr., 3 буквы

Cobra warning, 3 буквы

Cobra's careful!, 3 буквы

Cobra's Watch it!, 3 буквы

Cobra's caution, 3 буквы

Comment from a snake, 3 буквы

Conscription agcy., 3 буквы

Conscription gp., 3 буквы

Conscription letters, 3 буквы

Conscription org., 3 буквы

Contemptuous sound, 3 буквы

Deep-fryer sound, 3 буквы

Deflating sound, 3 буквы

Deflation indication, 3 буквы

Deflationary sound, 3 буквы

Disapproving sound, 3 буквы

Discomforting noise to hear from an inflatable mattress, 3 буквы

Dismissive sound, 3 буквы

Draft agcy., 3 буквы

Draft agency: Abbr., 3 буквы

Draft bd., 3 буквы

Draft board initials, 3 буквы

Draft board inits., 3 буквы

Draft card abbr., 3 буквы

Draft card letters, 3 буквы

Draft card org., 3 буквы

Draft dodgers' bane: Abbr., 3 буквы

Draft group: Abbr., 3 буквы

Draft grp., 3 буквы

Draft init., 3 буквы

Draft initials, 3 буквы

Draft letters, 3 буквы

Draft lottery org., 3 буквы

Draft org. letters, 3 буквы

Draft organization: Abbr., 3 буквы

Draft-card issuer: Abbr., 3 буквы

Draftee's initial shock, 3 буквы

Escaping-air sound, 3 буквы

European version of Boooooo!, 3 буквы

Evidence of a leak, 3 буквы

Fizzle or sizzle sound, 3 буквы

Fizzle sound, 3 буквы

Fizzling sound, 3 буквы

Flat sound, 3 буквы

Flat tire indicator, 3 буквы

Flat tire sound, 3 буквы

Former constription org., 3 буквы

Former draft agcy., 3 буквы

Former draft grp., 3 буквы

Former holder of private drawings?: Abbr., 3 буквы

Former lottery org., 3 буквы

Former lottery runner: Abbr., 3 буквы

Former mil. supplier?, 3 буквы

Frying pan sound, 3 буквы

Frying sound, 3 буквы

Frying-butter sound, 3 буквы

Gas leak sound, 3 буквы

GI drafters, 3 буквы

GI manufacturer?, 3 буквы

Govt. agcy., 3 буквы

Gp. that had a lottery, 3 буквы

Griddle sound, 3 буквы

Grilling sound, 3 буквы

Heat-coming-on noise, 3 буквы

Hissing snake sound, 3 буквы

Hissing sound, 3 буквы

Indication of tire trouble, 3 буквы

Induction grp., 3 буквы

Induction letters, 3 буквы

It gave out nos., 3 буквы

It might precede pfft, 3 буквы

It's got your no., 3 буквы

Kaa's sound in The Jungle Book, 3 буквы

Last sound a backpacker might hear, 3 буквы

Leak indicator, maybe, 3 буквы

Leak sound, 3 буквы

Leakage sound, 3 буквы

Leaking radiator sound, 3 буквы

Leaky balloon sound, 3 буквы

Leaky noise, 3 буквы

Leaky radiator sound, 3 буквы

Leaky tire sound, 3 буквы

Let off steam, 3 буквы

Letters for the draft?, 3 буквы

Letters of conscription, 3 буквы

Line from Snakes on a Plane, 3 буквы

Lit firecracker sound, 3 буквы

Lottery holder, once: Abbr., 3 буквы

Lottery letters, 3 буквы

Lottery org., 3 буквы

Lottery org., 1969-73, 3 буквы

Lottery runner: Abbr., 3 буквы

Lottery-running org., 3 буквы

Many men are registered with it: Abbr., 3 буквы

Mil. draft org., 3 буквы

Mil. draft overseer, 3 буквы

Mil. induction agency, 3 буквы

Mil. registration group, 3 буквы

Milit. draft initials, 3 буквы

Military draft org., 3 буквы

Natl. registry grp., 3 буквы

Nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner, informally, 3 буквы

Object of 60's protest: Abbr., 3 буквы

Object of S.D.S. protest, 3 буквы

Old draft board inits., 3 буквы

Old draft initials, 3 буквы

Old draft inits., 3 буквы

Old draft letters, 3 буквы

Old draft org., 3 буквы

Old lottery gp., 3 буквы

Old lottery org., 3 буквы

Old military draft org., 3 буквы

One-time lottery org., 3 буквы

Onetime greetings org., 3 буквы

Onetime conscription agcy., 3 буквы

Onetime conscription org., 3 буквы

Org. concerned with drafts, 3 буквы

Org. dodged by draft dodgers, 3 буквы

Org. established in 1917, 3 буквы

Org. in which one's number may be up, 3 буквы

Org. that registers 18-to-25-year-old males, 3 буквы

Org. that registers 18-to-25-year-olds, 3 буквы

Org. that registers 18-year-old males, 3 буквы

Org. with a lottery, 3 буквы

Popped tire sound, 3 буквы

Pressure cooker sound, 3 буквы

Protested grp. of the 60's, 3 буквы

Protested org. of the '60s, 3 буквы

Puff adder's warning, 3 буквы

Puncture sound, 3 буквы

Punctured ball sound, 3 буквы

Punctured-tire sound, 3 буквы

Puncturing noise, 3 буквы

Radiator noise, 3 буквы

Radiator sound, 3 буквы

Recruiting org, 3 буквы

Registration agcy., 3 буквы

Reptilian warning, 3 буквы

Response to a sexist joke, in Berkeley, 3 буквы

Rude response to the visitors, 3 буквы

S.D.S. target, 3 буквы

Saut, 3 буквы

Sauteing sound, 3 буквы

Serpent sound, 3 буквы

Serpent's warning, 3 буквы

Serpentine signal, 3 буквы

Serpentine sound, 3 буквы

Service initials, 3 буквы

Sibilant sound, 3 буквы

Sidewinder sound, 3 буквы

Sign of an escape, perhaps, 3 буквы

Slithery snake sound, 3 буквы

Snake sound, 3 буквы

Snake warning, 3 буквы

Snake's comment, 3 буквы

Snake's greeting, 3 буквы

Snake's sibilant sound, 3 буквы

Snaky communication, 3 буквы

Sound after a pin prick, perhaps, 3 буквы

Sound after a pinprick, 3 буквы

Sound after a pinprick, sometimes, 3 буквы

Sound after a pop, 3 буквы

Sound after a puncture, 3 буквы

Sound as a tire goes flat, 3 буквы

Sound at a fish fry, 3 буквы

Sound from a flat, 3 буквы

Sound from a flat, perhaps, 3 буквы

Sound from a frying pan, 3 буквы

Sound from a griddle, 3 буквы

Sound from a hot skillet, 3 буквы

Sound from a leaking tire, 3 буквы

Sound from a parking diesel truck, 3 буквы

Sound from a radiator, 3 буквы

Sound from a snake, 3 буквы

Sound from a tire with a hole in it, 3 буквы

Sound from a wok, 3 буквы

Sound of a ball losing air, 3 буквы

Sound of a basketball with a leak, 3 буквы

Sound of a drop of water hitting a hot frypan, 3 буквы

Sound of a flat, 3 буквы

Sound of a leak, 3 буквы

Sound of a lit fuse, 3 буквы

Sound of a slow leak, 3 буквы

Sound of a soda can opening, 3 буквы

Sound of a tire losing air, 3 буквы

Sound of air escaping, 3 буквы

Sound of an escape, 3 буквы

Sound of bacon frying, 3 буквы

Sound of contempt, 3 буквы

Sound of deflation?, 3 буквы

Sound of escaping air, 3 буквы

Sound of fizzling or sizzling, 3 буквы

Sound of sibilance, 3 буквы

Sound of water hitting a hot frying pan, 3 буквы

Sound of water hitting a hot pan, 3 буквы

Sound that indicates the oil is hot, 3 буквы

Sound you don't want to hear from a tire, 3 буквы

Steam iron sound, 3 буквы

Steam sound, 3 буквы

Steam train sound, 3 буквы

Stovetop sound, 3 буквы

Subj. of 60's protest, 3 буквы

Teakettle sound, 3 буквы

The draft, 3 буквы

Threatened snake's sound, 3 буквы

Three satisfactory grades, 3 буквы

U.S. draft agcy., 3 буквы

Umbrella org. of draft boards, 3 буквы

Unhappy crowd sound, 3 буквы

Vapor lock sound, 3 буквы

Viper's sound, 3 буквы

Viper's vocalization, 3 буквы

Viper's warning, 3 буквы

Warning from the critters that appear to be slithering through the grid?, 3 буквы

Water moccasin's warning, 3 буквы

When this sound stops, you'll be left flat, 3 буквы

Worrisome org. for a draft dodger, 3 буквы

Worrying sound to a balloonist, 3 буквы

Takes off, 6 букв

Cozzens novel: 1931, 10 букв

Compass point opposite NNNW, 4 буквы

Medicinal root bark or S.C. mountain, 6 букв

Window features, 5 букв

Adder's warning, 4 буквы

Air hose sound, 4 буквы

Air-leak sound, 4 буквы

Alarming sound for a hot air balloonist, 4 буквы

Asp's sibilance, 4 буквы

Background noise at a cookout, 4 буквы

Bacon sizzle, 4 буквы

Deflation indication, 4 буквы

Flat sound, 4 буквы

Flat statement?, 4 буквы

Flat tire indicator, 4 буквы

Frightening sound for a balloonist, 4 буквы

Indication of deflation, 4 буквы

Kettle sound, 4 буквы

Leak sound, 4 буквы

Leaky radiator noise, 4 буквы

Leaky radiator sound, 4 буквы

Leaky tire sound, 4 буквы

Not a good sound for a balloonist, 4 буквы

Plurals sometimes, 4 буквы

Puncture sound, 4 буквы

Radiator or kettle sound, 4 буквы

Radiator sound, 4 буквы

Scary sound for a balloonist, 4 буквы

Slow leak's sound, 4 буквы

Slow-leak sound, 4 буквы

Snake's warning, 4 буквы

Snaky warning, 4 буквы

Sound from a leaky tire, 4 буквы

Sound from a sizzling pan, 4 буквы

Sound from a snake pit, 4 буквы

Sound of a basketball losing air, 4 буквы

Sound of a leak, 4 буквы

Sound of a live wire, 4 буквы

Sound of a slow leak, 4 буквы

Sound of air escaping, 4 буквы

Sound of air leaving a basketball, 4 буквы

Sound of an air leak, 4 буквы

Steam sound, 4 буквы

Tire leak sound, 4 буквы

Unwanted letters on a boarding pass, 4 буквы

Unwelcome boarding-pass marking, 4 буквы

Unwelcome sound to a driver, 4 буквы

What a balloonist hates to hear, 4 буквы

What's missing from the theme entries, 4 буквы

Worrisome sound for a balloonist, 4 буквы

Mil. registrar's branch office, 12 букв

Asp gasp, 5 букв

Exceptional rating, 5 букв

Leak sound, 5 букв

Radiator noise, 5 букв

The sound of makin' bacon the beach, 5 букв

1973 film about snakes, 7 букв

1973 horror film with the tagline Once this motion picture sinks its fangs into you, you'll never be the same, 7 букв

1973 horror flick about a doctor who turns his assistant into a cobra, 7 букв

1973 man-becomes-cobra movie, 7 букв

1973 snake movie starring Dirk Benedict, 7 букв

Man-becomes-cobra flick of 1973, 7 букв

Onomatopoetically-titled 1973 horror film about snakes, 7 букв

Snaky 1973 horror film, 7 букв

Snaky 1973 horror flick, 7 букв

Sound hint that the pressure is going down, 7 букв

Waters of the world, figuratively, 7 букв

Sound heard during an escape?, 15 букв

Hissing sound, 4 буквы

Gave support to, 5 букв

Executives' underlings, 15 букв

Academic position with a stipend that often involves part-time teaching, 9 букв

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